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  1. I am at my wits end here.

    I can not tell you how many King James Bibles I have, and the reason I have so many...errors.

    I keep finding errors, with typos or word replacements.

    When I find one error, I push my Bible to the side, and begin my quest for another publisher. I have tried Holman, Hendricks, Scofield, Cambridge, Zondervan and Tyndale publishers, and always find some little quirk.

    I am beginning to abondan the idea of authenticity, am seriously thinking of switching to an ESV and starting all over again.

    Maybe if you would read it believing those errors would go away ?
  2. I thoroughly enjoy David Clouds weekly writings! I couldnt agree more w/any man than this one! I agree w/him on the fact that we need to be discerning on how and how much we use creation science materials in our daily witness/ministry.
    We have a man at our church who wrote a huge S.S.booklet on creation science vs.evolution.I have ALWAYS had some conviction about this from the standpoint that he seems to delve TOO deeply into it for the stated pupose of ``giving the lost a better understanding to lead them to CHRIST .
    My question would then be : IS NOT Gods Word wholely sufficient in and of itself to lead a soul to Christ ?If so then isnt it also sufficient in and of itself to TEACH the saved in Christ THE WAY to witness to the lost ?
    I know this might sound like a rhetorical question ,but I do get perplexed on such matters that seem SO scripturally simple to me .
    Would appreciate any and all feedback on the subject . Especially scripture references.
    In Christ Jesus

  3. MY brotherinlaw has a prOBlem with the practice of praying aloud as a group. He equates it with "speaking in tongues". My Wife tried to explain to him there was nothing wrong with it but, he's not convinced.

    I see nothing wrong with it myself, but I always want to go to the Word of God to know for sure. These are the only verses I have come up with so far: Acts 12:12, Acts 1:14 and Acts 4:24.

    Acts 4:24. And when they heard that, they lifted up their voice to God with one accord, and said, Lord, thou art God, which hast made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and all that in them is:

    Does anyone know of more verses?

    Well ? I wish I had the time to sit down and write out all the verses ! I have real trouble understanding people who take staunch viewpoints on such things when they are SO clearly scriptural . There are so many examples both in O.T. and N.T. of public prayer I feel it not necessary to give any certain verse . Does he even READ his Bible ? I
    I would ask him the question : Does he believe in following Biblical example ? Because like I said ,there are SO MANY all through scripture ! We`ll be praying for his understanding . God bless

  4. :amen: I know in my own life that back when I determined to read the Word of God every morning there was a wonderful change. Taking the time to put God first every morning and feeding upon His Word is an excellent way to start the day.

    I truly believe that (through practical experience with Gods Word )this is the only way to keep us ,``spiritually``from sin . Oh sure we can in the flesh ,battle with ourselves ,BUT that never lasts ! Its only when we open up the Word and our hearts to it that we can find true and lasting peace from our sin ! LET Gods Word DO IT ! After all ,isnt that what the Lord wants anyway? Prov.3:5,6,7.
    2 Tim. 2:23 These two passages might seem unrelated to some ,but I see a great relationship between the two. I have used these FOR YEARS to battle daily sin and trials and they work. Even preached a message on Prov. 3:5,6,7 one time about how this simple bit of scripture can be like a spiritual ``firstaid`` kit to us in times of trials and temptation.

  5. A very good point, I wish the sins of the mind were easier to permanently remove.

    blossom ,where do you think these other sins start ? Its like the apostle Paul says ,we MUST die daily to self .
    I believe thats why daily (early morning) devotions are so important . We can take a daily spiritual bath in the Word and remind ourselves right off to ``die daily to self``.
    IN Christ our Lord

  6. Hi Brother Matt,
    I just wanted to put forth an idea. On a site I used to be a member of (I got banned...they didn't like Biblical Christians), in a group, me and some other guys had "discussion topics" where we discussed an issue, doctrine, whatever. I've been able to keep in contact with a lot of these guys, and we have a group on Facebook, and we still have that idea.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that might would be something good for OB to have. Like, a weekly one or something.

