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  1. "of ", not "if" (is there an edit button on here?
  2. You find the phrase churches of Christ (not church of Christ) in the Bible, but do you allow the same room for the more commonly found church (and churches) if God in the NT?
  3. One message or lesson every 10 or 20 years is not time consuming and isn't eliminating from the gazillion and one.
  4. One of a gazillion does not mean that it doesn't/shouldn't be preached, just means that it doesn't need to be as often as some other things. If it isn't preached (or taught in S.S. or some other time) at some point, you still have people figuring that the Word of God never addresses it in principle, precept, or promise at all.
  5. When Moses died God could have cremated him to ensure that nobody found his body, but the He said He buried him. Baptism is a picture of death, burial, and resurrection. Picture this scenario: government rules burial illegal (environmental concerns, overcrowing, etc), 3 generations later a young man gets saved, you explain (due to his question, or the message, or Sunday school, etc) baptism and he has no clue what burial is. I personally have no desire in being party to marring a picture that God set forth. just my plug nickle, btw - this is OLD fashioned preacher, not Germany4Christ
  6. Are you quite sure that that is truly a thought?
  7. Ban Ashlee because the Bible says give not sleep to thine eyes nor slumber to thine eyelids.
  8. does this not show how much better people from Kansas are?
  9. Would you be able to understand if someone explained it to you since your not from Kansas?
  10. Is it posible for us to do anything but understand?
  11. Is there something wrong with that?
  12. Isn't it impossible to pick both the first two???????
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