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  1. You are right, there was NO church at Rome during Christ's ministry. St. Peter went there and established a church there later. After Pentecost. St. Ignatius of Anitioch (second bishop of Anitioch, a center for christianity) was the first writer we have proof of using the words "the Catholic Church" St. Ignatius was later martyred in Rome maybe around the year 107. So that tells you about how early the words "the Catholic Church" were in use. That's pretty early to me.... after all St. John is believed to have only died in the year 100 or so (making him about 87 ish)
  2. Well, first... Purgatory IS for the expiation of sins. So the Catholic you were talking to either didn't understand you or just didn't understand their faith's belief in Purgatory. Either way, you are right. Second. the word "anathema" is used a lot in the text of the Council of Trent. Which verse did you quote? Julie
  3. no no, you can't have it both ways. :smile Either God saved every creature on the Ark or he didn't. I think the bible is clear that if the animals walked the earth... there were two of them in the Ark.
  4. Right... well, since I am all those things... than I deserve Hell! then of course the Lake of Fire is next!
  5. I just Googled the "Good person test", it is good... long, too long to do on this forum, we'd be at this for weeks. Let's just get to the point. This test is done for 4 reasons: 1. to teach the person what sin REALY is in God's eyes 2. to teach the person that they are a sinner 3. to teach the person that they must repent for these sins 4. to teach that we must accept that Jesus so loved us, he died in our place for these sins. And to except him as our savior and to follow Him. I'm surprised after all this time you take me for someone that does not believe in these 4 truths!
  6. you lost me here.... are you saying that the Early christian churches are separate from the church of Rome? What church of Rome are you talking about?
  7. Where have dinosaur prints been found next to human prints? I've never been taught this, has science proved this as fact or someone's theory? Leviathan is a crocodile. This doesn't seem logical. We know that no human bones have been found in the same time period in the fossil record. We also know that for some unknown reason ALL dinosaurs became extinct at the same time. Like there was something catastrophic that happened on earth. (one theory suggest: so much dust from an astroid filled the air that sunlight would not be able to shine and plants and animals all died fast). It is only after this that human skeletons have been found. So if humans lived at the same time as dinosaurs, then what killed the dinosaurs.... would have killed the humans too. Again, the bible doesn't talk about any world catastrophe except the flood... and we know ALL the current animals were saved on the ark, so if all dinosaurs were still around, their bones would be found AFTER the time period of the flood.
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