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  1. A person can believe in evolution and be saved - what matters is what that person believed at the moment of faith. People get "educated" out of believing the truth all the time, but they're still eternally secure because of the decision they made for Christ at the moment of salvation.

    But what if they say they "believe in Jesus," but they also believe they have to be baptized to be saved?

  2. There is probably so much more to it then I could count or even remember.

    They believe there are sins (can't remember the name now) that pretty much automatically make you go to Hell. I think suicide is one of them. They also believe that you go to the priest and confess your sins and he forgives them (in Christs stead) and then gives you penance (you must pray some prayers for a certain length of time or certain number of times).

    Most Catholics you ask the question "If you died today, do you know for sure you'd go to Heaven?" they would answer "Yeah, I think so...I'm a pretty good person". That right there screams works salvation.

    They also believe you can go to this place called purgatory which is a place in the afterlife between Heaven and Hell. And people that are alive can prayer for you and pay money to absolve your sins...absolute nonsense.

    That is just a small piece of the pie that is known as Catholicism. I truly believe a good majority of Catholics don't even know what salvation or being saved even means. I think they can be saved but their false doctrine just makes it so hard and they are probably getting lead to Jesus Christ and salvation by friends, soul winning strangers or family members because they sure don't teach it in Catholic Mass.

    That's sad. I have a friend who is Catholic, and she told me they don't read the Bible; the priest is there to explain it to them. Maybe if they got into it, they could see the error of Catholicism?

  3. I believe there are people that are saved but also misguided. That might be the case in this situation but unsure. I think there are saved Catholics but they still believe a lot of the tradition and other things that aren't based in scripture. So, while misguided they are still saved. Although, it's hard for me to think if someone is saved long enough they wouldn't eventually realize things they believe are wrong. But, just my humble opinion.

    Yeah, I know. It's just something that I've been thinking about lately.

    Regarding Catholics, what exactly do they believe in regards to salvation? Is it by works?

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