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  1. Thank you! Hope your Christmas season was a good and fulfilling one also.
  2. I suppose the debate rests partly on what level of trust an individual has in the government.
  3. It's a very complex subject, and I can see many sides of the argument.
  4. With the rise in state surveillance equipment, I was wondering how people felt about it. Is there a possible threat to liberty, or should only criminals fear it?
  5. I went to bed on Christmas Eve as a kid with my own idea of Santa. Not a big jolly man in a red suit, but a presence that made things magical for me. It was a kid's world. Interesting result - everyone thinks that teaching kids about Santa is lying. I suppose, if you look at it literally, it is!
  6. I suppose it would be a bit of a perennial question! I mentioned it because a kid I know of about 10 said to her Mom the other day: "Whay did you LIE to me about Santa? You lied to me, Mom!"
  7. Well, my decision, based on a personal conviction, was to got for a very short haircut - and I did ask people for advice. Everything led that way, and so I went for it. Most of my family like it very much, so I'll stay clippered! Few jokes about my big ears, mind.
  8. With me, it was an attempt both to be scriptural and have a more conservative appearance. I didn't realize it would have such a profound effect on people's perceptions.
  9. Since my hair was cut short, people have had difficulty recognizing me, and maybe that has changed people's attitudes towards me.
  10. Hi all, Over the last 12 months, I've changed a lot of things. I had a rebellious, wild debauched lifestyle, smoked dope, messed with girls, hung out with the wrong crowd! All that has changed - my conversion has meant putting all those things away, and becoming a new creation. It's not as if those things ever made me really happy anyway. In fact, do they make anyone happy? But it has led to the accusation from old friends that I have lost my personality and my uniqeness. Maybe my huge change of appearance recently has partly led to that conclusion. Yet surely, if those things were part of my old personailty, I must be far better off without them. If we're "new" those old things must go away. That's true for every real Christian isn't it?
  11. Seems to have been a little quieter than when I was last here.
  12. The thread started as one boy having all his hair cut off! It's turned into quite a fierce debate.
  13. I asked the question because so many people have said (wrongly, I believe) that much contained in Paul's epistles was valid only for that time and culture.
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