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  1. Hi everyone! I just came back to OB, yesterday. I know this thread is over a month old, but this is timely for me as well. I left the Internet b/c, after 6 years, the Messianic Jews haven't stopped their heresy on the web. They are deluded. I believe the "Messy Antics" came about in the 1970's via Martin Rosen (Moishe Rosen) who wasn't even a Jew. Jewish law states that to be a Jew, one must be "halachically" Jewish. For those who don't know, this means the bloodline is from the maternal side of the family. This is a manmade law, by the Beis Din, the highest Rabbinal council in Judaism
  2. Thanks, Brother Matt:) I will login with a new password.
  3. Hi Online Baptist! I am back. I left Facebook by deactivating my account, with the intent of coming back if I changed my mind. I logged in with the # that OB sent me to my e-mail account, as I forgot my password. It says I can change my password, by going to CP. What is CP?
  4. Our Constitution does NOT support foreign governments (Saudi Arabia) and new stations (CNN) putting up the money for this mega mosque. That is exactly what is happening. Ron Paul and his Libertarians ought to look closely at that.
  5. LOL John. I am so tired of these date setters. Well said!
  6. Thanks HC. I heard about this on Fox News today-- but hadn't watched the full video. I think I want in on it. I will talk with my hubby tonight. Things are really heating up. "We the People..."
  7. Unfortunately, I do believe that this burning of the Qur'an will do nothing but put fuel into a fire in this Florida church-- and quite possibly across the nation. I don't believe it is a good idea to "fight fire with fire"-- no pun intended. Christians are to show love to the unsaved. We know that. A typical Islamic person is going to look at this as hate speech. Not that I am "Politically Correct" by any means-- I just believe that in order to bring people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ-- we need not use these tactics. This reminds me of the Germans burning the Holy books of t
  8. with Isaac Hayes during the first CPAC banquet. She says he is a very gentle soul-- yet determined to fight for his state of Illinois. The "Chicago Machine" needs to go down-- ASAP! http://www.pjtv.com/v/3127 God bless, Molly
  9. If I put this in the wrong category--- please move it. I didn't see a section for songs. Enjoy! In Christ's Name ~ Molly
  10. Alimantado, that is SO AWESOME!! Praise be to God! What GREAT news on a very early Monday morning. Whooohooo!! Amen, brother! In Christ's Name ~ Molly
  11. Excellent! I am glad that you felt it was a "growing experience." I can imagine the loneliness. I am sure that the students learned a lot, Kevin. Mission accomplished. Great work! God bless, Molly
  12. I am keeping you and this issue in prayer, Kayla. In Christ ~ Molly
  13. Congratulations HC!! Great choice in a mod selection BroMatt. I was just thinking about her since I heard that Bakers stepped down. God bless, Molly
  14. I will certainly miss you, Jess. Please jump into doctrinal topics... I need some input. You have helped me so much in the past. Yeah, I am going to enjoy talking about Bakers... behind her back, too. LOL What she doesn't know won't hurt her. In Christ ~ Molly
  15. Kayla, is that a secret code you are using? LOL Molly
  16. It's great to have you back, Kevin. Waiting to find a jOB seems to be what a majority of people are doing now. Welcome back to AMERICA! Doncha just love "Home Sweet Home?" LOL Although, I talk with a pastor & his wife from Uganda, East Africa on Facebook... and he just feel ill with pneumonia and typhoid fever, yesterday. I am so glad that we have the hospitals in the States. I would want to be here with our healthcare rather than Africa. So, how was Korea? Did you accomplish what you needed? Did the students learn a lot? I remember you talked about the fun you had with the tee
  17. Good to see you, Kevin. You aren't a teen.. but I am glad I saw your name. How is life on the other side of the world? In Christ Jesus ~ Molly
  18. I am praying that the Lord uses this funeral as a testimony to the lost souls in your area, holster. May Ruth's family be convicted of their sins and come to know Christ as Personal Saviour. God bless, Molly
  19. I wonder if this is the reason that the Chinese government started adoption with foreign countries... such as the USA. Does anyone know? In Christ ~ Molly
  20. Thank you , Jerry. This answers my question. God bless, Molly
  21. the Masoretic Text... as it pertains to the King James Bible and the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible). What is the correlation... if any? Can anyone explain this to me? Thank you. In Christ ~ Molly
  22. Great thread! I have been using "Old Bay Seasoning" for years. We love it! God bless, Molly
  23. Amen!! Welcome back, Jerry. You were missed, brother. In Christ ~ Molly
  24. I have your son in prayer - HC. May God bless you and your family. In Christ Jesus ~ Molly
  25. I just got another Dell (laptop... this time) and it is fully loaded. I agree with trc... the service was great! The Indian woman spoke clear English. And, it was shipped immediately with no wait time and no extra cost. So far... so good. The desktop PC that we had... shut down. We have had it for about 4 years. The last desktop PC lasted awhile, as well. It was not a Dell. My hubby did NOT want to deal with fixing either of them... amongst his work related repairs on vehicles and restoration. He sold the 1st one and made a profit. lol The guy, obviously, repaired it. I was so fru
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