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  1. We went to Tucanos last night... sooo good. TONS OF MEAT.
  2. It's free right now. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BHADWZ2 If you don't have a Kindle and just want to read it on your computer, click the "buy now" button (it won't charge you if it says it's $0.00) and the screen that follows will give you information on how to read it on your computer and a link for downloading the Kindle for PC application.
  3. Oh my goodness this is insane. For crying out loud we are not all the same. A husband is not a wife and a wife is not a husband anymore than a truck and trailer are the same. You can have an old 1950s pickup with a beautiful 2013 fully-loaded trailer - but one is built to LEAD and the other is NOT, regardless of how shiny the metal on the outside happens to be. The Bible says that the wife is supposed to submit to the husband like the church is supposed to submit to Christ. What is so hard about understanding this? Why is this conversation going so long?
  4. I know it says that the man is supposed to be the head of the woman but what that really means is cookies are better than cake.
  5. KindofBlue, what you call the hierarchy is what is commonly known as the order of the home. It blows my mind how you keep talking about it like it's a matter of opinion or philosophy when it's one of the clearest things you'll find in the New Testament. You are supposed to be the head of the home, you are supposed to have the final say on things. That's what the Bible says. It doesn't mean you become some tyrant that doesn't listen to other people. I spend most of my time probably doing what my family wants, it just means that I have the final say on things. The man is supposed to
  6. If we're going to Golden Corral, I'd even eat with Barrak Obama, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. I'll eat with anyone at Golden Corral. That place is awesome. I love Golden Corral. A lot.
  7. A: The Bible states clearly in the New Testament that a wife is to be in subjection and submission to her husband. He is to be in submission to God and to be the head of the home, she is to be under his authority. Nothing new. B: I'll repeat again the three scenarios that always ring true when there is an able-bodied husband at home and the mother (not a woman without kids) is working outside the home: 1) They'd rather have more income than have a mother at home with the children. 2) They do not want to lower their standard of living in order to have a mother at home wit
  8. I don't really want to meet any of you. I kinda like the whole long distance ambiguity thing. Just kidding.
  9. I don't think there's anything biblically off about that at all. Notice I said "I've never run into a case where a mother..." as in a mother with kids at home. I don't think there's anything unbiblical with a WOMAN working outside of the home so long as she is still operating under the authority of her husband - it's when kids are neglected because the MOTHER is not a keeper AT home.
  10. I'm planning on doing another five day promo for this, from May 20th-24th.
  11. Brother Rick earned his in a contest. Brother Rick doesn't have to nag. When Brother Rick wants cookies, Brother Rick gets cookies.
  12. Kitagirl sent me cookies once, it would be nice to meet her. Especially if she had some more cookies or cake available.
  13. Very sorry to see Annie go. She was a sweet lady that carried herself very well. Condolences to her family.
  14. I've never run into a case where a mother, who was married to an able-bodied man, had to work outside the home. Every situation I've ever seen is because they wanted more money, didn't want to give something up or the husband didn't want to work more to earn the needed money. In other words, something was more important than the kids and the biblical admonition to be a keeper AT home. When the bottom fell out in 2007 I had to work three jobs to keep my family afloat. My wife worked as a piano teacher from home during that time as well. I worked normal hours and also at night when my fa
  15. Good thoughts, folks. Thanks. Sorry the link was bad, I fixed it now. Too bad the promo is over though.
  16. That's interesting. That would seem the seperation principle remains the same in the OT and the NT: God doesn't want His people looking like heathen.
  17. QUESTION: Under the law were they allowed to keep their beards short? Not shave the sides like a goatee or mustache, but could they keep them tight and close? I recently read Day of War and Covenant of War (Biblical fiction on David's mighty men) and the author describes the warriors as keeping thier beards cut short to give greater flexibilty in battle.
  18. I wear a goatee, it kinda balances out my receeding hairline and my wife would literally cry if I shaved it off.
  19. Junk food. Preferably FAST FOOD. This is also why I struggle with my weight! BAH!
  20. So we're doing a free promotion on my wife's book, Faith and Finance: Peace With or Without Prosperity, and I just noticed she got a 1-star review because of an Appendix. Isn't that just the way things are? Ignore the main theme and purpose of the book (finding peace in your current financial state by understanding the promises of God regarding provision), and focus on a small part you disagree with. Regardless, I was wondering what you all thought of the appendix, so here it is: PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE FREE BOOK HERE (and if you like leave a nice review ): http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0
  21. I'm going to be getting this in the mail soon, and having skimmed through the book's "look inside" feature I'm actually really excited about it. It looks like it's VERY good. http://www.amazon.com/dp/0615772501/
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