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  1. Hi, all. Thanks for thinking and praying for me - it means a lot. I'm about the same at present, but I have hope. Also: I'd appreciate it if the link to my Facebook page could be removed - I'd rather a direct link not just be out in the open on the Internet. Thank you.
  2. OK, I admit it, I have a healthy dislike for weather changes now.
  3. OK, I admit it, my birthday isn't for a long time. (Flash games are games coded in the flash programming language. Most Online games are flash. )
  4. OK, I admit it, I like flash games a lot.
  5. OK, I admit it, I pray God blesses our family immensely this week.
  6. OK, I admit it, I hope today improves significantly before it's over.
  7. OK, I admit it, I can't stand logical fallacies.
  8. OK, I admit it, I'm a little bit hungry.
  9. Baked chicken, potatoes, and carrots, and garlic bubble bread (all with olive oil). God bless, Joel ><>.
  10. I live on the Gulf Coast, too, so it could also hit us. I pray it doesn't, though. With my health the way it is, I wouldn't hold up well under a bad hurricane...
  11. OK, I admit it, I drink chocolate milk everyday, too (generally; though not in the morning).
  12. Amen. No. We don't know really anything about what's wrong. Doctors are also clueless.
  13. OK, I admit it, I like chocolate milk a lot. @_@
  14. OK, I admit it, I am going to try and make Christian video games a reality.
  15. Thank you. I need one badly. I hope so, too. I believe I will soon. No reason to believe that, but I'm trying to have faith. Yes, I am. From the beginning to end. :)
  16. I should have (a little before my eighteenth birthday), but unfortunately my health has been so messed up that I have not been able to graduate. :(
  17. OK, I admit it, I like sandwiches made with Gorton's microwaveable fish (with two pieces of Swiss cheese and then some natural, doused in olive and canola oil French fries with ketchup on the side). :D
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