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  1. Sorry! I may have put this on the wrong board, but I am just trying to be of help to someone that may not know how to defend the King James Bible.
  2. Amen!!!! Thank God for the King james Bible!!!
  3. So true, Bro. John!!! America needs to wake up and get right with God!!!
  4. 1. Since you are smart enough to find "mistakes in the KJB, why don't you correct them all and give us a perfect Bible? 2. Do you have a perfect Bible? 3. Since you do believe "the Bible" is our final authority in all matters of faith and practice, could you please show us where Jesus, Peter, James, Paul, or John ever practiced your terminology ("the greek text says......the originals say.......a better rendering would be........etc.)? 4. Since you do not profess to have a perfect Bible, why do you refer to it as "God's word"? 5. Remembering that the Holy Spirit is the greatest teacher (John 16:12-15; 1 John 2:27), who taught you that the KJB was not infallible, the Holy Spirit or man? 6. Assuming you believe in the degeneration of man. rather than evolution, why is it that you believe education has somehow "evolved" and that men are more qualified to translate God's word today than in 1611? 7. There is only one true God, yet many false gods, so why do you think it's so wrong to teach that there is one true Bible. 8. Isn't it true that you believe God inspired his holy words in the "originals" but has since lost them, since no one has a perfect Bible today? 9. Isn't it true that when you use the term "the Greek text", you are being deceitful and didhonest since there are many Greek TEXTS (plural), rather than just one? 10. Before the first new perversion was published in 1881 (RV), the King James Bible was preached, and taught throughout the world. God blessed these efforts and hundreds of millions were saved; Today, with the many perversions on the market, very few are truly being saved; The great revivals are over. Who has gained the most from the new versions, God or satan? ----------"Fighting Back" James L. Melton
  5. Robert Reynolds


    1. What kind of man was Boaz before he married? He was Ruthless 2. Who was the greatest financier in the Bible? Noah. He was floating his stock while everyone else was in liquidation. 3. What kind of motor vehicles are in the Bible? The Lord drove Adam and Eve out of the garden in a Fury. David's Triumph was heard throughout the land. And a honda, because the apostles were all in one Accord. 4. Who was the greatest babysitter mentioned in the Bible? David. He rocked Goliath to a very deep sleep. 5. What Bible character had no parents? Joshua. He was the son of Nun.
  6. When I got saved, I was 25 years old and in the U.S. Navy at that time. I was stationed onboard the USS Independence (CV-62) working as a security officer. I was invited to go to a Bible study and went a few times. After a Bible study, I was asked if I would like to accept Christ as my Saviour and I said yes. They had me repeat the sinner's prayer. As a few months went by, I got to wondering what that prayer meant to me and why I even said it at all. I realized that I did not mean it in my heart and just said it to please my friends and the people around me. I was working a night shift and was patroling the ship at around 1:00 AM. When I passed the ship's chapel, something within said that I should check the chapel door. I knew that the chapel door was locked at this time, but I checked it anyway. It was unlocked. Again, I felt something inside of nudging me to go inside. I did and just sat in the pew for awhile. All the sudden, the tears started flowing and I went up to the alter, got down on my knees and asked Jesus to be my Saviour. I have not been the same since!! THANK YOU, LORD FOR SAVING MY SOUL FROM DEATH AND HELL!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!! Of course, not everyone, when they accept Christ will shed tears. Eveyone's salvation experience is different. Lord, help me and my family to be a witness for you and bring glory and honor to you, in everything I say and do. In Jesus name, Amen!
  7. I happened to be flipping through the channels last night and on his network, he was saying that a person does not have to die to go to heaven, because heaven is here on this earth, This man needs lots of prayer!!
  8. Yes, he will pay for what he is doing!!!
  9. I think the Cardinals are making a statement. Albert who?
  10. There is a man here in the Philippines that claims to be the appointed Son of God. He says that we are not living in the church age anymore but living in the kingdom. It is sad!! he has his own network and followers all over the world.
  11. Brothers and Sisters in Christ, We had a first time visitor to Hillside Baptist Mission today. I am asking for prayer for her. Her name is Karen and she is only 16 years old, pregnant and not married. She wanted to have an abortion because the boy does not want to take care of the baby. Her dad would not let her have an abortion because he said that babies are a blessing from God. Please pray for her and the baby also for the boy that he comes to his senses and accepts resposibility. Thank you all so much and Lord bless you all!!

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