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  1. I remember mine. His name was Tony. He was gorgeous. We were children of the seventies so he had long black hair that came a little bit below his shoulders and the deepest blue eyes you have ever seen. Man I was crazy about him. My parents broke us up or I might have married that boy. But I still remember that boy and smile when I do.
  2. This Christmas is going to be quite hectic for me. First we plan to go to Philadelphia to visit my uncle, then we will proceed to New York City and stay there for a couple of days. After that, we plan to go somewhere warm, preferably Mexico (since it was AWESOME last year) and lastly we will stay at the cottage until the break is over. What about you? What are you going to be doing 'tis holiday season?'Hopefully I will be able to get a little bit of time to stay home to play my 360 and hang out with friends. I got some cool games recently (and will hopefully get more for Christmas), but I havn
  3. My favorite sport is rugby and high jump.. I like rugby because i am one of the best tacklers in my year.. its a long story... Before i went to the school that i am at now,, i was playing rugby with my friends and i swear to one of my friends that i would never play rugby and i would never ever like it at all,, but look were i am am in the squad for year 8, and why i am in there is because i am one of the best tacklers as i mentioned and in the squad i play flanker.. I like high jump because the first time i played it was in year four and i should of came first but this guy cheated, which i c
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