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  1. Are you still around?

  2. Are you still around?

  3. I understand your brother in law's point though. If someone walks into your house (especially in areas where locking your doors is not heard of)...an unloaded gun won't do much for you. Might as well just have a baseball bat nearby.
  4. Thanks all, that's helpful. I don't think I'll be in this situation as I have found a few places that seem good (at least from email communication and online Statements of Faith). But, I wanted to see what people thought of the hypothetically scenario.
  5. You're right Invicta, he distributed in 2007. I think he made some updates due to new information and just recently re-distributed.
  6. I don't disagree with anything you've said. I think it's just as bad to believe nonsense with no proof (consipiracy theories) as it is to blindly follow government and believe they have your best interests at heart. I don't understand either side with regards to that issue. Conjecture and opinion are the only thing that has been presented here as "proof" of conspiracy theories.
  7. Well, not sure I'd would agree with that completely. If the government performs the services they are created to perform...then that is one thing. When they start to delve into the personal life and religious freedom of their citizens...they are being oppressive. God has certain "responsibilities" for institutions (State, Church and Family). Once, those insititutions start "getting out of their lane"...that's a problem.
  8. Well, it sure seems you care more about these conspiracy theories than anything else. And, I would argue that you are not studying anything...you just post random stuff that you think is true with absoluely no proof. I've given you my opinion and told you that Christ is eternally more important than my nation. I don't CARE about conspiracy theories and I don't give them any merit. So what? How does that affect you in any way? Go and believe your conspiracy theories if you want. Or, provide proof that they are true.
  9. haha, I am not repopulating anything. You can continue to believe the stuff written by communists and anarchists if you like. I choose to believe face value until I see proof otherwise. You've shown no proof of your stance. Let me be clear one more time...it hasn't nothing to do with my strong held beliefs in this. YOU HAVE NEVER PROVIDED ANYTHING CONCRETE TO PROVE YOUR STANCE!! You are the one that has this strong held belief and won't listen to reason. I have researched both sides and HAVE FOUND NOTHING to make me sway to conspiracy theories. Why do you continue to think I am some robot that spews nonsense? You are the one that won't even objectively look at the other side. I am shocked at the amount of people on this board that seemingly think conspiracy theories (Theory is the keyword here) are FACT. Theories are NOT fact, they are theories.
  10. Yes, I kind of wondered that myself as Old Pilgrim was putting me down about how I trusted the government. But, most of the sites that promote these conspiracies are ran by some crazy individuals (i.e. communists and anarchists like you said). Of course, it's not about me trusting the government blindly...it's just that I've never seen any proof that shows these conspiracies have any merit whatsoever.
  11. The Gospel is Truth. Your opinions on conspiracies are not truth unless they are substantiated by facts. I see no facts, only conjecture. I am an extremely logical person, I don't trust the government wholeheartedly but I also don't subscribe to random conspiracy theories made up by MAN.
  12. I would expect someone that was so enamored by this to spend the time researching it. I don't believe in the conspiracy so there is no need for me to do your work for you. If you want to objectively research it, you'll have to read both conspiracy theory websites and sites that describe the science, theory and speculation of how it could have happened. Then, you can make your own decision from there. I have looked at both and have made the decision that the impact, fire and how the building was structured would allow the "pancake" type of effect that happened that day. When one floor collapses down, it's been shown that the weight and impact of that would be a domino effect on the lower floors. The burden of proof lies on those that think it's a conspiracy. I don't know a whole lot about tower 7 but I do know that many regular citizen firefighters felt the building was unstable and the FDNY chief called for the evacuation because of what his firefighters witnessed. I suppose I have a hard time believing random, normal, citizens who are firefighters were a part of a cover up to collapse Tower 7. But, if you believe it...it's your right to believe it, I just don't see any proof to make me think it was anything other than what regular firefighters witnessed.
  13. Ahh, I see...you mean the Bin Laden tapes were lies to justify going to war? I thought they were used or going to be used to make Bin Laden seem illegitimate so that Muslims didn't back him? Didn't have anything to do with promoting a war.
  14. Still am interested in hearing about the unjust carnage you were speaking of. So, that we are "clear"...I am not saying there isn't any...just wondering what exactly you were referencing with your comment.
