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  1. There's nothing in SCRIPTURE against wearing rings; just about wearing bling to show off wealth, etc. While some congregations holler about ANY bling or makeup, I dismiss their stuff because it's all man-made, I I, as well as my church, are Sola Scriptura, not following nor believing any man-made rules or tenets of faith/worship.
  2. I believe the rapture will occur just after the beast comes to power. He will be the darling of the whole world then, and will provide a ready explanation of why millions of people suddenly vanished. But not everyone will believe him, & htere'll still be plenty of Bibles around. Some will realize what's happened, & will come to Jesus. But those saints will soon lead a rough life, as the antichrist will have the false prophet issue the mark of the beast, & those "trib saints" who refuse to take it won't be able to buy or sell(except in black markets) & will be hunted by the beast's security forces & killed if found. Plus, they'll undergo the great trib. A great many of them will be killed by the antichrist's police or by the trib. But they'll be saved the same way people are saved now-by coming to Jesus in repentance, belief, & submission, & calling on Him by name to save them. They'll still be baptized by immersion in water if/when possible.
  3. Nupe. I believe God allowed them to become dust so they wouldn't become icons of worship, such as the "Holy Grail" did. But I believe we have what God wants us to have in the ancient manuscripts from which our translations are made.
  4. I don't remember saying such, as Steelmaker on the BVDB site, but I'll take your word for it. And, I'll admit it was wrong. As for the last part of your post-before-last, I readily admit to doing such, and still do it, & will continue to do it, long as God allows me to post on the net.
  5. Where have I ever said the original autographs had errors? As I was told by the moderators not to discuss KJVO here, I won't, but I'll be glad to discuss it in CARM or the Baptist Board. And I AM a 100% Bible believer.
  6. Seems the gang that hollers the most about POW are pentecostals. one of the most-legalistic pseudo-quasi-Christian gangs around. Yeah, I know there are many branches of pentecostals, but most are more-concerned with "speaking in tongues", etc. than steering people to Jesus.
  7. My own pastor always exhorts us to believe the Bible as our highest earthly authority, the supreme arbiter of all questions of faith/worship, and not to believe nor follow any doctrine of faith/worship that's not found in Scripture, either directly, or by clear implication. (An example of this is the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.) I've listened to many radio sermons by many preachers, both past & present, comparing their messages with Scripture, & calling attention to non-Scriptural doctrines & assertions. While none are perfect, neither are we, but some are worse than others, such as Benny Hinn or T. D. Jakes, who started about 35 miles from my home. I've found the best ones are the local boys, even when I've traveled & listened to locals on the car radio. Most megachurch preachers have become "too big for their britches", & seek to boost their popularity & fatten their offering plates with "love gifts", while preaching scratchings for itching ears. I encourage new believers to RELY ON THE BIBLE, ABOVE ALL, for Spiritual guidance, while praying for the Holy Spirit to instruct in the understanding of the meanings of Scriptures.
  8. I had 2 friends die of covid; both were healthy before they got it. I, personally, have been vaxxes against so many diseases I can't remember them all. While I was a USN corpsman & gave more than one vax to others, I was vaxxed against some jungle rots whose names I can't remember. Also, I get a flu shot every year, have had vaxxes against pneumonia, shingles, hep C, polio, DPT, tetanus, smallpox, CHICKEN POX, MUMPS,& rubella, as well as covid, & I have/had no ill effects besides a slightly-sore arm or butt for a day or so. And...I HAVE NEVER HAD ANY OF THE DISEASES I WAS VAXXED AGAINST, except rubella, chickenpox, & mumps when I was a child & the vaxxes against them hadn't yet been made. And, my wife & I will get the 3rd shot of covid vax if any of our doctors recommend it. (We are in our 70s)
  9. I believe demons are fallen angels who joined Satan in his rebellion, and, as such, are much-more-powerful than any of us. However, they must obey God no matter how much they resist doing so, as did the ones Jesus ordered out of a man & allowed them to enter a herd of pigs. And I believe they can still possess people, if people either invite them, or do nothing to resist them, especially not using God's "armor" & "sword". I believe Hitler allowed himself to be possessed for awhile by an especially strong demon by his dabbling in the occult in his youth. This demon manifested itself after Hitler's WW1 service, enabling him to suddenly become a demagogue & master manipulator, "messing up" only with the "Beer Hall Putsch" of 1923. From then on, he did about everything right, thru the conquest of France, but I believe God ordered the demon to end fully possessing him after that, as it wasn't yet time for the antichrist to come. But the demon still watched over him, & partially possessed him, preventing his assassination a number of times. More proof he was possessed-When something went wrong, such as the Nazis losing a battle, he was seen more-than-once, lying on the floor, kicking, screaming, foaming at the mouth, turning purple, pounding his fists on the floor, & gnawing the edges of the carpet, if one was present. Thus, behind his back, many of his generals called him"Teppichfresser" literally "Carpet-Eater". When I was an unsaved teen, some friends invited me to attend a "Holiness" church service with them. it started out as an ordinary church service, but the preacher got louder & spoke faster, til he became unintelligible, & more & more of the congregation began raising their hands, then yelling & screaming, then dancing, & many lay on the floor, cutting dust angels. Though unsaved, I felt a great sense of EVIL in that place, believing I'd walked into a funny farm instead of a church. I quickly got out, got into my car, & left, without telling anyone goodbye. Next day, my friends asked me why I'd vanished, & I told them. They tried to tell me it was Holy Spirit possession that'd occurred, & I said I'd sooner avoid THAT! I actually think that experience kept me from coming to Jesus sooner, as I associated many churches with that ghastly spectacle. So, the demons had done their job for awhile! But yes, I believe it still occurs, but any Christian can be an "exorcist" by invoking Jesus' name; no special person nor ceremony needed.
