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  1. Bro Matt... When I click the <Prev and Next> button in the image nothing happens... . . just kidding! Nice!
  2. I'd send you one on dry ice but I'm sure they'd think it a Frosty Bomb and dunk it in water.
  3. Just in case anyone missed this.... On Amazon you can download a free app which allows you to download and read Kindle Books on your PC or Mac. In addition, there are a number of free books available. (Sort Christian books by price). I just downloaded (for free) "Concerning Christian Liberty - Letter of Martin Luther to Pope Leo X"
  4. There are several of these kinds of sites and they are very handy for sending large files to friends and family, etc. Glad it's working out for you!
  5. but the winning goal was SOOOOO anti-climactic! Seems they were robbed of that "magic moment" when the horn and light failed to go off!
  6. I've been tracking (in excel) and charting some key info from DEBT CLOCK In only 20 days the "Debt per Taxpayer" has risen $467.00! Yes.. every 20 days the debt per taxpayer grows an additional $467.00! That's $8522 a year!
  7. Directly behind me? That's a "window" to the Baptistry which sits just behind that wall. The "picture" is wall mural of a like scene which is on the back wall of the Baptistry.
  8. Be sure to let's us know when available so I can get a copy.
  9. JimmyJohns???? sounds like pajamas. Never seen one.
  10. Taco's don't ring my bell Jerry8... That priceless!
  11. How about "Filling the belly with Roast Lamb is great, but filling the Soul with the Word of God is better!
  12. I don't know where they get their onions but I honestly have NEVER tasted onions so sweet. It's almost like they crossed an onion with Joel Osteen's smile.
  13. I'll do that soon! By the way... I'm writing a new book entitled "Revelation So Simple, No Roadmap Needed."
  14. Here's my submission for "best tasting and best value fast food meal deal." Sonic - Get the large onion rings (sweetest onions ever!) and two (2) Jr. Burgers from the dollar menu. Total $4.00 (and today,,, they even had "buy one shake, get one free")
  15. Ps 31:18 Let the lying lips be put to silence; which speak grievous things proudly and contemptuously against the righteous.
  16. Jerry.. I will say again, I'm not in any way taking away her right to free speech. What I would like to see is her privilege to be an official White House reporter taken away. You can't seem to see the difference.... I'm sorry for that.
  17. Jerry8... not sure I understand your sensitivity here. I assure you if you think I was "jumping on" you that's not the case. My entire focus was on the story. And the point here is wisdom and being smart, not whether someone has this and that right. A pastor has the "right" to say whatever he wants, this is America, but..... I wouldn't think a lot of a pastor who gets in the pulpit and starts calling out the sins of individual people and bashing them. That is just plain dumb whether he has the right or not. The whole world watches this stuff. It is DUMB (yes I'm shouting) for a White House Reporter to say such trash. It only supports those who want to wipe Israel off the map! She should be fired immediately. She can still speak her mind even as one without a jOB.
  18. Ms Thomas is free to express any view she wants. But why would any news organization allow a person like this to be their White House press corp reporter? That is the issue... not whether or not she is free to express her views. Check out this video... She deserves to be on the press corps????? Here she is telling the White House to condemn the attack because Isareal "deliberately attacked and killed" people on the ship. This is the jOB of a White House Reporter???
  19. Don't you love the kind and loving and tolerant liberal media?
  20. praying for you.... Remember... God is in control. Keep reading His word, He WILL give strength and assurance.
  21. Ahhhh... exactly my point! How much of your Bible do you remove before it's not The Word of God? I say "One Word." Remove on word and you have corrupted the Word of God!
  22. It doesn't bother you that verse is removed? A tract can also contain the doctrine of salvation and grace through faith. So do you maintain that a tract is just as "good" as the Bible, since it does not remove the doctrine?
  23. Sure... take out Acts 8:37 as the NIV does and you have baptism without salvation first. Not only that.... if God came to my house and gave a word for word message to the readers of Online Baptist, then I sat down and posted it with this note attaced: "Here's God's message directly to you at OB.... oh, by the way... I left out some words and sentences and changed some others so that in, my opinion, you can understand his message better." Well.... would that be accpectable?
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