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  1. A really good friend of mine writes a daily devotion. Most mornings i'm the first to read it. Also read Spurgeon's 'Morning by Morning' also at times. Enjoy also reading from Grace Gems Daily Devotionals a good bit.
  2. Ask for prayer for my mom. Lately her blood pressure has really shot up. At the doctors two days ago they couldn't even get a reading on her blood pressure, when they finally did, it was reading 209. In 7 more days it will mark 7 months from when my dad passed away. My parents had been married for 43 years. So there has been lots of extra stress and anxiety in my mom's life lately. Please say a prayer for her.
  3. Of course, completely agree with you. "Watch ye and pray, lest ye enter into temptation. The spirit truly is ready, but the flesh is weak." Mark.14:38 Paul himself even after also being a Christian for some time came to the conclusion in Romans 7:18-25 Praise God for given us His Son who was and is perfect dbedience. To serve the flesh is to serve the law. Thank God that we christians are not under the law but in Christ. It doesn't stop warring against the flesh though. Jesus made a way out of temptations though to live a victorious life in Him walking after the Spirit and not the flesh. There are also many Christians find themselves doubting, lacking faith from other circustances. Like, dealing with the loss of a loved one, a dad, mother, brother, sister, grandparent, or a close friend. Someone who might be dealing with abuse, a married couple one becomes a true Christian while the other is yet to come to Christ and that person finds themselves being in an abusive relationship. Or someone losing a job, then loses or lacks the faith to know God is going to take care of them and provide. There are a number of things that can take place to cause even a Christian to doubt at times and sometimes the results are warring against the flesh in our lack of disobedience. A true Christian is going to seek Christ for delieverance in turn Christ shows them He never left them them nor forsake them at any time and that truely brings on an even closer relationship with Christ. For the Glory of God. It helps when other can see even them before us also faught their own battles even them 2000 yrs ago that God himself chose to inspire to write His very word to share with the world. True Victorious living is truly overcoming. Thank you very much for your reply. heaven
  4. Thomas even though the bible does not say a whole lot about Thomas yet we do know some. He walked and talked and had personal relationship with Christ also as Peter did. I
  5. This is something that has been on my mind the last two days, thought i'd come over and share this with you all. Peter who walked, talked and had a personal relationship with Jesus. Many days found himself in the very presence of Christ listening and taking in His every word. Peter was witness to many things like raising the dead. Healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, was presence at the Transfiguration of Jesus. When asked by Jesus,
  6. Here's story i wrote early last Sunday morning after a short bible study with a dear friend on the IM. The study was of the soon return of Christ for His Church. This story is meant to get others to think and consider am I rapture ready am i ready to meet the Lord in the air. Don't think any of us can really fathom what all will take place on this day so this comes from my own personal thoughts as to what that day may hold for them Left behind. Maybe this story should be posted in the prophecy section of the forum but i'm far from wanting to get a debate going. Story.... I had awaken quickly out of a deep sleep to noises and a great shaking beneath me. The feeling of despair came over me as I looked over to see my wife gone. Her clothes she had gone to bed in were laying beside me in the bed but where was she at? I heard screams coming from near by awakening my senses to the fact that something awful had just happened. Jumping out of my bed I went into the living room thinking of finding my wife but she was no where to be found. I went to my child?s room to find he was not there in his bed either. My son is gone and his clothes were in place. Pure terror shot through every part of my being while listening to the screams of my next door neighbors screaming for their children. I ran outside to find a few people searching everywhere for their family members. As I walked down the road to my surprise there were loved ones missing. Some were on their cell phones trying to call for help but getting angry and throwing their phones to the ground. There were sirens in the background some moving away some getting louder as they moved closer. As I moved towards the end of the street to the main highway in the far distance I seen a plane that had crashed, cars were piled upon one upon another. People were crying aloud from being severely injured. I seen a dead lady lying in her own blood. A friend or loved one was down beside of her crying. Another man was walking as if he was lost and confused. Blood was streaming down his head onto his shoulders. Over to the other side of the highway I seen another lady down on her knees begging the Lord for forgiveness and crying out for Christ to please do not leave me behind. Looking above me into the heavens it?s as if the tiny bit of light that was left was disappearing behind some clouds as if they were closing up. I felt as if I was all of a sudden in a world full of darkness. As reality began to set in I began asking myself what has happened, where did all these people go? I remember my wife sitting next to me reading her bible and saying to me, ?soon the Lord will return He will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God, and the dead in Christ would rise and those who are alive and believe in Him would be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. Never has any words ever play out so vividly in my mind. It was as she was there reading those words to me once again. My thoughts were now ?I've been left behind.?
