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  1. That is an awesome idea...now I can look forward to people I don't know asking me to be my friends...sounds good
  2. That is a beautiful song. :)
  3. A song just called "Joy:; "Wings As Eagles"; "Here Am I"; "Here I Am, Lord"; "Come Thou Fount"; and "And Can It Be?" Can you just choose one favorite song? :icon_mrgreen:
  4. Yes Did you pray for someone you care about today?
  5. No. It's not snowing here yet...not sure whether to be happy or sad about that. lol Did you stay on OB for more than 2 hours today?
  6. I did Did you go on bus visitation today?
  7. Yay for a fellow pyro! lol Sounds good...I would try it if I could get by with it here.
  8. No, unfortunately. Did you hear your favorite Christmas song today?
  9. I have to say that I think spiders are really awesome...but not in my house...I typically make someone else kill the spider if it ends up inside. lol But I voted hairspray with lighter because I love fire.
  10. Good ole fashioned beans and cornbread. lol Tonight was better though...chinese food :D
  11. Hopefully nothing I'm making...it could be a fire hazard if I was involved. lol
  12. I definitely feel special to have everyone welcoming me before I've even posted. : and thank you to all, especially my buddy Kayla
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