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  1. Wonderful points to consider. Humility leads the way brother. Love as Christ loved the Church!
  2. The Lord must hallow out his vessels and remove doubt, unrepentant sinful behavior so that the Spirit of God can blow unrestricted through his instruments of Grace.

  3. Romans 9:22-23 22What if God, willing to shew his wrath, and to make his power known, endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction: 23And that he might make known the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy, which he had afore prepared unto glory, Amen, Anime! Our view of salvation is so humanistic that we try to include it in our theology. It is for HIS glory that we are saved as per the attached verse in Romans 9. He has made known the riches of HIS Glory upon us, vessels of mercy, which he had afore prepared unto glory. I'm not sure if you can re
  4. While I personally hold to sovereign grace, I do not believe babies go to hell. God's grace is sufficient to allow children and babies into heaven. This is my personal speculation apart from the only scripture coming from King David and his hope in seeing his deceased child. Although, your thought on the law and sin not being imputed to babies is incorrect. God's work was evident in creation. Death & spiritual death was still imparted before the law was introduced. See Romans 2:12 (For as many as have sinned without law shall also perish without law: and as many as have sinned in the
  5. Hmm...what about him my friend? Share your insight.
  6. Well as always, being unstudied in the doctrine of limited atonement makes one uneasy about it. Limited atonement is as biblical as you can get. The doctrine of limited atonement is that the blood of Christ is limited in that it only covers those that come to faith in Christ Jesus. Therefore, Christ's substitutinary death covers a limited amount of people. It does not cover the world, if it did, everyone would be saved and going to heaven. Where you get your boxers in a wad is thinking that the reformed limited atonement doctrine means that the opportunity to hear the gospel and respond i
  7. Hmm..well maybe its your that is messed up on some of your doctrines? I would be careful in calling God's man messed up. He anointed Spurgeon for a reason, and who exactly are you to make such a judgement?
  8. I was reminded today men in my post for another brother, that sin so easily strangles the fire we need to have for our wives. Now this is from personal experience and not from sitting on the sidelines of marriage looking in. Pornography and any kind of sexual lust kills any fire we can give to our mates. This fire, is God's love through us. It is the new man that our wives need. This new man is Spirit led, and a man God loves. We sometimes get caught up in old sins or old habits that are not contrary to JESUS who is our example. We become callous, hard and even unloving. Demanding resp
  9. Dear friend, I understand your situation and do not think it is all to uncommon to be going what you are going through. I was the same way, trying to show my love by taking our daughter places so my wife could have some alone time or washing dishes for her etc. Yet, this wasn't enough. Our wives need to be held and loved. They need to "feel" loved. They need affection. To be held, hugged and kissed. Anyway, you get the picture. We as men do not necessarily need that to feel loved. So it is strange to us if they get moody about certain things. Another thing is key, if there are issues
  10. TULIP or no TULIP, the doctrine of predestination has been around forever. Not only calvin but many other founders of the faith held to a doctrine of predestination. Either you hold to election or you don't. Or, you are somewhere in the middle unsure of what you believe.
  11. My real 401K is in heaven!!!

  12. I am in total agreement with this statement!
  13. Ben, I know this has bee awhile but I am posting anyway. I am in total agreement with you. As we look at Jesus's life, he was envoloped with the Father. Even in His darkest hour in the garden it was just He and His father, (our Father). He was truly filled with Him or filled with the Spirit in Pauls terms. But that requires repentance or a state of a repentant heart. That state is very interesting since our heart is always fluctuating. To have a repentant heart, is one that is submitted, humbled and ultimatly broken before a holy God. One doesn't just say to the will.."will, be submitt
  14. I am in total agreement with this statement. It is the Pharisee's who were calling the work of the Holy Spirt, the work of the devil. Therefore, revealing their self righteouss hearts and causing Jesus to unveal this teaching. If Jesus would have had Moses stand before them, they still wouldn't have let loose of their seat of power.
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