  7. Not really sure where to put this so thought maybe here was just fine or what to call this thread. (Just wandering if i'm actually going to click Submit when i'm done here :roll ) I found this place looking something up on the KJV Bible. Its the version i stick to, have for years now. Have found myself in a few awful debates because of it. That?s alright though cause i'll defend the KJV anytime even though God's Word needs no defending. At the time of finding this forum i was taking a long break from trying to post or anything and had a thought after signing up here i could use this place to help me get back into posting and stuff and get myself back in my own studies. Found one of the best ways to really get deep into study on Biblical Issues is by discussing them and it can really make you want to pray for truth and dig deep into the word of God. Soon found out my heart wasn't into it as i had hoped. Have had a lot of good things happen in my life and some really awesome experiences with the Lord which are personal. I?ve also had some really bad things happen which has had a huge affect on me and I have a way of dissociating myself from everyone. Think this past time i even tried dissociating myself from God least thats how it felt. Thank goodness that Jesus made a promise to us to never leave us nor forsake us and that nothing could ever seperate us from His love. Little by little i'm now getting back to what i love most and that sharing the Gospel of Christ and studying Prophecy and other Biblical issues. But for me it's taking time getting to myself back into things i'm still having some trouble. Feel sort a bad cause i came in tried entering into one conversation and also introduced myself with so many welcomed me and then i never posted or got involved and hate visiting a place i enjoy reading here and there and never say anything. My truest and deepest apology. Sister in Christ heavenstear
  8. My apology candlelight, dadof4 and tired. Hadn't realized anyone had replied here. Haven't really been around last few weeks. Thank you all for the welcome and for leaving the light on for me.
  9. Can do, be happy to, i'll be back. Thanks :-)
  10. Israel?s Seven Jewish Feast Spring Feast Pesach/Passover - 14th day of Nisan Unleavened Bread - 15th day of Nisan thru the 21st of Nisan First fruits - 17th day of Nisan /was a celebration of the harvest, when a sheaf representing the very first of the harvest was waved before the Lord as a symbolic gesture that dedicated the coming harvest to Him which was in the fall ??.Jesus rose from the dead on the Feast of First-fruits. His resurrection was like a wave offering presented to the Father as the first-fruits of the harvest to come at the end of the age. Which would be in the fall. Shavuot, or the Festival of Weeks we know as Pentecost - came fifty days after First- fruits. Fall Feast Rosh HaShanah/Feast of Trumpets - first day of Tishri the seventh month also the first of the new Jewish Year. Modern times is celebrated on the first two days in times past these two days symbolized not knowing the day or hour when the New moon would set. Today in modern times they know when the new moon sets so they celebrate over the course of two days (the second day was added later, not sure when). It?s when trumpets (Shofar) would be blown it was to awaken people out of their slumber for them to arise. Shofar was also blown to announce the Day of Judgment is coming. This feast is known for the ?Blowing of Trumpets? which can literally mean shouting, an acclamation of joy or a battle cry. Rosh HaShanah begin off the first day of the ten days of Awe which is not a feast but celebrated each year. The ten days of Awe ends in the Yom Kippur /The Day of Atonement. Basically the 10 days of Awe pr also called Ten Days of Repentance was looked upon as a time of repentance a time where you would ask the Lord to forgive you your sins or to ask for forgiveness from someone you had sinned against a time for one to ?afflict their soul?. People would put on white robes to symbolize they have been forgiven and now have become pure white as snow. An Atonement has been made. Yom Kippur or The Day of Atonement - Of course this feast was a foreshadowing of Jesus coming and the final sacrifice made for our sins upon the cross. Sukkot /Feast of Tabernacles - Much could be said on this one also but this is when a celebrating of the last of the harvest of the year. They would gather at the Tabernacle. On the Last day of this feast would 7 trumpets (shofars) be sounded. {two extra notes to all who read - one, some of these notes here came from Carol brooks and some of my own. Two, this is an awesome study for anyone specially them who study prophecy and take prophecy serious to study, But no one have I found tells it all. So it?s important to go through this study and look up everything individually you then get a better picture of the whole. You also get a more bigger and better picture of Revelation. Revelation is full of Judgment but it is also full of God?s Grace and Mercy and His Awesome Wisdom. Who can begin to truly understand but a very tiny part of God?s Wisdom. I?m no preacher nor a teacher just love sharing the truth and Paul said let no man decieve you by no means, that includes me. LOL I?m only human and going to make mistakes been studying these feast for some years now and still learning and being corrected. The above is just a small fragment of what can be understood within the Feast and within Scripture. ?Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.?2Tim.2:15} God Bless heavenstear
  11. Yes, but it was the firstfruits cut out from among the field the main harvest was yet to take place. The firstfruits was the fruit that was ready for harvesting before the main harvesting. Hope that makes since? Workers would be sent into the field they would tie a red sting around the fruit that was ready for cutting(reaping) they would take the blade and cut it and the firstfruits was prepared. Then is was taking and given to the Priest. The priest then would take it and wave before the Lord as a wave offering along with an unblemlished lamb before the Lord. This was to santify the rest of the field. In the parable of the Wheat and Tares. Most preachers and teachers miss this about the parable. In Matthew 13:26 it says, "But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also." See when Jesus spoke this parable he was speaking to a group of Jews they would have understood the harvesting of a wheat field. They knew there were more then one harvesting of a wheat field in fact there were three and has been for thousands of years. From the time i would probably say Moses and Aaron most likely. Up until morden times today tractors and other farm equiment are used. The three harvesting are called... 1st - Harvesting of Firstfruits 2nd - The Main Harvest 3rd - Litteraly call The Remnant or sometimes called the Four Corners " Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When ye be come into the land which I give unto you, and shall reap the harvest thereof, then ye shall bring a sheaf of the firstfruits of your harvest unto the priest" With that said, to answer your question, maybe not fully till i look up some notes but... Yes, cause the firstfruits was cut from the field and given to the Priest. And any cutting away from a wheat field or barley field was consider reaping. But again this was not the main reaping (harvesting) of the field. In my opinion the prophetic fulfillment of this goes much deeper and explains it much better. LOL i may come back with more on this going to pull out some of my notes. Don;t think this is fully answering your question but I hope that helps :-) heavenstear
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