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  3. I understand your brother in law's point though. If someone walks into your house (especially in areas where locking your doors is not heard of)...an unloaded gun won't do much for you. Might as well just have a baseball bat nearby.
  4. Thanks all, that's helpful. I don't think I'll be in this situation as I have found a few places that seem good (at least from email communication and online Statements of Faith). But, I wanted to see what people thought of the hypothetically scenario.
  5. You're right Invicta, he distributed in 2007. I think he made some updates due to new information and just recently re-distributed.
  6. I don't disagree with anything you've said. I think it's just as bad to believe nonsense with no proof (consipiracy theories) as it is to blindly follow government and believe they have your best interests at heart. I don't understand either side with regards to that issue. Conjecture and opinion are the only thing that has been presented here as "proof" of conspiracy theories.
  7. Well, not sure I'd would agree with that completely. If the government performs the services they are created to perform...then that is one thing. When they start to delve into the personal life and religious freedom of their citizens...they are being oppressive. God has certain "responsibilities" for institutions (State, Church and Family). Once, those insititutions start "getting out of their lane"...that's a problem.
  8. Well, it sure seems you care more about these conspiracy theories than anything else. And, I would argue that you are not studying anything...you just post random stuff that you think is true with absoluely no proof. I've given you my opinion and told you that Christ is eternally more important than my nation. I don't CARE about conspiracy theories and I don't give them any merit. So what? How does that affect you in any way? Go and believe your conspiracy theories if you want. Or, provide proof that they are true.
  9. haha, I am not repopulating anything. You can continue to believe the stuff written by communists and anarchists if you like. I choose to believe face value until I see proof otherwise. You've shown no proof of your stance. Let me be clear one more time...it hasn't nothing to do with my strong held beliefs in this. YOU HAVE NEVER PROVIDED ANYTHING CONCRETE TO PROVE YOUR STANCE!! You are the one that has this strong held belief and won't listen to reason. I have researched both sides and HAVE FOUND NOTHING to make me sway to conspiracy theories. Why do you continue to think I am some robot that spews nonsense? You are the one that won't even objectively look at the other side. I am shocked at the amount of people on this board that seemingly think conspiracy theories (Theory is the keyword here) are FACT. Theories are NOT fact, they are theories.
  10. Yes, I kind of wondered that myself as Old Pilgrim was putting me down about how I trusted the government. But, most of the sites that promote these conspiracies are ran by some crazy individuals (i.e. communists and anarchists like you said). Of course, it's not about me trusting the government blindly...it's just that I've never seen any proof that shows these conspiracies have any merit whatsoever.
  11. The Gospel is Truth. Your opinions on conspiracies are not truth unless they are substantiated by facts. I see no facts, only conjecture. I am an extremely logical person, I don't trust the government wholeheartedly but I also don't subscribe to random conspiracy theories made up by MAN.
  12. I would expect someone that was so enamored by this to spend the time researching it. I don't believe in the conspiracy so there is no need for me to do your work for you. If you want to objectively research it, you'll have to read both conspiracy theory websites and sites that describe the science, theory and speculation of how it could have happened. Then, you can make your own decision from there. I have looked at both and have made the decision that the impact, fire and how the building was structured would allow the "pancake" type of effect that happened that day. When one floor collapses down, it's been shown that the weight and impact of that would be a domino effect on the lower floors. The burden of proof lies on those that think it's a conspiracy. I don't know a whole lot about tower 7 but I do know that many regular citizen firefighters felt the building was unstable and the FDNY chief called for the evacuation because of what his firefighters witnessed. I suppose I have a hard time believing random, normal, citizens who are firefighters were a part of a cover up to collapse Tower 7. But, if you believe it...it's your right to believe it, I just don't see any proof to make me think it was anything other than what regular firefighters witnessed.
  13. Ahh, I see...you mean the Bin Laden tapes were lies to justify going to war? I thought they were used or going to be used to make Bin Laden seem illegitimate so that Muslims didn't back him? Didn't have anything to do with promoting a war.
  14. Still am interested in hearing about the unjust carnage you were speaking of. So, that we are "clear"...I am not saying there isn't any...just wondering what exactly you were referencing with your comment.
  15. You obviously haven't heard of psychological warfare or operations as what you've just said is not what it is. This has nothing to do with elevating Christ above my Nation...I already consider Him eternally more important than my nation. This is about you not knowing what the definition of something or having an understanding about what you are speaking about. This was not meant as a put down, I was sincerely asking so that I could explain it to you. Here is an example of PSYOP that was used in World War II http://www.psywarrior.com/gulfwar.html
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