    What do you think?
    God bless,


  7. Psa 119:9 BETH. Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word.

    yes, we let the word do the actual cleansing, but we have a responsibility to run with the right kind of people too. The Lored will not "make" you do right, you have to be careful to do it too. Everything we read, watch on tv; or even the people we associate with will affect our walk with the Lord to some extent. WE must decide to do right.

    wholeheartedly agree ! Dont you find its a daily job though? With all the ``things we have in our lives today computer tech. ,television etc etc. ,it seems even being around other Christians ,we have to constently allow the Word to work in us . The ONLY way to do this is to keep in constent touch with the scriptures ! But then again isnt that what the Lord wants in the first place ? Constent fellowship with HIM !

  8. AMEN! That is what this devotion is all about--completely annihilating our sin and never being able to retrieve it again! Good comment, bro. perhaps it is called "Burning bridges" behind us.

    Question : is there any other way to ``discard `` them ,than by reading and studying the Word of God and letting IT cleanse them from our lives ? I have always relied on this cleansing myself. And find that if I ``run`` with the world I`ll get dirtied up again and have to spend MORE time in Word and prayer in order to cleanse myself . Otherwise I stay ``stinky`` with sin . Am I right or am I wrong ?
    God bless
  9. Anyone read the latest from David Cloud ?
    A update from his latest book called ``Keeping the Kids``.
    WOW ,what conviction it set in me !
    We dont have cable or satelite either ,but stlll watch much more ``news`` than we really need too.
    The testimonies were truly convicting and an eye opener.
    Also ,remember the hymn `` Jesus is all the world to me ``?
    I need to let His Word be more of my entertainment.
    HOW we battle each day thinking we need to have ``a little `` of this world in our lives! When in reality Gods Word is ALL the entertainment we really need. For it truely is EVERYTHING a belever really needs.
    In Christ

  10. Could Online Baptist officials please explain to me why I cannot access certain forums. It keeps saying I donot have authorized access.
    I am basicly computer illiterate.But I have accessed other forums wihout prOBlem. Also ,It could be I dont understand the rules fully ,but have not figured out yet how to access those either.
    Thank You

  11. AMEN ! I couldnt agree more and thats the point I was trying to make to him . I try to put it in my own words and get my tange tungled. Thats why I give ONLY scripture and verse any more. Our tongues are unruly members so its best to ONLY use the written Word as it IS written . I believe Jerry was backing this issue also.
    In Christ

  12. #1 He was wondering if there is a wrong way to find happiness in Christ?

    That's a tough question to answer. If one is truly 'in Christ' in their life and walk, then I suppose there is no 'wrong way' to find happiness in Him.

    #2 Should we separate ourselves from people who give a personal testimony and show fruit in their lives but have different scriptural preferences?

    I'll try to answer this with a fairly extreme example. My close friend is gay. He says he is saved. And I understand that even saved people can be tempted to do wrong. At first he struggled with the sin, and I was trying my best to be supportive of his struggle. But then he chose to embrace the sin.

    It was at that point where I basically told him I didn't want to be a part of that part of his life. I guess that may have made me a heartless homophOBe in his eyes, but if someone around us chooses to do wrong, we shouldn't subject ourselves to their lifestyle- or else we could fall too. I tried my best to explain this as my reasoning for not wanting to know about certain aspects of his life.

    You will find in scripture that this is the reason for biblical separation. It's not an issue of rejecting someone, nor of hate, intolerance, difference of opinion, nor is it about your image- it's an issue of recognizing spiritual dangers and simply choosing to avoid them so you spare yourself from pains in the future with regard to your walk with Christ.

    AMEN ! I couldnt agree more and thats the point I was trying to make to him . In Christ

  13. remember Isa. 55:11 "So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it."

