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  1. Few years ago, had a coupla Mor(m)ons come to the door, a coupla not-so-pretty young women. I showed'em, from my anti-Mor9m) on kit, some skinny about their two big kahoonas, Joey Smith & Brigand Young. And I asked them to compare their "Joseph Smith KJV with a REAL KJV that'd been around long before Joey was. And, of course, I showed 'em the Gospel. And I advised them about some homes in my 'hood to avoid, such as my next-door neighbor, who had 5 pit bulls inside his fence, and a dope house a coupla blox away. And I said, not wanting to be a male chauvinist, but there were other places around here that young women should not go on their own. Cultists or not, I wanted no harm to come to them, and who knows whether the HOLY SPIRIT caused the Gospel to take root in them? However, I've not had a JW or Mor(m)on come to my door for a few years now.
  2. EASY ! Ever seen any ancient writings from such people that, not having been preached to by a missionary of God's, written about THE God? Did any pre-missionary American Indians ever speak of Him ?
  3. Ah, but such manifestation tells people there IS a God, but nothing about THE God. However, God said he counted the good deeds & intent of such people as righteousness. But there are very few people in the world today that haven't heard of THE God. Many people today have learned of Jesus from a preacher, Granny, best friend, spouse, etc. & have been saved without even reading a Bible. But the ULTIMATE source those people have employed has been Scripture.
  4. But, how TRUE is it? Remember, most Jews reject the Messiah, & look forward to building a new temple in Jerusalem & resuming animal sacrifices. So, how far can we gentiles believe their oral traditions? About as far as we Baptists can believe the Catholic ones.
  5. I'm assuming, Sir, you meant RUckman. Actually, I'm likely the antithesis of the late Dr. Ruckman. I'm not permitted to discuss why that'so on this board, but over on the Baptist Board, or the Christian Theology board, I'll be glad to discuss it. Dr. Ruckman lost all credibility with me when I read his book, Mark Of The Beast, in which he says the antichrist will be a 10-ft. tall space alien with huge black lips, who will impart the 'mark' with a kiss from those lips.
  6. With all due respect - Did any of them write about THE God before hearing about Him from someone who knew Him ?
  7. Well, David knew about God from an early age, from his father. And those people mentioned in Romans knew there's A God, but didn't know who THE God is, unless taught by someone who knew Him, just as many American Indians knew there's a "Great Spirit", but didn't know who He was. As for my manner of speech, if you don't like it, well, that's just TOUGH. I don't tell you how to speak, & you're not gonna tell me. (or at least get me to heed.) OK, then, Captain, please show us another credible source of intel about God-THE God, not just A god.
  8. The Amish sect was begun by Jakob Ammann(1644-C.1730), modified a little since his passing, who had begun as an Anabaptist, but formulated his own ideas of "Christianity" The name "Amish" is after him. To me, it's just another pseudo-quasi-Christian man-made religion that doesn't follow Scripture closely & is therefore non-Christian to me. However, I respect their rights to their beliefs, while at the same time praying for the HOLY SPIRIT to lead those of them whom He will to Jesus. While I witness to them when I have the chance, I generally get nowhere, as they believe they're either already saved or on God's path to salvation. Some have criticized me for serving in the USN, but I ask them, "Could you be what you wannabee under most other regimes today? We fought for YOUR rights, among others."
  9. There are many such "orders" among RCs, with Benedictines & Dominicans being among the most well-known. If these orders follow Scripture, they emphasize some part of it above the rest, while many such orders are strictly the products of men. Remember, the RCC is the largest quasi/pseudo Christian cult on earth, "having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof".
  10. God will let Christian parents know in some way when enough kids are enough. His methods vary; the mom (or dad) may develop a medical issue, attention may be drawn to available finances & resources, or parents may know in their hearts they have enough kids. And the couples who produce the children who are best-prepared for adult life have given each child enough ATTENTION. Remember, even a woman in her 40s still has about a thousand healthy eggs in her ovaries, and a normal man produces millions of sperm per batch of semen, so for most, fertility is no prob. That doesn't mean a couple should try to use every one of them! But let each Christian couple follow GOD in the number of children it has.
  11. Thing is, Jesus was NOT crucified on a Friday. The inventors of "Good Friday", apparently the early RCC, were misled by the "High Sabbath". They didn't bother to see what a "High Sabbath" actually is, which is any Jewish holy day or observance day, regardless of which day of the week it occurs on. The particular High Sabbath that came the day after Jesus' death was the first "Holy Convocation" God ordained to be observed after the first day of passover. And I believe Jesus was resurrected just before sunset on the regular weekly Sabbath of that week, so, come Sunday, He had already been resurrected. Thus, the actual Easter was on SATURDAY, or on the 17th of Nisan on the Jewish calendar.
  12. But FoMoCo didn't make that Vette nor GM make that Mustang. And JESUS often used analogies & compared Spiritual things with earthly things, to help His audience understand the things He was speaking of. Shall we do any less ? MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE RANCH... No one has ever shown me any credible source of intel about God from any source but Scripture. "Tradition", etc. don't mean squat to me. I simply don't believe anyone's private interps of Scripture, any doctrines of faith/worship not found in Scripture at least by clear implication, nor any of the modern "prophets" who stray from Scripture. After all, the greatest REAL prophet of all, Jesus, repeatedly answered Satan with "It is WRITTEN..." & Satan had no answers.
  13. Some confusion has come from the story of Jesus' crucufixion The self-righteous Jews who wanted Him dead asked the Romans to make sure He & the other two condemned men were dead & to remove their bodies from the crosses before sunset, as the coming day was a Sabbath. Now, this wasn't the regular weekly Sabbath, but was a HIGH SABBATH, the first of the two Holy Convocation days that God ordained, first in Ex. 12:16. These days could fall on any day of the week, including Saturday. (When that occurred, the rules of the regular Sabbath were followed, as well as any special rules for that particular High Sabbath that may apply.) The misunderstanding led to the man-made creation of "Good Friday", in the mistaken belief that Jesus died on a Friday. But actually, He died on a Wednesday before sunset, which began Thursday for the Jews, & was resurrected, I believe on Saturday, shortly before sunset, so by Sunday AM He had been resurrected for several hours. And "Good Friday" isn't actually a "holy day". As for the regular weekly Sabbath, God gave it only to Israel to observe for ever, so a Jew who worships on Saturday isn't wrong. However, most of the rest of Israel, whoever/wherever they may be, has gotten away from this. Col. 2: 16Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days: While the Colossian Church was made up of mostly gentiles, some Jewish Christians (or pseudo-Christians) came there, as they had done almost everywhere Christianity then-existed, & told the gentiles that, in order to be REALLY saved, they must follow the Jewish worship traditions, including Sabbath-keeping. But Paul, on authority from Jesus, told them otherwise, as we see in the above Scripture. My "take" is this: If you feel you should keep the Sabbath, by all means, follow your conscience, but if you believe otherwise, follow your conscience as well.
  14. Appears there are less Roman catholic visitors here than there are on the "Baptist Board". There, they insist Scripture PLUS 'TRADITION" & SACRAMENTS is the highest earthly authority, along with the pope speaking ex cathedra. This, of course, is phony as a Chevy Mustang.

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