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  1. This discussion has actually been difficult to read. Many post are correct according to His Word. It just makes me wonder their point then sadly I see no love being shown in their reply. Maybe someone said just this but I misunderstood...if so, please have patience with me. I'm persuaded by His Word that women are given instruction to "reverance" your husband which is Respect. He doesn't have to earn this Repect because it's his position as husband/ representing Christ in the home. It is the LORD'S will our husband's show us love but this doesn't have any bearing on our showing Respect or as is written in the KJV 'reverance.' If this is difficult just realize ultimately your respecting Christ. Regardless of how your husband may be living his life in and out of His home. Any Christian men walking with the LORD...Would you share what make's you know your Respected by your wife? I have found this to be a struggle when your praying and doing all you know to Respect him as the LORD said but stuck in feeling I'm missing the mark. Men and Women feel differently. (Surprised?) Would any be willing to share what you see wive's missing in way's of showing their own husband's Respect? Maybe how we can show Disrespect without ever seeing or understanding? This would be a blessing for me, as I feel I miss the mark so often. Just walking as a baby sister in Christ can be a struggle yet even when I need Him to hold my hand - He alway's does because He Love's even me!
  2. My husband and son have Celiac Sprue ie: No Wheat, Rye, Barley or Oats -nothing containing Gluten!! I haven't had a church willing to accomadate unless you buy the wafers. We are in a Baptist Church. I do know from relatives that their Methodist Churche actually has a place for the celiacs to recieve communion safely-no concern of cross contamination.
  3. I thought of a tract for Engineers! Very good but made me think of all the people in my life with this "concret" type of thinking!
  4. In five minute's, I will get some crushed ice!
  5. Unable to sleep!I assume not His plan for me tonight...
  6. Does God love everybody? Don't you remember singing...Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tell's me so...O.K. this is a child's song but if you do with our chidren and all of His little children- we never teach them anything that's not true and we can show anyone in His Word this is truth. #1 I am fully persuaded that this a easy question to answer so my answer will be simple....His Word. Many verse's tell us He love's us but here is a very special one to most of us: John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his ony begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. ( also read Romans 5:8...states God shown / was showing us He loved us by His action of dying on the cross for us- even the whole time we we're living as sinner's !...also read I John 4:9, 16) #2 God love's all of us although he does talk plainly about differences in His Children. We have our easy going children (son's and daughter's) so once we explain they recieve mom and dad as thier final authority, protector's and trust you to guide them for good even when they don't understand everything. They are blessed for their OBedience. You love them but also have a special open relationship with them. Then you may have just one child that is alway's-it seem's- fighting about the rule's-that were made for their safety! These same chidren ususally go place's and act and do thng's you've explained are not really exciting but very danderous! Again, they continue living this way. You love them but see the trouble they will be in if they keep living this way.If only this child could see just trusting you and OBeying you will change their life forever! God explain's this last child in His Word Ephesians 2:29 (children of disOBedience) & 3 (the children of wrath) so who are these OBedient children? They are His Children that OBey His Word but first plase read Galatian's 3:22-26 V26 tell's us "For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.(Please read Gal.3: 1-8) I said this would be a simple answer and I tried-really!
  7. I did hug someone today!...........................................................................................Did you go to S.S and Church service this morning?
  8. Amen! In studying what you showed in His Word this seem's to be what is being said. This has alway's bothered me. Thank you for sharing what He's revealed to you!
  9. I can try an imagine a life without fear, pray for it and read His Word on verses to NOT FEAR and with the Holy Spirit leading me on how to handle fear in my life. I believe that He teaches us there are time's to fear ie. The LORD, those in authority over us etc. yet I'm convienced He want's this to lead to Trust. If we could turn our fear just into perfect Trust but I don't think this can happen without being loved how Jesus loved, then and only then can we trust. There is no fear in love...then come's trust. Just my experience, His by Grace
  10. Anyone using their right of Freedom of Speech in such a disrespectful and frankly in such a cruel way toward's this young man's parent's need to learn of the other right's we have as American Citizen's. Aren't these all soildier funeral's? We aren't able to maintain one right without the other so let's enforce them both! Wait, perhaps we don't have those right's actually?? Can anyone show me chapter and verse in His Word where people had those right's then? That must settle it. We've been mistaken all this time! Actually, I'm persuaded this has more to do with the lack of not being taught American History properly but I must just be a angry liberal.
