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  1. Easter Sunday dinner 2010 : Pork loin ,mashed potatoes/gravy ,tossed sallad ,green bean casserole ,pickled beets and eggs ,and fresh homemade apple pie/ice cream ! YUUM ! YUM !
  2. WOW ! I really digress ! I was going to say , as to your remark about church dinners,if it hadnt been for the giving of others to us this year ,with my disability ,WE would not have been able to take anything . For example,we have been given several gallons of fresh strawberries(which my wife made deserts out of ) and fresh veggies which we took as relish trays,etc. etc. AND we praise the Lord for the receipt of these foods we CAN share with others. To GOD be the GLORY ! Again ,GOD BLESS
  3. Its wonderful to hear people benefiting from benevolent groceriers.My children ,which are young adults ,are always talking about how Walmart throws away even end of day Deli items such as fried chicken and salads etc. My oldest boy is always trying to get them to sell him the leftovers (not even ``dayold``yet) to take home and freeze . They always tell him ``its no good anymore`` . HOW SAD that americans have let themselves become SO fearful as to discount benevolence. I often equate the giving of leftovers of grociers and even department stores ,as well as those that have garage sales, w
  4. Funny you should mention that , because friends of ours know we have had it kinda tight moneywise because of my disability the past year .So they have been bringing us WONDERFUL out of date food from some store that allows out of date items to be given away . The Lord has provided salads and salad fixings (which we would NEVER be able to afford ,paying for it ourselves, Fresh fruit and veggies are too expensive even if ya are working). And give us gourmet breads and veggies and fruits ,(even exotics ),granola,all sorts of cookies and cakes. MY point is that The Lord has greatly blessed us
  5. We had chicken and noodles but made it different., "Which is scary cause you never what the family is going to think. I had a family size can of cream of chicken soup , reg. size can of roasted garlic mushroom soup and a lg. can of chicken breast on the shelf . SOOO I through it all together in a pot of noodles . It WAS scary at first but everbody seemed to like it . I think I`ll make some mashed potatoes tomorrow and use them under the leftovers .THAT sounds really good.
  6. Invicta,thanks for the recipes ! Sounds great ! And turning the leftover new potatoes into tater salad sounds even greater ! Another question if I may ? What is ``humus ``?I believe its some kind of vegitable or green maybe ? Anyway I LOVE all greens and sounds like something my wife and I would like! I always think of DANIEL when eating greens because thats what he requested instead of the Kings perverted meat . HAAHAA ! In Christ
  7. Sounds delicious ! How do you fix your ``new potatoes ``? Just steam them ina double boiler? I LOVE new potatoes ! Just never learned how to cook em ! The way I always ate them it seemed they were steamed then browned in a skillet . But never found anyone to give me verification .Mom passed away before I could ask HER .
  8. Sounds DELICIOUS ! I love good old home cooking like that . Especially the stewed cabbage and tomatoes and saurkraut.
  9. We ate at La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant today ! Steak Fahita taco salad ! YUM YUM !
  10. Lets look at the facts : No.1 God Word SHALL NOT pass away No.2 God is NOT the author of confusion No.3 The serpent was the most subtle beast in the garden,i.e. which is how satan works ! Now , Gods Word shall not pass away which means its preserved for us English Speaking believers . He is not the author of confusion , SO He would NOT have left ``several`` versions of ``subtle `` differences to us !Therefore HE MUST have preserved His Word in One particular version . Also if He is not the author of confusion He undoubltedly gave enough common sense to His disciples to follow His lead by
  11. Yummm yum ! I love red potatoes ! We had chicken breast marinated in Italian dressing and Caesar salad /garlic bread. I like yours better !
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