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    Do Wives Have To Love Their Husbands?

    This discussion has actually been difficult to read. Many post are correct according to His Word. It just makes me wonder their point then sadly I see no love being shown in their reply. Maybe someone said just this but I misunderstood...if so, please have patience with me. I'm persuaded by His Word that women are given instruction to "reverance" your husband which is Respect. He doesn't have to earn this Repect because it's his position as husband/ representing Christ in the home. It is the LORD'S will our husband's show us love but this doesn't have any bearing on our showing Respect or as is written in the KJV 'reverance.' If this is difficult just realize ultimately your respecting Christ. Regardless of how your husband may be living his life in and out of His home. Any Christian men walking with the LORD...Would you share what make's you know your Respected by your wife? I have found this to be a struggle when your praying and doing all you know to Respect him as the LORD said but stuck in feeling I'm missing the mark. Men and Women feel differently. (Surprised?) Would any be willing to share what you see wive's missing in way's of showing their own husband's Respect? Maybe how we can show Disrespect without ever seeing or understanding? This would be a blessing for me, as I feel I miss the mark so often. Just walking as a baby sister in Christ can be a struggle yet even when I need Him to hold my hand - He alway's does because He Love's even me!
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    Free Association

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    Free Association

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    Alphabetical - Hymn

    Some Golden Day Break
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    *In five minutes*

    In five minute's, I will get some crushed ice!
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    How do you Feel today?

    Unable to sleep!I assume not His plan for me tonight...
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    Free Association

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    Free Association

    Just Green Rectangles.
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    Say Something About The User Above You.

    Loves to make people think about their comment's by pointing out the fault in their statement!
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    Questions Only

    Must because the saved/ In Christ have the mind of Christ, right?
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    If You're New Here Please Read

    Not new yet still love seeing what the verse will be and how He will use it in my life that day. Thank you for being such a blessing!
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    *In five minutes*

    In five minutes I must get off OB and accomplish somethings!! His by Grace
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    Say Something About The User Above You.

    His name is orange and I don't know why?
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    Questions Only

    Do I think???
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    Questions Only

    I think cowboy boot's as well amblivion!