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  1. The Lord must have needed this pastor real bad, so he called him home to heaven. The Lord Sure Works In Mysterious Ways! Amen & Praise The Lord! JESUS SAVES! If we truly believe in God and the bible, then we must believe that this was God's will or part of his master plan. Many are blaming guns and want control implemented by our government. Guns are not the problem, and I can tell you that if the Lord comes after our guns, The Lord just might get shot! Now that I have said this, It will be interesting to see if the board moderator believes in true religious freedom, or if this post will get deleted. Let me ask each of you some questions: What religion are you? A Muslim? A Catholic? A Christian? A Jew?.......Were you born a Muslim, a Catholic, a Jew, or a Christian? Or did you choose that religion for yourself at some point after long and painful deliberation and intense study of all religions in order to make the wisest choice for yourself? Almost all people are not born a Muslim, a Catholic, or a Christian, but born to Muslim parents, Christian parents, Catholic parents and so on..... So if you were born in India you might be a Hindu, if you were born in Italy you might be a Catholic, if you were born in Iran you might be a Muslim and if you were born in the USA you might be a Christian. So where you were born most likely dictates what religion you will belong to, and also what religion your parents belong to effects these outcomes. What does this tell you? Well it tells me allot! B.A. Brooks U.A.F.F. Founder http://www.uaff.us
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