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  1. In Matt. 23, Jesus really blasted the scribes & Pharisees. In Vs. 13, 14, & 15, He called them hypocrites, pretty strong language in that context And, in Vs. 17 & 19, He called them FOOLS. Most of that chapter is one big verbal reaming of the scribes & Pharisees by Jesus. In Matt. 12:25-37, Jesus again verbally dresses down a group of Pharisees, calling them a generation of vipers, among other things. Jesus didn't hold back when He denounced them. I believe He had a powerful speaking voice, but, of course, we don't know what inflections He mighta used, but He certainly got His message out ! I don't believe He was a bit polite to those men ! (I goofed with Matt. 3:7. That was John The Baptist who called the local Pharisees a generation of vipers.)
  2. Matthew 23 (Most of the chapter) Matthew 3:7 Matthew 12:34
  3. Are you SURE? Jesus sure read the Riot Act to some Pharisees !
  4. That's why I said we only have what Eve said to Satan. God mighta said other things to her that she didn't bother to repeat to Satan. But the MAIN thing is, she disobeyed God by eating the FF & that's what God punished her for.
  5. Not ACTUALLY. We only have what EVE said to Satan.
  6. Because the preface explains many of the principles the AV makers used. And the Apocrypha are good study helps.
  7. Preterism is the belief that the eschatological prophecies have been fulfilled. It's divided into "full" & "partial" preterism. Full prets believe ALL has been fulfilled, including the return of Jesus, while partials believe all has been fulfilled but the return of Jesus. "Partial" is easily proven false by this Scripture - Matt. 24:29Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: 30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. VERY OBVIOUSLY, this has not yet occurred ! Many prets believe the events of AD 66-70 included the eschatological events, & the great trib was limited to the Jews, but JESUS said differently: Rev.3:10 Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. Many prets try to limit "all the world" to Judea, rather than just simply BELIEVING JESUS' WORDS. They invent new meanings for many Scriptures insteada simply believing them as written, to try to make them fit pret doctrine. This is simply WRONG ! If there actually WERE different meanings for Scripture, other than as written, then men could make them say anything they wished ! The Spanish jeezit, Luis De Alcazar, popularized preterism to keep his pope from being labeled the antichrist. It has no actual Biblical basis. Now, as to the events of 66-70 AD - They were the fulfillment of the "days of vengeance" Jesus pronounced against that generation of Jews. And remember, a couple of generations later, in 135-136 AD, a much-greater punishment came upon the Jews, beginning with the Romans' booting them from their land. For some 1800 years, the Jews were hated & persecuted wherever they went, culminating in the nazi holocaust. (After that, God began to lift their punishment.) But, fact is, history and reality make a lie out of all preterist doctrine !
  8. We don't know exactly what God said to Eve. But we know God punished her for DISOBEYING it, not altering it. It was ole Sneaky Snake who flat-out lied & contradicted it by telling Eve she would NOT die from eating the fruit.
  9. I don't believe the KJV text should be changed at all. it should be the 1611 edition, as that was the original one, and all its makers are long-dead, freezing their work in time. And I'd like to see the translators' preface, "To The Reader" included, as well as the Apocrypha placed between the Testaments, as the AV 1611 has.
  10. Yes, the key is that Jesus said to do this IN REMEMBRANCE OF HIM. My church does this 4 times a year. We usually have foot-washing in the same service, as Jesus performed it at that time as well. And our pastor always reminds us of what both foot-washing & Communion actually represent. And we always have this service on the first day of passover, regardless of the day of the week, as Jesus did. Remember, the occasion was the eating of the paschal lamb at the beginning of passover.
  11. The first St. Benedict was Benedict of Nursia (C. 480-543 AD) who founded the famous Abbey of Monte Cassino, & whose followers set out to evangelize England. There are now nineteen Benedictine congregations, each having its own org & leaders. Originally, Benedict had many good, sound Christian principles, which he wrote in his book, which came to be called Rule of Saint Benedict.]/i] rather than try to write them here, I suggest you Google that title to read them. in 1893, they set uo the "Benedictine Confederation" to represent all orders & branches. Each sub-order or branch has its own rules, so again, it's best to Google any one you're interested in, as there's not enough space, nor do I have the time to list the rules & practices of each one. Some orders are OK; others are cultic, or practiced evil in the past.
  12. As for the Sabbath, it was given to ISRAEL ONLY, & I see no Biblical requirement for all to follow it. But again, it comes down to an individual's conscience. My church meets on Sundays, but we don't badmouth those who meet on Saturdays for that reason, although those groups often hold some actual false doctrines. We should give thanx & praise to GOD every day !
  13. I was only telling the truth. In this world, "attractive" people get more respect & attention than those who are not-so-attractive. And I have absolutely NO respect for the LDS cult, nor for the SDA cult. They're false religions leading people to condemnation.
  14. Both the Amish (all branches) & Mennonites(all branches) are MAN-MADE religions, whose origins can be traced back to one man, and not the Bible nor Jesus, nor any apostle. i believe JESUS & His apostles, including Paul, gave all of God's rules of how we are to believe and worship under the New Covenant, & that the New Covenant replaces the Old Covenant. I don't believe ANY man-made system of faith/worship is legitimate to GOD, & I simply won't believe nor follow any of them. My church, while calling itself indy fundy Baptist, follows only the beliefs & ordinances of faith/worship set forth in Scripture. The Amish & Menninites are chock-full of man-made stuff, & we can only hope that some of them are focused on JESUS CHRIST as Savior from the penalties for their sins. While their man-made hooey might not condemn them, it ceertainl doesn't draw them closer to JESUS.
  15. You asked me last year to not post any more on this site about KJVO, and so I haven't. However, I'll be glad to discuss KJVO on the "Baptist Board" site, or on Facebook, or on any other site someone may wish. Meanwhile, know ye that I'm an Indy Fundy Baptist, who doesn't follow ANY man-made doctrines of faith/worship, and whose congregation doesn't, either.

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