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  1. Hi everyone! I just came back to OB, yesterday. I know this thread is over a month old, but this is timely for me as well. I left the Internet b/c, after 6 years, the Messianic Jews haven't stopped their heresy on the web. They are deluded. I believe the "Messy Antics" came about in the 1970's via Martin Rosen (Moishe Rosen) who wasn't even a Jew. Jewish law states that to be a Jew, one must be "halachically" Jewish. For those who don't know, this means the bloodline is from the maternal side of the family. This is a manmade law, by the Beis Din, the highest Rabbinal council in Judaism. It doesn't hold any Biblical merit, whatsoever. Over 90% of MJ's aren't Jewish by blood. The ones that are, they parade around in their temples and worship like a god. They play Jewish dress up, or as another post said, they are "wannabe Jews." Jews, who go to these temples are out in 3 years max. They head straight back to Judaism and are stronger than ever. They go straight to Orthodox - Hasidic shuls or synangoes. Statistics prove that Messianic Jews don't win people to the Lord. How could they when they practice heresey. Statistically speaking, Jews are won to the Lord, by Bible Believing Christians. Someone mentioned Jews for Jesus. J4J's are not Messianic Jews. They do believe in salvation "by grace through faith in Jesus Christ." However, they have become very weak evangelicals. Some time ago, Jews also started a counter missionary group called "Jews for Judaism." It is especially big in Israel. Also, many Jews believe that MJ's are Christians. They don't know that MJ's don't believe in the deity of Jesus Christ. In reality, they are a parasite that attempts to proselytize both Christians and Jews, although they are a cult.
  2. Thanks, Brother Matt:) I will login with a new password.
  3. Hi Online Baptist! I am back. I left Facebook by deactivating my account, with the intent of coming back if I changed my mind. I logged in with the # that OB sent me to my e-mail account, as I forgot my password. It says I can change my password, by going to CP. What is CP?
  4. Alimatado - I was hoping that you would show up. Now where is Angie? lol... I posted this and I know that Marcus4Israel posted it? Where is everybody? :coffee Yes... we need to use more expressions - as you stated in another thread, Alimantado. H-E-L-P... anyone? CALLING ALL CREATION SCIENTISTS! I CAN'T DO THIS ALONE! I will go back to my evolution/sci-fi days of Public School... and, then we are will really need more H-E-L-P... lol God bless ~ Molly
  5. AMEN!! God bless you keifer, Molly
  6. What I have learned is.... that if you take Genesis and Hebrews out of the King James Bible? That is when these people attack. Taking those 2 books out? It leaves a gaping whole for Satan to destroy. Some churches have done that around here. They started with Genesis. :sad Thoughts. Molly
  7. Hey, Ron. How are you? I am doing fine. I hope you feel better. I said a prayer on your behalf. God bless, Molly
  8. Amen. Kirk Cameron is a wonderful actor, imo. I loved his acting in the "Left Behind" movies. In Christ ~ Molly
  9. Thank you Keifer for bringing the Word of God to OLB... daily. It brings such hope to a dark world. God bless, Molly
  10. Irishman said: Can you see the foolishness of evolution? Many say that faith in God is foolish, then they believe a lie, and accept evolution. You have to accept one or the other before you can ever answer the question of where life and the world came from. There is a Creator, and He devised a master plan, and brought it all to pass without the evolutionary process. Yes, creation is a theory, I suppose, according to science, but evolution is only a theory too, although teachers of this lie will not tell you that unless you ask them, then they will try tell of all the ?evidence? that supports it. Their evidence is a bunch of unproven, and silly acts, that they are passing off as truth. Don?t be fooled by their lies, accept Jesus Christ, and let Him convince you of creation, He has a much better argument. Amen... John. Another lie from the pit. So VERY sad.
  11. That is a name that I don't know, trc. Who is he? Molly
  12. My husband, son, oldest brother, and I watched the Movie... "Fireproof" over a month ago. My hubby, then, bought it for my birthday. Yeah... I cried at the end. I would recommend the movie to anyone. I, too, thought that they went a "little heavy" on the music... but, I considered the theme of the movie and context. I believe "Fireproof" is not just a movie for married couples, but for all people... young and old.

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