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  1. Took me awhile to not act confrontational with them, as I have a fighter's nature. But by gaining a little confidence in them, I get them to listen to the Gospel better. (However, it takes the HOLY SPIRIT'S power to cause them to BELIEVE it!)
  2. As I've said before, all MAN-MADE rules of faith/worship should be ignored by all REAL Christians. Most Amish branches are chock-full of them, as are several Mennonite branches. A while back, some Mennonites asked me about IFB beliefs, & I told them that my particular IFB church, while not speaking for ALL IFB churches, accepts ONLY THE BIBLE as its SOLE authority on earth in all matters of faith/worship, & believes nor follows ANY MAN-MADE RULES of faith/worship. One asked me "why?" & I replied, "Why NOT? Does any MAN actually speak for GOD?" They asked no more questions.
  3. To me, "apostate" means rejecting a religious system, and Muslims certainly reject Christianity, some of them to the point of murdering Christians for being Christians. I believe most Muslims know the Gospel exists, but they don't believe a word of it.
  4. there are several branches of Mennonites as well. Some are as apostate as Muslims, but the ones around here that I've spoken with seem to believe the Gospel and in salvation by faith. They're named after Menno Simons (1492-1561) of Friesland, now part of The Netherlands, a RCC priest who became an Anabaptist. Most believe in salvation thru Jesus, the Bible's authority, adult baptism, and the Holy Trinity. They correctly believe that LGBTQ people can be saved if one renounced that lifestyle as part of repentance. (But unfortunately, some Mennonite pastors conduct LBGTQ weddings!) And, they do have more than one openly-gay pastor. (Depends upon the branch. Most do not accept this.) Their heterodox beliefs & practices include no military service nor fighting, period, no holding political office nor voting, & swearing of oaths, (but never deliberately lying in the slightest). Some branches dress as Amish do, as well as often using horse-drawn buggies (but not all the time), which often gets them confused with Amish. If one is considering becoming a Mennonite, I strongly recommend one to check out the beliefs & practices of the group they're considering. Remember, IT'S CERTAINLY NOT SINFUL TO BE IN THE MILITARY, NOR TO DEFEND ONE'S FAMILY, PROPERTY, OR SELF! Nor is it sinful to vote or hold political office. Those are MAN-MADE rules & should be disregarded by all Christians.
  5. There are a number of Amish in my 'hood. they are the ones who told me of their beliefs about salvation. From what I gather, their brand of salvation is entirely works-based. To their credit, they've never tried to "convert" anyone around here to their way, but they really need to hear the TRUE Gospel. What they have now is based upon the beliefs & theories of their founder, Jakob Amman, from whom they derive their name. Far as I'm concerned, they're not some kind of "super-Christian", but are just another quasi/pseudo-Christian cult.
  6. I know that some branches of Amish don't believe one is saved while here on earth, but if one lives the Amish lifestyle faithfully enough, he/she MIGHT be saved by Jesus after death. I'm wondering if there are any actual Amish who believe the TRUE GOSPEL of Jesus? (I know some Mennonites do.) Also, there's NO Scriptural support for living primitively. After all, God said that in the end times, knowledge shall increase. So, evidently, the Amish don't believe a lot of the Bibles they use, generally the German Martin Luther version, or the KJV and NIV in English. All those versions have the TRUE Gospel in them.
  7. Simple truth is, Jesus was crucified on a WEDNESDAY. There's simply no way to get three days & three nights from Friday to Sunday AM, even with Jesus being resurrected DURING the 3rd day. Good Friday is a bogus holiday, man-made by the RCC.
  8. We see, in the fulfillment of parts of Isaiah 19 that "the land of Judah" became a terror to the Egyptians. Now, since God finished giving His word to man before Hadrian kicked the Jews outta their land, the name "Palestine" doesn't appear in Scripture. Did a little digging on the name "Palestine". It comes from the Egyptian "peleset", C. 1150 BC, a name given to the area that included Philistia after those people had migrated from Caphtor. The Arabs called the area "Filastin". The Greex began calling the area "Palestaena" & the Romans got "Palestina" from that. This included the Philistines, but not ONLY them. There were Bedouins & other Ishmaelites among them. So, I was a little wrong. After the Neo-Assyrian empire conquered the Philistines, they mixed with those other people & lost their national ID, fulfilling the prophecy they'd vanish. But their posterity remains among the peoples of the land who call themselves "Palestinians" today. I believe that's why God mentioned them to Zechariah, their DNA is still present in many of today's Pals, including those who've betrayed their people to the Jews, & who will do so in the future, & will be honored by the Jews as God told Zechariah.
