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  1. Hi everyone. Could you all please pray for my best friend, Darrell? I told him I was going to start going to the independent fundamentalist Baptist church in my area again and he got all upset because I told him that this is the same church that his enemy goes to. This person caused him a bunch of trouble a couple of months ago and he's terrified that something is going to start up again. Please pray for him that he would trust me and that nothing would start up again.
  2. Please pray for me. I have been suffering from renewed depressed episodes for a few days now.
  3. I was not implying that the most ancient texts are the best. Thank you Preacher Ben.
  4. Thanks everyone! Would you all recommend some books besides the Bible to give to Darrell that would help him understand Christianity better?
  5. Why is the Johannine Comma in the KJV Bible? Isn't it a text that does not appear in the most ancient texts?
  6. Yes, I believe the United Methodists do believe that they can lose their salvation. Of course, that isn't the only false thing that they believe. They believe that Jesus is truly present in communion. They believe that abortion can be justified in more circumstances than just when the mother's life is in danger. They believe that women can be preachers. They believe a lot of false stuff and are a fairly liberal group of people.
  7. Disgusting! I know one thing and that is that neither I nor my ancestors evolved from apes!
  8. Hi everyone. The other day I learned that some people believe that the King James Bible itself was inspired. I was just wondering, is it true that the King James Bible itself was inspired or is this just another false doctrine? I honestly don't know. It's rather confusing to me. All I know is that the King James Bible is God's inspired and inerrant word in English and that all other translations are corrupt. They are Bible perversions.
  9. Hi everyone. If this is the wrong forum, please move it. Anyway, I'm talking to a Mormon and he brought up this verse. He is using it to support the Mormon doctrine that we can become gods. What should I say in response to this? :puzzled:
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