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  1. Yes, I believe the United Methodists do believe that they can lose their salvation. Of course, that isn't the only false thing that they believe. They believe that Jesus is truly present in communion. They believe that abortion can be justified in more circumstances than just when the mother's life is in danger. They believe that women can be preachers. They believe a lot of false stuff and are a fairly liberal group of people.
  2. All of my family members have trusted Jesus as their savior at one point in their life except for maybe my brother Adam so they are all going to Heaven except for maybe Adam. However, none of them are practicing Christians who go to church every Sunday. I am sure that they all pray every day but none of them go to church every Sunday and much less on Wednesday or Sunday evening. Please pray that they would come back to the Lord and pray also for the salvation of my little brother. He's going off to a youth camp next week because of something very bad that he did. He'll be there till he's
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