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  1. There are certainly areas with which I disagree with MacArthur (and I'm sure it keeps him up at night too! ); for starters, his position on Lordship salvation is very suspect, and I wouldn't read anything about the issue from him (or would at least use caution). However, none of the above would be reasons for me to not read either him and Dr. Rice. But this isn't a thread to discuss these men, it's a thread to discuss books. Have you read any good books lately?
  2. This is true. It seems like multiple wives always caused them prOBlems, and it's OBvious that God's plan for marriage is one man and one woman.
  3. Fallacious arguementation. This is true. But I don't think there's any point in discussing it.
  4. Nevermind. Ignore that last question. I have a feeling this will be a pretty fruitless conversation.
  5. Have you ever heard of textual criticism? Back to my original question, which doctrines do the MVs change?
  6. I read parts of a question and answer book he has out. I thought it was interesting.
  7. While this is true, the verses I posted above don't really seem to portray God as condemning it. Do you agree with the viewpoint that the article I posted presents?
  8. A tract can be just as good when sharing the Gospel with someone, but it isn't the whole Bible and doesn't claim to be.
  9. Anyone have a good book that you've read recently, or are looking forward to reading? I just finished Your Own Jesus by Mark Hall. It's a very good read for anyone interested. You really learn about having a personal relationship with Jesus versus only using your parents' Jesus. Another one, I can't remember the title at the moment, but it was about the apostle Paul and was written by FB Meyer. You get to know a lot of the man. I'm currently reading 50 Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die by John Piper, and I'm looking forward to reading Twelve Ordinary Men by John MacArthur and 50 People Ev
  10. But what about the churches that use the KJV--like the Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons and Pentacostals? A doctrine cannot be built around one single verse. When looking at the whole counsel of the Word of God, the NIV teaches that salvation is by grace through faith. (I hope it is okay to post these for illustrative purposes. If not, I sincerely apologize!) Eph 2:8, 9: For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast. Also, with v 37 taken out (still being included in the footnotes),
  11. I would honestly like to know, not intending to start a fight or anything, where a doctrine is changed when going from the KJV to a mainstream MV. Are there any examples you could give?
  12. No need to be sorry! Your posts have been really helpful!
  13. I agree. I think God always intended for marriage to be a relationship between one man and one woman (and the verse you quoted from Matthew is a quote from Genesis, which seems to support that--clear back with Adam and Eve). The article on GotQuestions.org (http://www.gotquestions.org/polygamy.html)seems to suggest God allowed it to protect the women, who outnumbered the men, and to allow the human race to expand more quickly. However, wouldn't that make God a pragmatist, allowing the ends to justify the means?
  14. Why does it seem like God allows, possibly even supports, polygamy in the OT? In 2 Chr 24 vv. 2-3, we read that the priest Jehoiada gives Joash two wives and also that Joash did right in the sight of the LORD. And in 2 Sam 12, Nathan tells David God gave him his wives, and He would even give him more. It seems like the NT views the only valid marital relationship as being between one man and one woman, but the OT seems kinda supportive to me. Anyone have thoughts on it?
  15. I have talked with a couple of people who also said they're closer to their college friends than their HS friends. Why do you think this is? For you, is it just because you basically lived together? Or maybe because all of you are going through such an extreme change in your lives? The bolded part is definately what God has been reminding me about lately. Thanks again, guys, for all of your comments. I enjoy reading your stories and thoughts!
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