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  1. I don't put a massive amount of stock in the pronouncements of the "scientific community". (The "global warming" scam, for instance.) This same community often rejects SCRIPTURE as untrue, (How many "scientists" believe the sun & moon stood still for Joshua?) despite the fact that archaeology, etc. are proving more & more of Scriptural history narrations as true ? Thus, we can't lightly dismiss ancient chronicles, nor the theories of people such as Velikovsky as false. Remember, V gave many sources for his intel. I was entirely-skeptical of his stuff as well til I checked out some of the sources he cited, which is now much-easier to do, thanx to the internet. And Wikipedia can be as dubious an intel source as many others. Remember, V was a Russian Jew who sought to prove certain Scriptural events wrong, such as the sun & moon remaining still for Joshua. he came away as believing all those events to be completely true. And many of his secular "educated guesses", such as the high temperature of Venus' surface, have proven correct. OF COURSE I don't believe he was 100% correct, but I don't believe he was 100% wrong, either. While some men may be 99% correct, only SCRIPTURE is 100% correct.
  2. He won't be taken away from the earth; He will be taken outta the way of the 'beast's' coming.
  3. So, please tell me what's non-Biblical about the retreat of the shadow of the sundial of Ahaz by 10 degrees, as Scripture says ?????????????????? And the Books of the Kings in Scripture deal with the history of the kings of Israel & Judah, not the resta the world. Now, we must apply some common sense here. Why did the shadow retreat by 10 degrees? Because the sun appeared to move retrograde. Why did the sun appear to move retrograde? Because the earth did. And the event would occur worldwide, obviously. But again, the Books of the Kings in Scripture were written only about Israel & Judah. However, secular chroniclers worldwide noted this event, along with other phenomena that occurred then. And obviously, intel from 2700 years ago will be spotty. But we can't just dismiss those ancient secular writings as apocryphal, especially as they match Scripture.
  4. No, a Christian is NOT required to follow the "Mosaic" law. remember, Scripture says that if one seex justification by keeping the law, one must keep every jot & tittle of it without fail, which no one but Jesus has ever done. There's no separate salvations for Israeli & gentile. There's but ONE way for all. And that's thru JESUS. There are many Scriptures which make that clear. Here's an example: Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.
  5. The Jews of that time/place called any special observance a "High Sabbath", & these included the two "Holy Convocations" of Passover Week. The rules were the same as for the regular weekly Sabbath, plus the special rules for that occasion. Thus, there could be two Sabbaths in one week. (If the special day fell on the regular Sabbath, the same rules were observed.)
  6. One trick they tried with me was to send an old black fella to my door who'd refereed several of my fights & had been a notable heavyweight himself til injury ended his career. They knew I held him in high esteem. I told him, "Mr. - - - . you're welcome in my home any time, but I'll NEVER be a JW. I am saved by the grace (unmerited favor) of JESUS CHRIST, God's Son, who is also God, and nothing can sway me from that. I'm hoping that YOU come to the same belief & realize how shallow & false the JWs are." We talked about other things, and he didn't try to "convert " me any more. (Unfortunately, he died while still part of that cult.) The local kingdom hall closed & sold their building. There's no kingdom hall within 10 miles of my home now. They just couldn't attract enough gullible people to support their local coven. As I said, they haven't been back for about 3 years. But the Mor(m)ons have. IMHO, they're as bad a cult as the Jws are. I give them the same treatment as I do the JWs. "You preach to me, but you must gimme equal time to preach to YOU." The same "missionaries" never come back.
  7. I saw recently that a coupla Amish men fled on foot from the cops who were pulling over their buggy for erratic steering. The men left behind evidence they'd been drinking alcohol heavily in their buggy. Now, the cops are stuck with the buggy & horse for now. (I don't know what branch of Amish they are.) OTOI, I have a friend who just had a home partially built by Amish. They built all the framework & installed all the doors & inside walls, as well as the roof & outside walls. They paused while infrastructure for electrical & plumbing/sewage was installed by other contractors. Then, they finished. They were brought to work in trucks each AM & picked up by the same trucks each eve. Using all hand tools, their work was of the highest quality. Their price was more-than-fair. Unfortunately, they're among the hardest people to lead to Christ. I've had more success with moonies and Moslems. Hard to change people who believe they're already saved !
