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  1. Light is life, not understanding. If I appear that to you, it is because you see with your light, not Gods'..sincerely,
  2. same thing ((don't you think)) Interesting about the mind, mine works well, though it has no light except the truth of Gods' Word, it can never be ill because the mind is of the Father, it is the Spirit that is the Father, yes, we can get it in a rut with the flesh, and as sinners born we get in there eventually The body is of the Son, and the soul is of the Holy Ghost, we lost fellowship with God when the Holy Spirit left us at the tree of knowledge of good and evil, it is this Spirit Christ came to achieve for us still! In his presence, and Love
  3. if more need be, I grew up faithfully in a IFB Church, and if someone didn't at least step on my toes, I felt neglected in this wonderful family of God! Besides, it's only Gods' toes I concern myself with, In Christ Jesus, who sets me free
  4. His Grace is abundant and free!! personally, its only when my toes are crushed they hurt
  5. I pray the Lord touches her heart with the message of His Love (forgiveness)
  6. I have never thought to defend Gods' Word, it isn't like the Word of God has a back up plan or something:0) just curious I do, however, have some questions *regarding the Word, one that comes to mind is the tongues.. I read about them and cannot come to a reasonable conclusion that they were done away with with the Apostles, Scriptures plainly point out that tongues is for the Church, unless there is an Apostolic Church, which would take some convincing me, and that being, the Church still exists today, in an incomplete sense .. tongues is meant to convince the unbeliever, who is searchin
  7. Mr. Back, do you have a back up plan? or is it just the plan man? Hopefully it includes Nature and not the natural man, man.. oh, did I get that right? (not masterfully planned;)
  8. Just a few cents worth, I home schooled my first child the first grade, and if you do, I suggest you STRESS the things about God and Creation you want them to remember, because when (and if) they do get into the public "arena"; schools will try to destroy that foundation of a Creator. My first child whom I only home schooled one year has way more sense about God than my second child; whom I put into headstart and then kindergarten and then firstgrade.. 3 years more of public nuisance (I mean non-sense teaching) and he is so much more at a loss for God. It's the foundation of a Creator you mus
  9. this from a man that couldn't figure out why bubbles float up!
  10. If a 'relationship' means getting emotionally involved ,why are you considering one? Don't think God intends for any "relationship" it is one thing to be friendly to one another, but a relationdhip carries with it 'getting involved' The Lord may want you to wait to get involved, until you are ready (that is =knowing who you will marry) I know it sounds fuddy these days, but getting involved means you are going to give a 'piece' of your heart away. What then? When you get married, you don't have your all to give.
  11. *BONK* yes, Jesus loves preaching more than I did (do)
  12. The 'revelation' of God that he makes us creatures of his Glory (other than human) or should I say , people.. is only something you can get from him yourself. I know the Scriptures tell us to search them to see if these things (preached or taught) are true, but I'm not preaching or teaching anything, I'm simply sharing the views God has showed me. and no, he didn't show me them from Scripture.. well , not exactly accurate, I understand some verses that actually do back my 'revelations'.. that no one else may see, it will all be revealed in the 1,000 year Reign of Christ. Why we are here , and
  13. 2 Timothy 3:16 "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:" Scripture is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction in righteousness. My posts have not created any doctrines.. use them to reprove me, I want correction (if need be) and I want instruction in righteousness. NOBody, NO-body ever loved Church more than I did. I live for sound preaching of the Word
  14. There is some who believe we are perfected at the moment of Salvation, and I do a study with someone who believes that , but it is only true in the Spirit, not in the flesh, so yes, we are perfect "For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified." Hebrews 10:14 If Christ did not do this at the moment of Salvation, the Father could not own us So, though we are perfect, we have the sin nature and for that we must daily be cleansed, by the washing of the Word, it is the Word that washes our flesh! It is the Blood that atoned for our sins that moment we were saved!!!
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