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  1. First, Herod didn't intend to kill Peter; he planned to let the Jewish leadership do it if they wished, but he knew the Jews wouldn't mess with Peter during Passover Week, which was then ongoing. And Easter, the observance/celebration of Jesus' resurrection, actually occurred on Wednesday, Mar. 31, the 4th day of passover this year. (Jesus was resurrected on the 4th day of passover, 27 AD.) He was ALREADY RESURRECTED when the women went to His tomb early Sunday morn. I believe He was resurrected just before sunset Saturday. The RCC moved Easter to Sundays for their convenience i
  2. I believe He rose shortly before sunset on Saturday; He was certainly risen before the women arrived at His tomb. The only ones who might've seen Him rise were the Roman guards, who all fainted from fright when the angel came & rolled the rock from in fronta the entrance.
  3. I thought the MEV was such a version.
  4. I have been told by the moderators not to discuss KJVO here, but anyone wishing to discuss it may meet me on either the Baptist Board or CARM board, where I'm under the same handle, robycop3.
  5. I get a flu vaccination every year. I have no kind words for those who reject vaccinations for "religious reasons", as their "reason" is false. After all, JESUS performed many cures by His power, & likely kept the disciples healthy by His power as well, a virtual vaccination.
  6. "Each, according to the dictates of one's own conscience"
  7. My wife & I will take the vaccine ASAP. We're old enough to remember the scourge of polio before the vaccine, with whole wards full of occupied iron lungs. What a relief it was for my parents when I was vaccinated by Dr. Salk himself, & they received theirs not long after. We see the results today. And smallpox has been completely eliminated. We're not afraid of new vaccines & will get'em as necessary ASAP. Remember, 'twas GOD who enabled man to discover'em.
  8. My wife & I are at high risk for covid, due to age & medical conditions, & we have decided that attending church indoors while unvaccinated is DARING (tempting) GOD to protect us from covid, that it would be deliberately putting ourselves in danger. There's plenty of preaching & Bible study on TV & local radio, so it's not as if we are forsaking our gathering with other believers. The danger is real, all politicizing aside. Our pastor said he's considering foregoing live services & posting sermons twice weekly on the net til the pandemic's over, as most of our me
  9. Certainly not ruling out YOUR thoughts on this, but my belief is it could well be the antichrist's pawning himself off as Christ. After all he's gonna declare himself God, & have anyone killed whom he catches refusing to worship him & his statue, or taking his mark. The rapture will have occurred by then, so there'll be very-few Christians to oppose his views & edicts, & they'll lead a perilous existence, as they can't buy nor sell, & being constantly hunted by the AC's secret police, or being 'ratted out' by other followers of the AC. Thus, almost the whole populat
  10. The Jabroney False Witless "Bible came about in 1950 when Freddie Franz(Later the big kahoona of the watchtower) & his buddy Geroge gangas, a Greek Cypriot, sat down with the British Revised Version of 1881 & re-worded it to match JW doctrine. They knew they couldn't do that with the KJV, or American Standard, as they were too well-known. The NWT does NOT match the JWs own Interlinear Greek Version ! Moslems are still trying to spread their religion, but TRUE Moslems don't recognize any non-Arabic Koran versions. As mosta the world doesn't speak or read Arabic, th
  11. Been many years since I read a Koran; I coulda missed what prophecies it might have. I've been told that true Muslims don't recognize any translations of it to be "official"; the only one they recognize is an Arabic copy. never mind that most of the world they wanna convert doesn't speak nor read Arabic. (Except numerals.)
  12. Moslems holler about there being so many English (& other languages) Bible translations, but they insist there's only one valid Koran version. But EACH BRANCH OF ISLAM HAS ITS OWN VERSION ! The Sunni, Shiite, & Wahabi each have their own version, & they're much more-different from each other than, say, the KJV & NIV Bibles are. And the Koran does not contain any prophecy, but Moslems still call Mohammed a prophet !
  13. I was surprised & disappointed that Trump's campaign didn't hammer home the fact that the Dems wasted over $40 million of OUR money on an impeachment they knew beforehand wouldn't pass. Also, they didn't play the "Socialist" card hard enough. And Trump's own baseless claims came home to roost. Vote fraud occurs in virtually every election that's not limited so some one-horse town, but not enough to overturn this election. As a Conservative, I shall pray that God have His hand on Joe's shoulder & keep him on a moderate course. Also praying the Senate remains under GOP control.
  14. Not necessarily. He evidently learned it from Scripture study. Now, I believe we all agree God is perfectly-just. Would it be perfectly-just for Him to create people predestinated for hell no matter what? Obviously, God created some people predestined to serve Him, such as Moses, Jeremiah, & Paul, among others. And we are repeatedly exhorted to spread the Gospel, by Jesus Himself, & the apostles. He would not have done that, nor given the "Great Commission" if everyone were already predestinated with no chance to change it. I choose to believe 2 Peter 3:9 & NOT t
  15. We see from Jesus' parable of the rich man & the beggar Lazarus that the temporary abode of the souls of the dead is divided into areas called 'Abraham's bosom' or 'paradise', & an area called 'torments'. Jesus plainly said He & the repentant thief would be in PARADISE that day.
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