  8. Paul wrote, on authority from the Holy Spirit, that, especially for gentiles, the observation of Sabbaths, special feast days, etc. as well as the eating or non-eating of certain foods was a matter of individual conscience, and to not criticize one whose own conscience was different. While I don't believe any man-made, non-Scriptural doctrines of faith/worship, I don't criticize others solely for worshipping on Saturdays. However, in the US, Saturday worship meetings are almost part of a cult, such as SDA. Several of those cults try to follow those parts of the "Mosaic" law that are fairly easy for them to obey, ignoring the rest, and God's statement that if one lives by "the law", one must live by every jot & tittle of it, which, of course, no one can do, & was done only by Jesus. In all that, those cults have made their own little storefront jesus, which is neither actual Lord or Savior, but is a man-made character like Santa Claus or Spider-Man.
  9. Actually, they DO; they just don't know their tribal or national identity now, except for the Jews. Remember. God said the coming 144K special witnesses would include 12K from each tribe. GOD knows who they are today. I readily admit they're likely mixed with other peoples, same as many Jews are, but if their genealogy could be traced to ancient times, they'd be from old Israel. And yes, there's SPIRITUAL Israel, which can include anyone, racial Israeli or not. It consists of all Christians of all peoples. And it's separate from physical Israel. God has plans for both physical and spiritual Israel, as He's made plain in Scripture.
  10. God certainly isn't through with LITERAL Israel. All the tribes still DO exist, although none outside the Jews know they're Israelis at all. But GOD knows! HE will reveal to them who they are when His time comes. In Ezekiel, Israel & Judah are called Aholah(Samaria) & Aholibah(Jerusalem). And Aholibah was to receive the greater punishment because she saw Aholah punished with exile by the Assyrians, but went on to exceed Aholah in sin. And the history of the Jews proves they are indeed the actual physical Jews. No other distinct people have borne the hatred & persecution for centuries, as the Jews have, but yet remained a distinct people & kept their national identity. Only GOD could accomplish that! But God will keep the promises He made to Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob concerning their posterity. (And to David as well.)
  11. Well, the shadow didn't move because the sundial did! And why does the sun appear to move? Cuz the earth rotates! And therefore when it appeared to move backwards, the earth's rotation had to have been disturbed. Try READING some detailed history boox & the works of Immanuel Velikovsky, among other things. I figure they're available in Australia. And the maruts were also Hindu storm gods. Did you bang your head against Uluru a few too many times?
  12. Well, actually, Dave, adding to the calendar (intercalary days, "days of nothing") didn't become necessary ti the 700s BC after the sun went retrograde for Hezekiah. And for awhile after that, about 15 years, there were only 10 months according to the solar cycle. After that, the year once again became 12 months. BTW, the "terrible ones" of Isaiah 25:4-5 & 29:5 were called "maruts" by the Persians, as well as 'terrible ones'. They were associated with the planet Mars by the Persians, & it seems they were balls of fire that fell to earth. This phenomenon was associated with the disturbance that wobbled earth on its axis as per Isaiah 38:8 & 2 Kings 20:11. Apparently, the planet Mars was the agent God employed for this work. It explains why there was an unnatural fear of both Mars & Venus for centuries, while both are quite-harmless & beautiful today.
  13. The destruction of the ozone layer by man is mostly another New-age-Liberal fake alarm. Anyone who's been around an arc welder in use has smelled ozone within a wide radius around it I work in a steel mill with electric-arc furnaces, and a large amount of ozone is generated from them. Tanning booths make a quantity of ozone. Lightning produces it.(At any time, there over 100 lightning flashes a second occurring worldwide.)And, of course, the main source is the sun, shining over more than half the atmosphere 24/7. If something were to destroy the entire ozone layer in an instant, it would be renewed within hours. A time when the sun did indeed scorch places on earth occurred during the cosmic disturbance which temporarily glommed up the earth's rotation in Hezekiah's time, 700s BC, causing the sun to appear to move retrograde as per 2 Kings 20:11. This event was recorded all over earth, as a long night by the Chinese, with retrograde star movement. But some Greex & Ethiopians also described some scorching of the earth at that time. Apparently, the disturbance moved parts of the atmosphere aside temporarily as well as wobbling the world on its axis.
  14. I believe when Scripture says "Israel' or "Jacob" & isn't referring to the man, it means the whole nation or people of Israel. When it says "Judah" or Jew, again when not referrint o the man, it means the Jews only, that is, the people of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, ot Levi. The other Israelis are not Jews, but all Jews are Israelis. While we don't know who the other Israelis are today, GOD knows, & He will make their true ID known when His time comes. Nowhere does Scripture read "a Jew from the tribe of Asher", etc. so the Jews are wrong to claim all Israelis are Jews.

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