  15. You obviously haven't heard of psychological warfare or operations as what you've just said is not what it is. This has nothing to do with elevating Christ above my Nation...I already consider Him eternally more important than my nation. This is about you not knowing what the definition of something or having an understanding about what you are speaking about. This was not meant as a put down, I was sincerely asking so that I could explain it to you. Here is an example of PSYOP that was used in World War II http://www.psywarrior.com/gulfwar.html
  16. http://www.wayoflife.org/database/sacred_music_sources.html The philosophy of music is changing rapidly among fundamental Baptist and other fundamentalist churches. It is becoming popular to “adapt” contemporary praise songs by selecting ones with Scriptural lyrics and toning down the rhythm. This is being done by Majesty Music, Soundforth, Bob Jones University and its president Steve Pettit, and West Coast Baptist College, for example. They excuse the practice in various ways, such as likening the use of contemporary praise to the use of a Lutheran or Methodist hymn, but it is a different thing altogether. While I have never heard of a fundamental Baptist church becoming Lutheran or Methodist by singing old hymns, many are moving rapidly in the direction of the contemporary philosophy by using contemporary music. (For documentation about the growing acceptance of contemporary music by fundamental Baptists see The Baptist Music Wars, available in print and as a free eBook from www.wayoflife.org.) The contemporary philosophy is 180 degrees contrary to a Bible-believing separatist position, and the music has transformative power. Nothing is building the end-time one-world church more effectively than contemporary praise music. For more on this see “The Transformational Power of Contemporary Praise Music” at the Way of Life web site. Please note that we cannot guarantee that all of the music produced by the following organizations and ministries is sound. We publish this list because it is difficult to locate good Christian music, and we desire to point the way to some of the music that we have found helpful. It is not possible for us to listen to every thing that has been produced by the following sources. Also, there is the matter of “taste” in Christian music. While there are definite biblical principles that must be applied to music, there is also a simple matter of taste. For example, my wife does not like quartets, but I like quartets as long as the music is spiritual and the message is scriptural and they don’t “showboat,” meaning put on a carnal performance. Some like operatic style and some don’t. Some like “bluegrass” style, and some don’t. This is the type of thing I am talking about when I talk about “taste.”Ultimately it is the responsibility of each listener to prove the music by the Word of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. For tools in how to analyze Christian music, we recommend the video series “Music for Good or Evil,” which is available as free eVideo downloads or as a DVD purchase from wayoflife.org.We also recommend the new books Independent Baptist Music Wars (2014) andWhat Every Christian Should Know about Rock Music (2015), which are available in print or as free eBooks from www.wayoflife.org.We encourage our readers to contact us if some of the music by any of the following sources is found to be worldly or contemporary. Internet links change frequently. If any of the following links are inoperative, it is up to the reader to do his own Internet search to find the latest links and contact information. BAPTIST COLLEGE OF MINISTRY, Menomonee Falls, WI. www.bcmedu.org/ministry/cd-recordings.BIBLE TRUTH MUSIC. Two good CDs by Bible Truth Music are “Hallelujah Singing” and “He Is Alive.” Bible Truth Music PO Box 1881 Newport News, VA 23601. www.bibletruthmusic.com.CHRISTIAN PURITIES FELLOWSHIP. Conservative music titles from Foundations Bible College. P.O. Box 1166, Dunn, NC 28333. www.foundations.edu.CLARK, MIRIAN JARRELS. “While He Is Near.” Piano/vocal arrangements. P.O. Box 292, Penn Laird, VA 22846. CONCORD & HARMONY. This is the music ministry of Alan and Ellen Ives. 328 Rosalia Street, Oshkosh, WI 54901. 920-235-5400 (Wyldewood Baptist Church), www.wyldewood.org/cah/. Two good choices are “Volunteers for Jesus” and “In Jesus Is All Meaning.”DAVID E. SMITH PUBLICATIONS, 4826 Shabbona Rd., Deckerville, MI 48427. www.despub.com. Catalog consisting of over 2,500 items by over 50 writers. Includes graded solos and ensembles for woodwinds, brass, strings, piano, string orchestra and concert band. Featured are “Heritage,” a band method supplement utilizing hymns and sacred songs sequenced to traditional band methods, and “Hymnsembles” and “Hymns for Multiple Instruments” which are designed to work with mix-and-match or unusual instrumentations. Distributor for C.T. Smith Publications, Curnow Press, Majestic Music (not to be confused with Majesty Music), and Salvation Army.FAIRHAVEN BAPTIST COLLEGE, 86 E. Oak Hill Rd., Chesterton, IN 46304. 