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  1. Baked chicken, potatoes, and carrots, and garlic bubble bread (all with olive oil). God bless, Joel ><>.
  2. I win! Time to celebrate with some snacks. God bless, Joel ><>.
  3. We had pork chops, a few leftover twice-baked potatoes, some corn, Velvetta macaroni and cheese...Delicious! God bless, Joel ><>.
  4. Could be. No harm done. God bless, Joel ><>.
  5. Thank you! Now it's there, but I know it wasn't there last night... "Display Name" (not that I need to change mine) wasn't there, either...Odd... God bless, Joel ><>.
  6. I've looked all over the place, but I can't find a place to edit signatures (which I've done on here before)...So, uh...where did it go? Or am I just missing it? God bless, Joel ><>.
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