  9. First actual miracle I saw was God's keeping my wife alive & healing her a great deal. Late in 2000, she was the aide on a schoolbus that left the road & flipped completely over. She was slammed into the ceiling so hard that the steel was buckled & partially torn loose from its braces. Most of her ribs were broken, both scapulae, both clavicles, & 1 humerus. Both her lungs were punctured her liver was lacerated & her spleen ruptured. First part of the miracle was her spleen bled in such a way that the blood dammed up & stopped the bleeding from both her spleen & liver. Second part was that she was still able to get oxygen in both punctured lungs while unconscious. Third was the fact she survived at all! Fourth was that , while knocked out, her head, spine, & lower extremities were uninjured & she had no external injury. Fifth was that she survived the large amount of internal dead tissue from her injuries, & survived her spleen removal (very small incision by Da Vinci machine), the removal of the blood she'd lost(When one bleeds internally, that blood soon dies from lack of 02). She was on life support for over a month; after 9 days, her condition improved slightly, but she was kept fully sedated for over 2 months. When she was taken slowly off sedation & weaned from the respirator(she had a trach tube installed), HER MIND WAS COMPLETELY INTACT! PRAISE THE LORD! She then recovered over a 4-month period so she was left only with COPD, can't turn her head too far right, not raise her R arm above the shoulder, & has intermittent aches & pains. (She won't take any painkiller stronger than acetominophen.) She went back to work, on light duty, & has been working ever since. (She was 51 at time of accident; she's now 70 & going strong!) THIS WAS ALL A MIRACLE OF GOD'S, SEEN BY ME & SEVERAL OTHERS, LIVED BY HER! THANK YOU, ALMIGHTY GOD ! ! The other miracle was at the steel mill where I work. (I'm now a janitor thanx to my 42 years' seniority) Nine years ago, a co-worker, a devout Baptist Christian, collapsed after egressing from an overhead crane he ran. First part of the miracle: he collapsed in front of his boss, who caught him & kept his head from striking the concrete floor. Next, that boss hollered into the nearby control room where I worked, knowing I was a former navy corpsman & paramedic. I immediately found he was in cardiac arrest & hollered at someone to summon help. Two men arrived who also knew CPR. As I was growing tired, I had one of them take over compressions while I breathed him. To keep the story short, others watched for the paramedics to arrive & guided them thru the plant to us, where they used their advanced equipment & defibrillated him twice before transporting him to the ER. I didn't think he'd live, but enroute his heart began to function & he went on to make a full recovery, returning to work in 6 weeks! All credit goes to GOD, as, despite what you see on TV, most people who go down with cardiac arrest don't survive. The most-efficient CPR only circulates 35% of the blood a normal heart beat does, & often the underlying cause of the cardiac arrest is too severe to recover from. The miracle was so profound because we gave CPR for nearly 15 minutes without any emergency equipment & he still lived! (I collapsed with hyperventilation from breathing him when the medix arrived, but I was OK.) AGAIN, THANK YOU, ALMIGHTY GOD, FOR YOUR MIRACLES AND HEALING GRACE! WE CANNOT PRAISE YOU ENOUGH FOR THESE TWO MIRACLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bear record that I saw them both, & have no doubt they were miracles ! ! Anyone else seen a miracle(s) ?
  10. I hadn't paid much attention to the Jabroney False Witlesses til my wife was almost killed in a schoolbus rollover late in 2000. While she was still on the very-critical list in ICU, a man saw me walking our dog & hailed me; I said sorry, I already had an attorney. He said he wasn't a lawyer, but was from the JW kingdom hall down the street & asked me if I knew what a sin it was to have allowed my wife to have received blood transfusions. That was NOT what I wanted to hear at that time; he saw me tying my dog's leash to a guy wire & figured he'd better skeedaddle. Luckily he did, for I'm not a small feller & I fully intended to yank him outta his car window & let him eat some pavement. Next day, he called me to apologize. While I'd cooled down, my wife's survival was still questionable, & I told him I wasn't interested in his cult, &, as a former cop I was gonna use my connections to find out how they'd gotten my wife's medical info, and I would sue anyone who'd broken the law to have done so. He immediately said 'bye & hung up. (I found out that a friend's friend who was a JW had heard it from a friend whom I'd told. I didn't take any legal action, as it ended there.) To keep a long story short, my wife survived, making about an 80% recovery. (One of the 2 actual miracles I've seen! Most of her internal organs were injured with severe internal bleeding. Only GOD'S POWER kept her alive! She has COPD as a result of both lungs being punctured.) When I had time, I began to research the JW cult. Their "bible", the New World translation, was made in 1950 by Freddie Franz, who later became big kahoona of the watchtower, & his sidekick George Gangas, a Greek Cypriot. Neither of them knew any Hebrew or Aramaic, & Gangas knew SOME Koine Greek. Their "translation" was made from the