800-733-3422, bookstore@fairhavenbaptist.org. A good choice is “Everything Is Possible” by the Fairhaven Baptist College and Church.FAITH MUSIC MISSIONS, Boeke Road Baptist Church, P.O. Box 2463, Evansville, IN 47728. www.faithmusicmissions.com. Faith Music Missions has a line of conservative, drumless soundtracks. They produce congregational piano hymns on CDs “for the church or servant of God to use in lieu of a pianist or to assist their music program.” We would warn that some of the Faith Music Missions music CDs use a honky-tonk Southern Gospel rhythm. “Heavenly Place” by the Epleys and “Ed Russ and the Old-Fashioned Quartet” are examples. GODLY MUSIC, Stephen and Christina Rains. http://godlymusic.org.GREER MUSIC MINISTRIES, Taylors, SC. Gordon and Jean Greer are former opera singers who have produced two CDs, My Savior First of All and Soldiers of the Cross. singingforsouls@bellsouth.net.FAITHWAY BAPTIST COLLEGE OF CANADA, Faithway Baptist Church, 1964 Salem Rd., Ajax, Ontario L1S 4S7. www.faithway.org. A good choice is “We Wear His Name” by the Faithway Baptist College of Canada Servant Singers.HERBSTER TRIO. This excellent father-son trio has several excellent CDs. The singers are accompanied by orchestral music. Two of their CDs that I particularly like are “Hymns of Grateful Worship” and “Faithful Servant.” Tri-City Ministries, 4500 Little Blue Parkway, Independence, MO 64057, www.herbsterevangelism.org/site/pages/catalog.aspx?fsId=12&returnUrl=catalog.aspx.HIBBARD, DAVID, 291 Clayton-Aura Rd., Glassboro, NJ 08028. 856-863-4992, hibbardfamilyministries@juno.com or dhibbard@juno.com. An excellent CD isAlong Life’s Road: Songs for the Saviour. HYMNS TRIUMPHANT. There are two volumes of these, each containing dozens of hymns performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the London National Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Amen Choir. The arrangements are wonderful. They are available from the Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio Store, http://www.oldchristianmusic.com/mproductpages/london-orchestra+amen-choir--hymns-triumphant.html. MAJESTY MUSIC, P.O. Box 6524, Greenville, SC 29606. 800-334-1071 (orders), 803-242-6722. www.majestymusic.com/. Much of the music produced by Majesty Music is excellent, and Ron and Shelly Hamilton are among the most prolific and talented sacred music writers and arrangers today. We would warn that some of the newer Patch the Pirate tapes are moving in a slightly contemporary direction. When I tried to warn about this years ago, not as an enemy but as a friend of Majesty Music who has recommended their music for decades, I was treated like a fool. Obviously they think they are above correction, so I would suspect that the direction of Majesty Music will continue to be toward a more contemporary sound. Also, Majesty Music is promoting the “contemporary hymns” of Stuart Townend and Keith Getty, among others. See the report “Dr. Garlock Misses an Important Point,” Feb. 3, 2015, via the search engine at www.wayoflife.org.MURRAY MUSIC MINISTRIES. Lovely recordings by Greg and Heather Murray. I particularly like “The Lord Is Calling.” P.O. Box 346, Bedford, VA 24523, 540-816-0284, www.murraymusicministries.com.MUSIC EDUCATION MINISTRIES. http://www.musiceducationministries.com/shop.OLD FASHIONED CHRISTIAN RADIO MUSIC STORE. This online store offers a wide variety of traditional Christian music. www.oldchristianmusic.com.SACREDAUDIO. A large variety of sacred music albums and mp3 downloads http://www.sacredaudio.com.SOUNDFORTH, Greenville, SC 29614. www.soundforth.com. Music tapes and arrangements, song books, choir and choral, children’s music programs, dramas. Also “A Guide to Hymn Playing” by Rebecca Bonam and Duane Ream. This is still a good source for sacred music, but they are adapting contemporary praise music and justifying it on bogus grounds, and we suspect that their standards will change over the next few years. STOUFFER MEN. Two excellent CDs are “Brethren, We Have Met to Worship” and “Come and Sing.” Stouffer Music P.O. Box 1185 Taylors, SC 29687. info@stouffermusic.com, www.stouffermusic.com.THE WILDS Christian Camp and Conference Center. http://www.wilds.org/resources/music. This is a good source for sacred music, but they, too, are justifying the use of Townend/Getty and other “contemporary hymn writers.” The Directory of Contemporary Worship Musicians, a free eBook, contains extensive documentation about the danger of using Getty/Townend music. copyright 2013, Way of Life Literature- Receive these reports by email- "About" David Cloud- www.wayoflife.org
