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  1. Why was I asked if I believed the King James version of the Bible was the holy truth... I read the Today's New International Version of the Bible (TNIV)... and I feel pretty close to God ??? :uuhm: I really don't think it should be an issue. If it is, I don't think I should take part to this forum.
  2. Actually, I was born in a Catholic family in Quebec. My family stopped going to church when my older sister converted to Islam. I did have a very hard time going through adolescence as many teenagers did. In college, I met a young man whose father was a preacher in a Brethren Church. He explained to me God's will. The young man became my BFF. One very night, he actually said that he was so grateful to God for having a friend like me around, but that he was so sad that I wasn't saved. I asked him to give me a Bible, which I read. I started reading John, and when I got to Nicodemus' story
  3. Hi my name is Mark and I recently joined this forum. I was saved on Valentine's Day in 2008. I live in Ottawa, ON. I joined this forum to read great sermons and to learn more concerning baptist doctrines. I love the Lord and want to look like Jesus more and more daily.
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