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  1. Maybe if you would read it believing those errors would go away ?
  2. Easter Sunday dinner 2010 : Pork loin ,mashed potatoes/gravy ,tossed sallad ,green bean casserole ,pickled beets and eggs ,and fresh homemade apple pie/ice cream ! YUUM ! YUM !
  3. I thoroughly enjoy David Clouds weekly writings! I couldnt agree more w/any man than this one! I agree w/him on the fact that we need to be discerning on how and how much we use creation science materials in our daily witness/ministry. We have a man at our church who wrote a huge S.S.booklet on creation science vs.evolution.I have ALWAYS had some conviction about this from the standpoint that he seems to delve TOO deeply into it for the stated pupose of ``giving the lost a better understanding to lead them to CHRIST . My question would then be : IS NOT Gods Word wholely sufficient in and of itself to lead a soul to Christ ?If so then isnt it also sufficient in and of itself to TEACH the saved in Christ THE WAY to witness to the lost ? I know this might sound like a rhetorical question ,but I do get perplexed on such matters that seem SO scripturally simple to me . Would appreciate any and all feedback on the subject . Especially scripture references. In Christ Jesus
  4. Well ? I wish I had the time to sit down and write out all the verses ! I have real trouble understanding people who take staunch viewpoints on such things when they are SO clearly scriptural . There are so many examples both in O.T. and N.T. of public prayer I feel it not necessary to give any certain verse . Does he even READ his Bible ? I I would ask him the question : Does he believe in following Biblical example ? Because like I said ,there are SO MANY all through scripture ! We`ll be praying for his understanding . God bless
  5. Anyone read the latest from David Cloud ? A update from his latest book called ``Keeping the Kids``. WOW ,what conviction it set in me ! We dont have cable or satelite either ,but stlll watch much more ``news`` than we really need too. The testimonies were truly convicting and an eye opener. Also ,remember the hymn `` Jesus is all the world to me ``? I need to let His Word be more of my entertainment. HOW we battle each day thinking we need to have ``a little `` of this world in our lives! When in reality Gods Word is ALL the entertainment we really need. For it truely is EVERYTHING a belever really needs. In Christ
  6. Could Online Baptist officials please explain to me why I cannot access certain forums. It keeps saying I donot have authorized access. I am basicly computer illiterate.But I have accessed other forums wihout prOBlem. Also ,It could be I dont understand the rules fully ,but have not figured out yet how to access those either. Thank You
  7. AMEN ! I couldnt agree more and thats the point I was trying to make to him . In Christ
  8. Happychristian ,Just now read your reply after having the Lord deal with me on the matter for several weeks. WOW does that scripture ever HELP ! AND you are SO right .The LORD has convicted me on this matter in the same exact way as you have said . We MUST let the Word of God do the talking ,we are only the vessels that deliver and pour out the healing ointment of Gods Word . THANK YOU In Christ
  9. So you are refering to Heb. 6:4-6 ? If this be the case ,then there are those walking the earth today who have NO chance of salvation . Correct? Also , I believe what Invicta is refering to ,is the fact that people DIE in unbelief ,which causes eternal damnation. Because thats the way I was looking at it. IF what you say is true (and I can see both sides) then where does ``WHOSOEVER WILL ,MAY COME `` enter into the equation? In Jesus
  10. AMEN ! Of course you could be like Peter and whack of their ear with a sword ! Of course we would recieve the same rebuke from the Lord as He did ! LOL Although I do find I am alot like Peter,react first and ask questions later .
  11. Forgive me if I seem like I am trying to hard to simpify the matter.Is`nt the core principle of Mark 3:22-30 the attributing of Jesus` works to Satan ? In other words, Jesus was rebuking them for even thinking of giving Satan the praise for what God had done ,by casting out the demons ? IF SO, then this sin STEMS FROM unbelief . Therefore The basis of the whole principle would be UNBELIEF. Does that make good scriptural and spiritual sense? Sometimes ,if I dont use JUST scripture and verse ,I have a hard time getting the scriptural point across. I get my tongue tangled so to speak . LOL Anyways , I`ll wait your reply ,to see if I am on the same track as you . In Christs Name
  12. AMEN BROTHER AND GIVE GOD THE GLORY FOR IT ! My ExPASTOR used to say ,``We`re crooked sticks and ONLY God can draw a straight line with a crooked stick !``
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