  11. I think OBama will go down as the First Black President elected in the U.S and as very articulate. I wish that Allen Key's could have gone down in history as the First Black President instead. The Lord give's us what we deserve and the more I see the more I see what we deserve even those of us that didn't vote for him as President. I pray the LORD will soften our hard heart's (we all have our areas!!) , show us His will and we will lay all on the Alter. Change is painful and scarey for me at time's. Yet to be allowed... SEEING LIVE"S CHANGED the LORD call's for us to walk in HIS WAYS otherwise thing's will never change...NO REVIVAL, NO MOVING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT WITHIN OUR LIVE"S just us living walking in OUR WAY"S and closing our eye's to not just the need aroud us BUT TO THE WILL OF THE LORD IN HEAVEN! WHAT EXCUSE WILL WE GIVE? I will have none so please pray for me and show me daily grace as I am trying to do for you while just Abiding in Him. All the answer's are in His Word just keep reading...the ending is amaing and the trip there is feeled with hardship's te the Lord uses for good and He love's us in a way which can only be experienced not explained. I just praise Him for being the LORD GOD CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. It's strange yet I find the more time I spend in His Word the MORE sinful I realize I am an the More undrestanding and thankfulness I have for what He's done in my life. II Corinthian's 4:15- 18 spke to me so much today. I'm sharing only because He will speak to you ther. I can promise you one thing. Meet Him in His Word daily and He will speak to you!! IN Christ with His love only, His by Grace
  12. The men go to the Alter tp pray and only one man pray's outloud not being ask of the Pastor but he does this when in his seat as well. I find it distracting. We women stay in the pew's praying queitly to the LORD. Now, our Pastor does ask a man to open the service in prayer and later to close in prayer and they will both do so outloud but no one else is praying outloud then except sometimes this man. He's sincerely serving the Lord and really a babe in Christ. I've felt if there was something wrong Pastor wold tell him in private. His heart seem's so sincere but also I think we all are more living in grace by showing tolerance if ths bother's us because he is a babe in the LORD> I know of nothing Biblically except that all should be done in order. Our Pastor is so true to the Word that I trust him to handle these thing's in the church. Trying to show daily grace which I'm so in need of myself and desire that type of love be shown in my church home, His by Grace
  13. BroMatt, I don't understand enough except to only ask that you keep us safe, some of us are close but I do remember feeling shut out and hurt until a few Godly men reached out in Christ and many of those same Godly men are still here standing for Him. Please more sermon's! Bible studies would be a blessing! Stand your ground on IFB and KJO pleease but I know you will just like I trust your decision's because this is your ministry from the Lord. In Christ and praying His will be done, His by Grace
  14. Kubel, Your right. We have to think of the good in this situation!!
  15. Still praying for you to know Angelmiss49 the Lord's peace when you know one is coming and realize He is with you. Right then! They alway's pass. Jesus loves you! Daily in my thought's then I pray for you thru-out the day! In Christ, His by Grace
  16. Thank you!! What has happen is a yiled sign with a ! in the middle then up popped a little screen telling me I'm unable to recieve or send out E-mails woth an error code. I came here praying someone could tell me what to do because I cann't send them my erroe code by e-mail!!?? So, how do I report this error code to my internet provide?? See how I'm still stuck? HbG
  17. Yet I don't even know where to start. I'm just not able to get or send e-mail. I have been given a Error Code but I don't know what to do next! Help! HbG
  18. jhonytaibu, Welcome! I loved your expression on how "the higher powers of Goggle has brought you here!" We all look forward to meeting you thru all your post! In Christ, His by Grace
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