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  1. Tootsie Pop Suckers!

  2. Home-cooked, most of the time! rollerskating or swimming?
  3. in five minutes ~ I will be making something for breakfast, and pouring another cup of coffee. [it's only 5:30am]
  4. Emma

    Word Game

    Fyodor Dostoevsky :icon_mrgreen:
  5. Summerside [Prince Edward Island]
  6. Nay ~ unless they're veggie burgers. [husband & kiddos would say YAY though] swimming in the ocean?
  7. The harmless kind that squirts water. What's your favourite breed of dog?
  8. Yeah we have some face lickers in our house as well ~ all of the feline persuasion.
  9. I'm not sure. We've been attending our IFB church for about two months and I haven't seen it yet ~ although, I think they may do it at the evening service and we haven't been to a lot of those yet, just the mornings. I think it's only for "official church members" though [different than other churches we've been to] ~ we aren't, yet. So yeah.. I voted "other" ~ closest thing to "I don't know!" :P
  10. Coffee ~ with diet pepsi running a close second. Favourite piece of clothing that you own? Edited for typos
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