    Answering him with scripture is the very best way to go about it. The Lord will work on the heart and the attitude, while you answer the questions with scripture. My mother used to ask me questions and then get angry when I answered them. I got so frustrated...I wondered why she asked if she did not want to know the answer? Anyway, she got saved after 15 years of praying and "preaching" to her. She was a stubborn Roman Catholic. The man is most likely under conviction and that is why he gets angry; the Word is supposed to convict the "sinner and the saint" of sin; let it have the effect it will have. We don't always look at the aforementioned verse and expect a negative response, but because of the stubbornness of man, we sometimes get it. It will have some sort of effect though, and it is not our prOBlem, we are to administer the Word in doses that the Holy Spirit gives us, and let whatever affect it has happen.

    Happychristian ,Just now read your reply after having the Lord deal with me on the matter for several weeks. WOW does that scripture ever HELP ! AND you are SO right .The LORD has convicted me on this matter in the same exact way as you have said . We MUST let the Word of God do the talking ,we are only the vessels that deliver and pour out the healing ointment of Gods Word . THANK YOU
    In Christ

  14. God is very particular about what words he uses when it comes to relating truth to the believer today. Even two letters could make the difference between heaven and hell. OBserve how important this is when it comes to the sinner being justified before God. What does the scriptures say about this? Look at the following verse regarding justification.

    Gal 2:16 Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.

    This verse declares that man is justified by the faith of Jesus Christ. This says that it is Jesus

  15. What would constitute such unforgivable behaviour? No-one can be in the same position as the opponents of the Lord, when they resisted & accused him. When they accused the Apostles, they did so because they were refusing to admit they were wrong in rejecting their Messiah.

    We need to look for Scripture principles.

    Invicta's assertion that unbelief is the unforgivable sin doesn't make sense. The Gospel calls on unbelievers, sinners, to repent.

    Do we risk blaspheming against the Holy Spirit when we reject the latest charismatic phenomenon?

    Is the Pope unforgivable, when he takes a blasphemous position as head of the church? He has so much Scriptural knowledge, yet is spiritually blind. Is he antichrist, ex officio?

    Are our friends & families, & church goers, unforgivable when they continue in unbelief after perhaps years of Gospel preaching?

    Who in Scripture was unforgivable?

    Cain; Korah & Balaam have a special mention in Jude.
    Cain murdered his brother in defiance of God; Korah defied the ordinance of God in defience of Moses & Balaam, hired to curse Israel, after being rebuked & given true prophecy, sought to corrupt Israel by seduction & pagan worship.

    Esau despised his birthright & was rejected.

    Saul usurped the position as priest.

    Belshazzar, profaning the temple vessels.

    The Jewish leaders in NT times who knew Christ & rejected him & his Apostles.

    Alexander who did much evil to Paul.

    Those who deliberately act & teach to damage the faith of others:
    2Ti 2:17 And their word will eat as doth a canker: of whom is Hymenaeus and Philetus; 18 Who concerning the truth have erred, saying that the resurrection is past already; and overthrow the faith of some.

    See also Rev. 2 & 3.

    Broadly speaking, it would seem that to have a clear knowledge & understanding of Gospel truth, & then to act perversely & destructively to harm the cause of Christ is the unforgivable sin.

    So you are refering to Heb. 6:4-6 ? If this be the case ,then there are those walking the earth today who have NO chance of salvation . Correct?
    Also , I believe what Invicta is refering to ,is the fact that people DIE in unbelief ,which causes eternal damnation. Because thats the way I was looking at it.
    IF what you say is true (and I can see both sides) then where does ``WHOSOEVER WILL ,MAY COME `` enter into the equation? In Jesus

  16. If I started punching out people who told me I was wrong I'd be surrounded by nothing but black-eyes.

    AMEN ! Of course you could be like Peter and whack of their ear with a sword ! Of course we would recieve the same rebuke from the Lord as He did ! LOL Although I do find I am alot like Peter,react first and ask questions later .

  17. There is one sin that we do know that the blood of Christ will not cover, unbelief.

    But yet the unpardonable sin is not unbelief.

    I recall at least 2 things I was told about the unpardonable sin when I was young, that it was unbelief, that it was cussing, yet, at least to me, if you read the verses in context its neither of them.

