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  1. We see from Jesus' parable of the rich man & the beggar Lazarus that the temporary abode of the souls of the dead is divided into areas called 'Abraham's bosom' or 'paradise', & an area called 'torments'. Jesus plainly said He & the repentant thief would be in PARADISE that day.
  2. The rapture cannot be called a return of Jesus. At that time, He won't come down to us; He will callus to Him. Nor did He return in 70 AD, as preterists say. He has come once when He was positively identified. When He came, pre-carnate, such as when He appeared to Joshua before Jericho as Captain of the Lord's army, He did not identify Himself as the Son of God. As for the rapture, I believe it'll occur shortly after the antichrist comes to power. He will have a ready explanation as to why millions of people vanished, that the world will buy. Also, there'll be little opp
  3. That's its actual meaning. The words are from a Norman Rockwell painting.
  4. I believe Col. 2:16 sums it up. If one wishes to observe saturday sabbath, fine, but don't expect others to, or criticize them for not doing it. Same for us who attend church on Sunday. Let us not criticize Saturday sabbath-keepers. "Each according to the dictates of one's conscience."
  5. I believe the next eschatological event on God's calendar will either be the Jews' building a new temple in Jerusalem, or the "beast/antichrist" coming to power. I believe those 2 events will be close together, so the beast can commit the "abomination of desolation" in the new temple. So, if you see a charismatic, super-popular man becoming a world figure & growing in power every day, look up for "your redemption draweth nigh." The rapture will be shortly before or shortly after the beast commits the AOD, before the great trib begins. The beast will have an explanation for the disappearanc
  6. Luke 23:43 answers that question beyond any doubt, as it's Jesus' own words. He went to the 'paradise' area of hades. His suffering was finished the instant His spirit left His human body.
  7. he was alive. After all, when he was back on land, he remembered God's original instructions to preach to the people of Nineveh. Also, I believe he preached a lot more than "Within 40 days shall Nineveh be destroyed". The Assyrians didn't harm madmen who weren't trying to harm anyone, so is Jonah hadn't said a lot more, he woulda been simply humored & ignored as a madman. He likely told the people some of Israel's history & how God had dealt with their enemies, & they knew it was true.(The Assyrians were a very-literate people.) And, he told them to worship God in sincerity
  8. Nothing sinful about utilizing every legal tax loophole one can find.
  9. Dropping "Southern" is silly. "Southern" still means something from the South, & South is still a direction on a compass. We cannot undo what our ancestors who are no longer alive did in the past to other people who are no longer alive. Legal slavery in the USA has been gone for 8 to 10 generations. The idea of "reparations" for what happened 160 years ago is simply another New-Age-Liberal goofy idea.
  10. I don't see any Scriptural command for any non-Israelis to observe the Saturday Sabbath, except that the gates of Jerusalem were locked to itinerant merchants on Sabbaths to prevent their doing business with Israelis on Sabbaths. I believe it's as Passover-God said that any non-Israeli observing passover must follow all the rules He gave to Israel concerning it. But I believe the following Scripture applies to these, & other Israeli observances-Col.2:16 ""Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabb
  11. Well, then, why does a shadow move when the object casting the shadow does not move? Because the LIGHT SOURCE moved ! But in Hezekiah's case, the object casting the shadow moved-the sundial moved, along with the whole planet ! That's common sense! And, of course, the writer of "Kings" didn't know how God moved it.
  12. Easy, Thaddeus - THE BIBLE !
  13. We see the burden of Egypt in Isaiah 19, including their recent fear of the land of Judah. Whenever a Jew rattled his Uzi, the 80 million Egyptians quaked with fear of the 6 million Jews in Israel.
  14. Rechab was a Kenite; the Kenites were the people of Moses' father-in-law, Jethro. They were a clan of the Midianites; Midian was a son of Abraham's by Keturah Somewhere, the Rechabites still exist under some other name, as God said they'd ALWAYS have at least one of them standing before Him.
  15. I believe the trib will not quite last 3.5 years, based on the fact that Jesus will cut it short lest all flesh (man & animal alike) should perish. While it'll hit the whole world, it'll be heaviest upon the seat of the antichrist's kingdom. (Which could be Rome & the surrounding area) those teaching a 10-year trib should read their Bibles, especially Revelation, & ask themselves how anyone could survive the plagues described for 10 years. Satan invents false doctrines constantly.
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