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  1. I guess you didn't read the article at all. Here is the prOBlem of supporting the gap theory: 1. The gap theory undermines the simplicity and authority of Scripture. Psalm 119:169 teaches that man is to receive his understanding from the Scriptures. Although God made His Word plain and simple so that all could understand and believe (Psalm 119:130), many theologians interpret Scriptures with a mind clouded by opinions, preconceived ideas, and a bias having been "educated" in heathen schools of thought. Interpretation in this manner causes many theologians to twist the Scripture into agreeing with their "theory." Feeling the attacks of "science, "Christians began to interpret the Scripture with the preconceived idea that science had determined the age of the earth. God did not write His Word with tricky language. To compromise the simplicity or authority of the Scripture is to accommodate the world
  2. I wish this issue would get more circulation among IFB churches. There are too many people out there thinking that since it is Billy Graham it must be ok. I have had a hard time with him since I learned of all this especially since the first thing I learned (a few years back) was that he supports the gap theory. http://www.beaconmbc.com/articles/thegaptheory.htm
  3. I heard it said again today, "The first prayer God hears from someone is the prayer for salvation." Do you agree with this? I assume by "hears" they mean pays attention to. Do you think that unbelievers can bargain with God? One of those, "if you let me live through this I will go to church for the rest of my life" type things? I had a pastor who taught that at an IFB church. What are your thoughts?
  4. Most commentaries I have checked seem to agree with this interpretation. I think the Great Pyramid interpretation seems a little off. For one thing how often in the middle of prophetic literature does the symbology turn to a past event. I mean the pyramids have been around since 2500 BC and Isaiah was not written till around 800 BC. As a side note, if this is still a future event that Isaiah is talking about does that mean that sacrifice will be re-instituted in the future?
  5. Hello all, I was just surfing the web and noticed this article: http://www.biblestudents.com/endtimesarchives_sum99.cfm I don't know if this discussion has come up on this board yet or not but I am interested in your thoughts. Do you think these people who associate Biblical themes with the great pyramid and rely on passages like Is. 19:19-20 are just going way to far with symbology? Do you think the Great Pyramid is/was to show Biblical truth? I recall a book by Clarence Larkin in which he discuss this in detail. Are they going to far with coincidence?
  6. These are good topics but they overlap with a few other sections we offer. We have three classes (made for new members/believers) called Exploring the Faith 101, 201 and 301. I was thinking that this class would focus as an opener to OT survey and NT survey. I have also noticed over the years that many churches tend to avoid topics like canonization and so I thought that might be appropriate.
  7. Hello, I have been feeling the need in my church to offer a discipleship class. We offer a number of different small classes but alot of people still seem to not get the big picture of the Bible. I have been feeling the need lately for offering an "Introduction to the Bible" class. Possibly to be followed by an "old testament survey" and "new testament survey" class. The main thing I am wondering is what topics should I cover in the into to the Bible class. I can use as many weeks as needed 6-13 or so. I am thinking of covering basic topics with a few advanced topics thrown in as rabbit trails from the basics. This is for those who are more mature in their faith. So far I am unsure which direction to head. Perhaps: Bibliology - intro. Canonization Translation with a number of sub topics under each. What do you recommend I include. What structure would you choose for such a class? Thanks for your help.
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