    It amazes me at the number of different things people will claim it to be. One night many years ago I had preached a sermon on the 'sin unto death,' at a church who had asked me to come and bring the morning and evening message. After the evening service a young pastor who was visiting told me that I did not know what I was preaching on, that the 'sin unto death' was the unpardonable sin. And yes, that is the words he used. I just politely told him, "Young man, you need to go home, get your Bible out, pray about this, them study your Bible." That was when he informed me that he was a pastor and knew what he was talking about. I just repeated basically what I had already stated trying to be polite as I could.

    The person following him was stunned that he said that to me and apologized for this happening. I said, "That's OK, just as long as I was polite to him." He stated, "You handled it much better than I would have, if he told me point blank that I did not know what I was talking about as he did you, I prOBably would have punched him out." Of course doing such a thing would have made everything much worse.

    Forgive me if I seem like I am trying to hard to simpify the matter.Is`nt the core principle of Mark 3:22-30 the attributing of Jesus` works to Satan ? In other words, Jesus was rebuking them for even thinking of giving Satan the praise for what God had done ,by casting out the demons ? IF SO, then this sin STEMS FROM unbelief . Therefore The basis of the whole principle would be UNBELIEF. Does that make good scriptural and spiritual sense? Sometimes ,if I dont use JUST scripture and verse ,I have a hard time getting the scriptural point across. I get my tongue tangled so to speak . LOL
    Anyways , I`ll wait your reply ,to see if I am on the same track as you .
    In Christs Name

  18. Your right in one way, but be sure to read everything in the Bible in proper context and divide the word of God properly.

    We know one thing for sure, the child of God cannot commit the unpardonable sin, for one who has been saved cannot lose their salvation.

    AMEN BROTHER AND GIVE GOD THE GLORY FOR IT ! My ExPASTOR used to say ,``We`re crooked sticks and ONLY God can draw a straight line with a crooked stick !``
  19. So covenanter ,Can they ? I beleive that the Word of God is the same ,yesterday ,today and forever . Therefore,Yes ! We are NO differerent than they of yesteryear . If we were ,the Word of God would be of no affect to us !We forget that WE are as much sinners (if not more so) ,than ANY of the OT or NT. Luke 17:26.
    Thank You for allowing my candor, God bless

  20. The Bible speaks for itself on what the "unpardonable sin" is. It says that it is blaspheming the Holy Spirit. To understand this, we must read the context. Look at verse 22. They accused Him of casting out devils by the prince of devils. They were blaspheming against the HS.

    The HS inspired those who wrote the Word (2 Tim 3:16-17). If they rejected the HS and thus His teachings then what other hope would they have?

    Thanks for the input ! This is exactly where I was headed with this . I really appreciate the spiritual input on this ! It really ties those scriptures together doesnt it ?
    God Bless

  21. Its wonderful to hear people benefiting from benevolent groceriers.My children ,which are young adults ,are always talking about how Walmart throws away even end of day Deli items such as fried chicken and salads etc. My oldest boy is always trying to get them to sell him the leftovers (not even ``dayold``yet) to take home and freeze . They always tell him ``its no good anymore`` . HOW SAD that americans have let themselves become SO fearful as to discount benevolence.
    I often equate the giving of leftovers of grociers and even department stores ,as well as those that have garage sales, with the Scriptural principle of Gods law to leave the corners of the fields for the poor to harvest . It is actually the same modern day equvalent ! And I do believe that businesses are sinning when not giving of even outdated leftovers.GOD gives us individuals intellegence enough to discern what is good and not good. Dont need govt. laws to dictate what can and cant be dispersed.
    ANYWAYS , PRAISE THE LORD for the abundance He does give !
    God bless

    WOW ! I really digress ! I was going to say , as to your remark about church dinners,if it hadnt been for the giving of others to us this year ,with my disability ,WE would not have been able to take anything . For example,we have been given several gallons of fresh strawberries(which my wife made deserts out of ) and fresh veggies which we took as relish trays,etc. etc. AND we praise the Lord for the receipt of these foods we CAN share with others. To GOD be the GLORY !
    Again ,GOD BLESS

  22. Our last pastor was brought up in a small village where his father owned the local village store. He said they lived on out of date food.

