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  1. This discussion has actually been difficult to read. Many post are correct according to His Word. It just makes me wonder their point then sadly I see no love being shown in their reply. Maybe someone said just this but I misunderstood...if so, please have patience with me. I'm persuaded by His Word that women are given instruction to "reverance" your husband which is Respect. He doesn't have to earn this Repect because it's his position as husband/ representing Christ in the home. It is the LORD'S will our husband's show us love but this doesn't have any bearing on our showing Respect or as i
  2. My husband and son have Celiac Sprue ie: No Wheat, Rye, Barley or Oats -nothing containing Gluten!! I haven't had a church willing to accomadate unless you buy the wafers. We are in a Baptist Church. I do know from relatives that their Methodist Churche actually has a place for the celiacs to recieve communion safely-no concern of cross contamination.
  3. I thought of a tract for Engineers! Very good but made me think of all the people in my life with this "concret" type of thinking!
  4. In five minute's, I will get some crushed ice!
  5. Unable to sleep!I assume not His plan for me tonight...
  6. Does God love everybody? Don't you remember singing...Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tell's me so...O.K. this is a child's song but if you do with our chidren and all of His little children- we never teach them anything that's not true and we can show anyone in His Word this is truth. #1 I am fully persuaded that this a easy question to answer so my answer will be simple....His Word. Many verse's tell us He love's us but here is a very special one to most of us: John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his ony begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not per
  7. I did hug someone today!...........................................................................................Did you go to S.S and Church service this morning?
  8. Amen! In studying what you showed in His Word this seem's to be what is being said. This has alway's bothered me. Thank you for sharing what He's revealed to you!
  9. I can try an imagine a life without fear, pray for it and read His Word on verses to NOT FEAR and with the Holy Spirit leading me on how to handle fear in my life. I believe that He teaches us there are time's to fear ie. The LORD, those in authority over us etc. yet I'm convienced He want's this to lead to Trust. If we could turn our fear just into perfect Trust but I don't think this can happen without being loved how Jesus loved, then and only then can we trust. There is no fear in love...then come's trust. Just my experience, His by Grace
  10. Anyone using their right of Freedom of Speech in such a disrespectful and frankly in such a cruel way toward's this young man's parent's need to learn of the other right's we have as American Citizen's. Aren't these all soildier funeral's? We aren't able to maintain one right without the other so let's enforce them both! Wait, perhaps we don't have those right's actually?? Can anyone show me chapter and verse in His Word where people had those right's then? That must settle it. We've been mistaken all this time! Actually, I'm persuaded this has more to do with the lack of not being taug
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