British "Revised Version", a groddy version which wasn't too well-known in the USA. They changed the RV where necessary to make it fit JW doctrine; it's not another translation at all! Nowhere in a LEGITIMATE Bible version is there any prohibitions against blood transfusions; the prohibition is against EATING OR DRINKING blood. BIG DIFFERENCE! They assert Jesus is the archangel Michael! here's what they say: Evidently, they missed Hebrews 1:5, For unto which of the angels said he at any time, Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee? And again, I will be to him a Father, and he shall be to me a Son? THE NWT IS WORDED SIMILARLY! THEY DON'T BELIEVE THEIR OWN BIBLE VERSION ! ! They don't believe Jesus died on a cross because the Greek word translated "cross" in the KJV & most other English versions is "stauros", which is often used for "a pointed, upright stake", and Scripture says in Acts 10:39 & Acts 13:29 that Jesus was hanged on a TREE.(xylos) That shows they didn't study Greek too closely, as stauros was also used for a crucifixion cross, and about any fairly-large upright wooden structure, pole, or gallows, etc. was called a "tree". And His cross was T-shaped, not X-shaped, as some JWs say, as Scripture says a sign was placed ABOVE JESUS' HEAD ON THE CROSS. (Not to mention Roman tradition of that time period.) Shoot, I can post PAGES of their hooey, but I'll stop here. They don't come to my door any more, as I always welcomed them, but said, "I'll listen to your stuff if you give me equal time to present mine", & when my turn came, I'd say, "Please tell me whom do you say Jesus is." & when they finished stammering, I'd read them Scriptures from a REAL Bible telling them who Jesus is, reminding them that was the most-important fact they could ever learn. I never turned any of their "missionaries" away, as I know Jesus died for their sins as well as mine, & that they needed to hear HIS Gospel from someone. In conclusion: The JW is a dangerous, deceptive, pseudo-quasi-Christian cult that only leads people to hell.
  11. Well, Gismys, you're not obsessed with Jack Van Impe here as you are over at CARM, but 2017 has come & gone without that quake. Seems the LEAST-POSSIBLE dates for certain Biblical prophetic events are the dates chosen by store-front "prophets". Seems some people didn't learn a lesson from William Miller & the "Great Disappointment" of 1844.
  12. Well, we don't know who the other Israelis are today, but GOD does. And hadrian wasn't stupid; he didn't just pick "Palestine" outta thin air. After all, "Palestine" is still Latin for "Philistia". Since we're not privy to what Hadrian was thinking, we can't just dismiss the idea. Much of my idea is based upon Zech. 9: 7 And I will take away his blood out of his mouth, and his abominations from between his teeth: but he that remaineth, even he, shall be for our God, and he shall be as a governor in Judah, and Ekron as a Jebusite. Now, Ekron is but an archaeological dig today. But what happened to the Jebusites who were left after david captured Jerusalem from them? Evidently, at least some of them, such as Araunah, their king, & his family, began to worship God, & their posterity was absorbed into the Jews over time, so, according to that Scripture, some Philistines were also absorbed into the Jews, but they were mostly enemies of the Jews, long as they were a distinct people. But according to Zechariah, a few of them remained, as we can see.. Among the Pals the Jews have greatly honored is Kamil Hamad, who was instrumental in the cell phone bomb assassination of Pal bombmaker Yahya Ayyash in 1996. While his current ID & location are secret, part of Israel's "witness relocation" plan, he's certainly not living in poverty!
  13. A little aside - I believe God will give him the chance to repent & come to Jesus, same as Jesus gave Iscariot the chance by letting him know He was aware of Judas' plans. & that it'd be better for 'that man' if he'd never been born. But the future 'beast' will likely pass & choose Satan.
  14. Well, ACTUALLY, with all due respect, gentlemen, the Philistines became part of the Achaemenid (Old Persian)m empire & were still around while the Jews were still in exile in Babylon. many of them were still skilled metal workers as they'd been while Israel and Judah were free. As they believed themselves of Mycenaean descent, they helped the Greex & Macedonians against the Persians, but later some of them began to identify themselves as Persians. And we see in Zech. 9:6 there were still Philistines, but their pride has been cut off as God said. The "bastard" in that verse means a mixed people or race, and that has come to pass, as Israel now rules Ashhdod, and it's inhabited by Jews, Palestinians, & Arabs. But God DID say in Amos 1:8 that the Philistines would be wiped out. So, WHO inhabited Judea after Hadrian expelled the Jews? The Palmyrene empire, a branch of Persians centered in Palmyra, took control of the area til they rebelled against Rome & the Romans re-conquered it in 273 AD. That's likely where "Palestine" came from, as some of the old Philistines were among them. But I agree 100% that the modern Pals' claims are bogus, as GOD gave that land to Israel, a fact that renders all man-made claims null & void. (As we know, that land, & Jerusalem, changed hands many times til WW1 ended & the British took over.)

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