  10. I agree with Jim_Alaska. When God gave the command against cross-dressing, hardly anyone of either gender wore pants in Israel or the peoples they came in contact with. When a pentecostal friend chided my wife, who usually wears pants, for doing so, & quoted the Scripture to her she immediately replied, "Womens' pants don't pertain to men. They're shaped differently, & almost always have feminine colors & designs on them. Remember, I worked 7 years for the old Corbin Co, making both mens' & womens' pants, so I know something about the differences. Now, are you gonna go off about Scottish mens' kilts?"
  11. I believe the rapture will occur shortly after the beast/antichrist comes to power, but before the trib begins, so, I'm a "pre-tribber". Why do I believe it'll be after the beast is revealed? Because Jesus tells us his signs & assigns him the # 666.
  12. The names we use for all seven of the days of the week are from pagan sources, as are many of the months of the year, and the named bodies in our solar system. Use other names for them while speaking English & no one will know what you're talking about. No one is concerned about their origin; they're simply the common names everyone uses. Many names, signs, & symbols have changed in meaning & usage over the years. For instance, the swastika, whatever it's been called in languages other than German, was a good-luck sign for centuries. The T-shaped cross was a pagan symbol for centuries. A fish symbol was a symbol of Dagon, the fish god of the Philistines & some other ancient peoples. And in English, many words now considered "cussing" were in everyday usage. That includes the "F-bomb". Just look up its etymology if you don't believe me. And if you read a KJV, you'll see a word for "urinate" that was commonly-used then, but is now considered scatology. As for me, I shall continue to use the common English-language names for the days & the months, knowing it's not sinful. But if your conscience says it is for YOU to use'em, then don't. That's all I hafta say about it. And you see my view of "good Friday" above.
  13. Doesn't matter what THEY called it-WE call it "Wednesday". Ours is an entirely-different culture & language from theirs.
  14. I tell them I'll listen to them only if they faithfully agree to listen to me after they've finished, telling'em I won't take more than 10 minutes unless they wanna hear more. When they finish, I ask, "Who do you say Jesus is?" & after hearing their answers that always deny His Divinity, I quote them verses from a REAL Bible showing He is God's Son & also God, along wit His Father & the Holym Spirit. Then, I quiote them the verses saying the ONLY one who can save them is Jesus, & what they MUST believe & do to be saved. Then, I quickly give them the history of their "New World Translation" & the fact it disagrees with their own interlinear version. And, as they leave, I tell them, "Remember you heard the ACTUAL GOSPEL Jesus preached here, & I'll be glad to tell you more " So far, no takers, but the JWs & LDS haven't come to my home for awhile. (Most likely labeled us hairy ticks to avoid)
  15. First, Herod didn't intend to kill Peter; he planned to let the Jewish leadership do it if they wished, but he knew the Jews wouldn't mess with Peter during Passover Week, which was then ongoing. And Easter, the observance/celebration of Jesus' resurrection, actually occurred on Wednesday, Mar. 31, the 4th day of passover this year. (Jesus was resurrected on the 4th day of passover, 27 AD.) He was ALREADY RESURRECTED when the women went to His tomb early Sunday morn. I believe He was resurrected just before sunset Saturday. The RCC moved Easter to Sundays for their convenience in the 300s AD. (I don't observe Lent, Ash Wednesday, etc. or any of the other observances invented by the RCC for Easter season.)
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