    As I posted on another thread somewhere, last Wednesday I bought two bags full of shopping for less than the price of one of the individual items. From about 8.00pm they start reducing things to the rock bottom/ They start during the afternoon by reducing things that are sell by that day by 25%, about 5.00 they reduce it to 50% then later to 25%. In the later evening they will reduce everything to about 10p (15c) or even 5p or less. Recently we bought a lot of leeks, which we are really fond of, for 5p for 500g, just over a lb. We had so many our freezer was full so we had to take a lot down to the church and put them in the freezer there

    When we had our church barbecue in the summer, I was asked to do salads, and I wanted a red cabbage to make a red cole slaw. They had one but when I asked if I could have it, the young man said No, it was yesterday's date, so it would not go through the tills as the computer would reject it.

    Its wonderful to hear people benefiting from benevolent groceriers.My children ,which are young adults ,are always talking about how Walmart throws away even end of day Deli items such as fried chicken and salads etc. My oldest boy is always trying to get them to sell him the leftovers (not even ``dayold``yet) to take home and freeze . They always tell him ``its no good anymore`` . HOW SAD that americans have let themselves become SO fearful as to discount benevolence.
    I often equate the giving of leftovers of grociers and even department stores ,as well as those that have garage sales, with the Scriptural principle of Gods law to leave the corners of the fields for the poor to harvest . It is actually the same modern day equvalent ! And I do believe that businesses are sinning when not giving of even outdated leftovers.GOD gives us individuals intellegence enough to discern what is good and not good. Dont need govt. laws to dictate what can and cant be dispersed.
    ANYWAYS , PRAISE THE LORD for the abundance He does give !
    God bless

  23. Sounds yummy.

    I was hoping you may use fresh chillies as I have some in the freezer which I didn't know what to do with. I will try it soon.

    Today we had shepherd's pie, which I froze at the new year.

    A week or so ago, our local Sainsburys supermarket were giving all shoppers two plastic storage boxes to encourage us to use leftovers. We always do as we were brought up in the war when waste was considered a crime.

    A recent TV programme said that in the UK it was estimated that up to 50% of food sold is wasted. People buy special offers but don't use them.

    On the other hand there is waste at the supermarkets. There are people who call themselves "Fregans" who go to the back of supermarkets and retrieve food that has been thrown away. On one TV programme, one of these people took a reporter to the back of some stores and showed them some of the perfectly usable food which has been discarded. Our Tesco store does not do that, the run it through a compacter, so it cannot be re-used. It something has a best before, display until or use
    by date, they will not sell it after that date, even by 1 minute. The store opens 24 hours.

    Funny you should mention that , because friends of ours know we have had it kinda tight moneywise because of my disability the past year .So they have been bringing us WONDERFUL out of date food from some store that allows out of date items to be given away . The Lord has provided salads and salad fixings (which we would NEVER be able to afford ,paying for it ourselves, Fresh fruit and veggies are too expensive even if ya are working). And give us gourmet breads and veggies and fruits ,(even exotics ),granola,all sorts of cookies and cakes.
    MY point is that The Lord has greatly blessed us with all this.And it is sad that FEAR of being sued has to keep grociers from being generous to the poor and needy . I thank the Lord all the time for our weekly receipt of such good foods. AND the store that provides them ! God bless,

  24. We had chicken and noodles but made it different., "Which is scary cause you never what the family is going to think. I had a family size can of cream of chicken soup , reg. size can of roasted garlic mushroom soup and a lg. can of chicken breast on the shelf . SOOO I through it all together in a pot of noodles . It WAS scary at first but everbody seemed to like it . I think I`ll make some mashed potatoes tomorrow and use them under the leftovers .THAT sounds really good.

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