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  1. Hi bjshuf, Excellent question. I've read Alan's answer & consider it to be incorrect. Jesus in Matthew 24, Mark 13 & Luke 21 is giving signs relating to the AD 70 destruction, so that believers in Jerusalem & Judea would know when to flee the city before the destruction. Luke 21:20 And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh. 21 Then let them which are in Judæa flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it depart out; and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto.22 For these be the days of v
  2. Presumably her options are limited, in view of age, mobility & especially her church allegiance. Where are the loving Christians in the membership who know her & her faithful service over many years? In my experience ..... A serving minister of 20 years in the church, & about 12 years ministry before that invited a local Christian teacher alongside as co-Pastor. The new man persuaded enough of the membership (using the method of Absalom [2 Sam. 15]) to dismiss the long-serving Pastor - breaking church rules - even voting to break them. Once the new man was in charge, he sold the m
  3. Thanks, @BroMatt for agreeing to the debate & providing the format, & thanks to all for their contributions in this thread. I trust you have been blessed, whether you agree or not. I've found it helpful in my understanding of God's Word.
  4. Thank you, Brother Scott for the manner in which you have conducted the debate & the thought provoking challenges in your postings. I hope & pray that our contributions to this & other threads will be helpful to others as we discuss the Holy Scriptures. While we disagree on many points, it is wonderful that we have a fundamental agreement on our shared salvation by faith in our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, & our eternal hope of glory in the NH&NE. I'll begin with John's request from the discussion thread, & my reply: Begin with the passage: 24 Seventy wee
  5. About 100 at the funeral - no Gospel - time for remembering loved ones. Began & ended with prayer, & included Psalm 23 & "All things bright & beautiful." Our elderly Aunts weren't able to be there. Lily - 90ish - is in hospital & could be next. We stayed at the guest room of Aunt Mary's retirement flat & prayed with her & Uncle Ray before coming home. While my mother was alive we were very close, but after she died we didn't have occasions to come together. Thanks for prayers. Sept 20th Now we have heard Aunt Lily has cancer - lumps in stomach & neck. She is
  6. Funeral today. Thank you for prayers.
  7. May he realise the wonder of salvation, & turn to Jesus as Lord & Saviour.
  8. I happy to see Jeremy triumph - we now have a people's voice leading the opposition.
  9. Note to Geneva - I wrote the above without reference to the Geneva Bible notes. I looked them up this morning & find I am in substantial agreement with the notes. It's encouraging to know I am in good company.
  10. I had added some references above. UkeleleMike & others - my objection to beginning at the end of 14 chapters was & is that we need to understand contextual questions including - Who was Zechariah? When did he prophesy? What was the condition of Israel at the time? Are the prophecies quoted as fulfilled in the NT? In what way do the prophecies relate to the Messiah? After the return from exile, led by Zerubbabel & Joshua, according to Ezra, the work of rebuilding the temple had ceased, & the prophets Zechariah & Haggai were commissioned to give the building priority. See
  11. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=925796770827630&set=a.139557562784892.30712.100001919470100&type=1
  12. OK - I've got enough comments to make my final post in the debate.
  13. Not sure that's true. The Reformers & other persecuted Christians saw Rome as the false church in Revelation. The Jesuits therefore took up the Preterist understanding of Revelation as being written before AD 70 & therefore prophesying the final rebellion & destruction of the Jewish state. Full Preterism teaches that the second coming occurred in AD 70, which is not RC teaching, nor mine. My position is that Revelation was written before AD 70, & the prophecies do relate to the final rebellion & destruction of the Jewish state, & that Jesus was active in that destruct
  14. Ronda - have you checked the references in my post? We are living in the New Covenant age.
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