  17. I suppose a really good priority would be that the Pastor is a godly MAN.
  18. So today, my wife had mentioned something kind of offhandedly that she read a Statement of Faith (SoF) of a church an acquaintance of hers attends in North Carolina. I am usually the one that reviews the Statement of Faith (SoF) of churches we plan to visit when moving or visiting a new area; she actually doesn't like to read them because sometimes it's hard for her to understand everything like that (we fit well together because I analyze everything and enjoy doctrine very much but she is extremely intelligent in scripture memory, stories, names, etc. - basically, our weaknesses are made up by the other so we are very strong together). But, I digress...that really doesn't have much to do with anything. ANYWAY! lol...she said the SoF looked really good to her except that they didn't use King James only...and then she mentioned that they do CCM during service sometimes. I explained to her the dangers (which she knows) of allowing CCM within the church service. It could be an extremely strong church and it might even stay strong after incorporating CCM for many years...but it will eventually lead to liberalism in several areas if not all. We then talked about what would happen if we did move to a place that didn't have a good IFB church. I know John81 has talked about his experience and I think I would lean toward a non-denominational with the same teachings. But how far could you go before you had to either completely compromise or not go to church at all? Just for sake of argument, say there are no doctrinally sound churches within 200 miles of your home. Assume, that you must stay in the area because you are bound by a contract of some sort and cannot leave until the contract is up. What doctrines would be top priority for you that you believe would best please the Lord in your church membership? And, would you even BECOME a member if they didn't have certain biblical doctrines in place? I have a hard time thinking what I would prioritize in that setting but definitely the correct definition of salvation without works of any kind. I would want to have the King James Bible as a priority as well but many churches are going away from that...so I suppose I could let it slide but would not want to. There are so many things I look for on a SoF that I would have a very hard time going to a church that dismissed many of my concerns for biblical doctrine. This is something I would need for sure: Salvation is strictly a free gift from God by his grace through faith in the finished work of Calvary. Evidence of salvation appears in repentance, faith and newness of life; the believer is eternally secure in the knowledge that Christ lives within them and they have a home in Heaven. I would truly want so much more but trusting in the Lord that He wouldn't send me somewhere that had nothing in the form of true spiritual fellowship would be huge. If a church was doctrinally sound in most things but didn't use King James and CCM...would you even attend? I am not sure I could bring myself to attend but is it worse to attend that church or not attend any church? Or, do you start a church/bible study on your own with likeminded believers? This is all theoretical!!
  19. Have you every heard of psychological operations by chance? If I remember correctly, those Bin Laden videos were a form of PSYOP or Military Deception...which are both legitimate operations for the United States military. I'm unsure what unjust carnage you are speaking of specifically but would be interested to hear what you mean.
  20. I don't disagree that China is a dominate world power. But, Christ could certainly come at any time correct? So, I am not sure how we can be certain that America will not be the last great world power. China is still decades away from a vast Pacific fleet. And, while I agree that China looks poised to take on the world as a superpower, there are some analysts and analysis that show China actually declining in some aspects. I think Communism is starting to catch up with them personally. Their type of government is hard to continue with the amount of technology that allows their citizens access to a wealth of information. They've done a great job thus far censoring a lot of things but I think it will eventually catch up to them and we'll see some serious call for change by their citizens.
  21. I am not saying don't preach the Gospel or don't go out soulwinning. What I'm saying is the slippery slope has started and it doesn't matter if you preach just the Gospel, it will offend folks and soon it will be considered hate speech. I must not be presenting my thoughts well enough.
  22. The Gospel offends most unfortunately. The 2nd amendment has been "on the ropes" for decades now. It's finally gotten to the point where only 52% of Americans think we should have less or stay the same with regards to gun control. Once that percentage flips the other way and more gun control is accepted and instituted...the 1st amendment will be next. Preaching the Gospel will be considered hate speech and it will only be allowed within church walls...eventually, the Government will infringe on that as well. Could be decades away but I think the writing is on the walls.
  23. I don't know John, I think there is a good possibility America might be the last country to try and police the world. Time will tell but so many signs to show America will fall (sooner rather than later) and then who knows what happens. Maybe Christ comes back, that will be a wondrous day.
  24. It'll just be a matter of time before that freedom of speech is gone too. It's already eroding away.
  25. The building had 47 stories...so I think that's why the confusion sometimes.
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