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  1. Hi, all. Thanks for thinking and praying for me - it means a lot. I'm about the same at present, but I have hope. Also: I'd appreciate it if the link to my Facebook page could be removed - I'd rather a direct link not just be out in the open on the Internet. Thank you.
  2. Been a while. Nothing good to report, unfortunately. Been a good bit dizzier today and yesterday - especially today. God bless, Joel ><>.
  3. Been too long since I've been here. Here's an update. I've been about the same - a decent bit worse the past few days. Nothing good to report, unfortunately. But, soon! Soon. God bless, Joel ><>.
  4. OK, I admit it, I have a healthy dislike for weather changes now.
  5. OK, I admit it, my birthday isn't for a long time. (Flash games are games coded in the flash programming language. Most Online games are flash. )
  6. Thank you! Been the same/worse. Nothing positive to report thus far. But soon, Lord willing. Soon. God bless, Joel ><>.
  7. OK, I admit it, I like flash games a lot.
  8. Wow, lots of replies! Thanks for the prayers and comments, everyone. Unfortunately, one or two nights wouldn't help me at all. Even if I got back on track for weeks, I could easily be knocked back off it without improvement in other areas. My sleep schedule has literally been messed up for years due to my health and spiritual problems...Especially my health. No, they came immediately from the B-complex; it's not the sleep. I sleep enough, just not at the right times. I haven't been sleeping well for a long time, so if it was that, it would have started a long time ago. I think I got
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