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  1. Maybe if you would read it believing those errors would go away ?
  2. Easter Sunday dinner 2010 : Pork loin ,mashed potatoes/gravy ,tossed sallad ,green bean casserole ,pickled beets and eggs ,and fresh homemade apple pie/ice cream ! YUUM ! YUM !
  3. I thoroughly enjoy David Clouds weekly writings! I couldnt agree more w/any man than this one! I agree w/him on the fact that we need to be discerning on how and how much we use creation science materials in our daily witness/ministry. We have a man at our church who wrote a huge S.S.booklet on creation science vs.evolution.I have ALWAYS had some conviction about this from the standpoint that he seems to delve TOO deeply into it for the stated pupose of ``giving the lost a better understanding to lead them to CHRIST . My question would then be : IS NOT Gods Word wholely sufficient in
  4. Well ? I wish I had the time to sit down and write out all the verses ! I have real trouble understanding people who take staunch viewpoints on such things when they are SO clearly scriptural . There are so many examples both in O.T. and N.T. of public prayer I feel it not necessary to give any certain verse . Does he even READ his Bible ? I I would ask him the question : Does he believe in following Biblical example ? Because like I said ,there are SO MANY all through scripture ! We`ll be praying for his understanding . God bless
  5. Anyone read the latest from David Cloud ? A update from his latest book called ``Keeping the Kids``. WOW ,what conviction it set in me ! We dont have cable or satelite either ,but stlll watch much more ``news`` than we really need too. The testimonies were truly convicting and an eye opener. Also ,remember the hymn `` Jesus is all the world to me ``? I need to let His Word be more of my entertainment. HOW we battle each day thinking we need to have ``a little `` of this world in our lives! When in reality Gods Word is ALL the entertainment we really need. For it truel
  6. Could Online Baptist officials please explain to me why I cannot access certain forums. It keeps saying I donot have authorized access. I am basicly computer illiterate.But I have accessed other forums wihout prOBlem. Also ,It could be I dont understand the rules fully ,but have not figured out yet how to access those either. Thank You
  7. AMEN ! I couldnt agree more and thats the point I was trying to make to him . In Christ
  8. Happychristian ,Just now read your reply after having the Lord deal with me on the matter for several weeks. WOW does that scripture ever HELP ! AND you are SO right .The LORD has convicted me on this matter in the same exact way as you have said . We MUST let the Word of God do the talking ,we are only the vessels that deliver and pour out the healing ointment of Gods Word . THANK YOU In Christ
  9. So you are refering to Heb. 6:4-6 ? If this be the case ,then there are those walking the earth today who have NO chance of salvation . Correct? Also , I believe what Invicta is refering to ,is the fact that people DIE in unbelief ,which causes eternal damnation. Because thats the way I was looking at it. IF what you say is true (and I can see both sides) then where does ``WHOSOEVER WILL ,MAY COME `` enter into the equation? In Jesus
  10. AMEN ! Of course you could be like Peter and whack of their ear with a sword ! Of course we would recieve the same rebuke from the Lord as He did ! LOL Although I do find I am alot like Peter,react first and ask questions later .
  11. Forgive me if I seem like I am trying to hard to simpify the matter.Is`nt the core principle of Mark 3:22-30 the attributing of Jesus` works to Satan ? In other words, Jesus was rebuking them for even thinking of giving Satan the praise for what God had done ,by casting out the demons ? IF SO, then this sin STEMS FROM unbelief . Therefore The basis of the whole principle would be UNBELIEF. Does that make good scriptural and spiritual sense? Sometimes ,if I dont use JUST scripture and verse ,I have a hard time getting the scriptural point across. I get my tongue tangled so to speak . LOL An
  12. AMEN BROTHER AND GIVE GOD THE GLORY FOR IT ! My ExPASTOR used to say ,``We`re crooked sticks and ONLY God can draw a straight line with a crooked stick !``
  13. So covenanter ,Can they ? I beleive that the Word of God is the same ,yesterday ,today and forever . Therefore,Yes ! We are NO differerent than they of yesteryear . If we were ,the Word of God would be of no affect to us !We forget that WE are as much sinners (if not more so) ,than ANY of the OT or NT. Luke 17:26. Thank You for allowing my candor, God bless
  14. WOW ! I really digress ! I was going to say , as to your remark about church dinners,if it hadnt been for the giving of others to us this year ,with my disability ,WE would not have been able to take anything . For example,we have been given several gallons of fresh strawberries(which my wife made deserts out of ) and fresh veggies which we took as relish trays,etc. etc. AND we praise the Lord for the receipt of these foods we CAN share with others. To GOD be the GLORY ! Again ,GOD BLESS
  15. Its wonderful to hear people benefiting from benevolent groceriers.My children ,which are young adults ,are always talking about how Walmart throws away even end of day Deli items such as fried chicken and salads etc. My oldest boy is always trying to get them to sell him the leftovers (not even ``dayold``yet) to take home and freeze . They always tell him ``its no good anymore`` . HOW SAD that americans have let themselves become SO fearful as to discount benevolence. I often equate the giving of leftovers of grociers and even department stores ,as well as those that have garage sales, w
  16. Funny you should mention that , because friends of ours know we have had it kinda tight moneywise because of my disability the past year .So they have been bringing us WONDERFUL out of date food from some store that allows out of date items to be given away . The Lord has provided salads and salad fixings (which we would NEVER be able to afford ,paying for it ourselves, Fresh fruit and veggies are too expensive even if ya are working). And give us gourmet breads and veggies and fruits ,(even exotics ),granola,all sorts of cookies and cakes. MY point is that The Lord has greatly blessed us
  17. We had chicken and noodles but made it different., "Which is scary cause you never what the family is going to think. I had a family size can of cream of chicken soup , reg. size can of roasted garlic mushroom soup and a lg. can of chicken breast on the shelf . SOOO I through it all together in a pot of noodles . It WAS scary at first but everbody seemed to like it . I think I`ll make some mashed potatoes tomorrow and use them under the leftovers .THAT sounds really good.
  18. Invicta,thanks for the recipes ! Sounds great ! And turning the leftover new potatoes into tater salad sounds even greater ! Another question if I may ? What is ``humus ``?I believe its some kind of vegitable or green maybe ? Anyway I LOVE all greens and sounds like something my wife and I would like! I always think of DANIEL when eating greens because thats what he requested instead of the Kings perverted meat . HAAHAA ! In Christ
  19. Kitagrl,I was the initiator of this thread and no I didnt mean to reference the lost here . My nephew of who I speak is a professing believer ,although not an IFB . I am a born again believer myself and am an IFB . I AM starting to believe THIS is where the ,``confusion,debate, contention whatever it is , IS coming from with me and him . Because although he isnt willing to admit it ,he leans toward nondenminational. And I from HOLY conviction know that a man HAS to make up his mind WHICH denomination is right . SORRY , GOT off on a rabbit trail as our assistant Pastor puts it ! HEHE
  20. I believe you are right . I find we struggle more than we should with questions of scripture Proverbs 3:5-7. As you said IF someone is going to rebel the spiritual battle between God and satan will allow him ,or rather pull him away from us. I see a principle so clearly in Gods Word where God exhorts us to ``come out from among them and be ye seperate`` then tells us to TRUST in him (see where I `m going with this yet?). So AS we TRUST in Him HE pulls them away from us without any help on our part . OUR Pastor brought this up in a service a couple wks. ago. If you`ll notice sometime
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