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  1. Thanks so much, brothers. The IFB church we will be missionaries out of is in West Virginia, although we are looking for property in Ohio to live. Our friends are missionaries out of Scotland and Europe. They will be heading back to Scotland in a year, and have asked for our help in building up the small church they planted in WV. Our IFB pastor friend is leaving the church in the capable hands of one of his nephews to pastor. Anyway, CoC is all over the place in southeastern, OH and SE WV. I am told by my friends that they are a tough nut to crack. When they go door to door the people
  2. I was "friends" with an RCC priest on Facebook for awhile, who despised the RCC. Very true, John. I was one of them. RC's who know anything about the RCC are brainwashed by people such as the Jesuits. They go through classes that begin a whole brainwashing attempt to keep them locked into the RCC. They are called, "Cradle Catholics." As a recovered RCC, I will tell you that there are "levels" of RC's. For example, #1 is the pope, and #12 is "I am a RC simply because I was born into it." This whole thing on "levels" is made up by my hubby who was pretty high up when he was
  3. to witness to people of the Church of Christ? I was going to ask for suggestions. Brother Larry mentioned them in another post, so I thought I would ask for some tools in how to witness to them, especially about things such as eternal security of the believer. Thanks in advance.
  4. Oh, no! Well, I suppose God is preparing me to talk with CoC people, as he is moving us to an area where CoC is prevalent. I am used to talking to Roman Catholics, Charismatics and Muslims about the Bible. I will have to switch gears.
  5. Ah, yes ejumacation brings with quite a bit of experience, too.
  6. As a former school teacher, I will say that it isn't a person's IQ that makes them intelligent. Some of the most Ignorant (using the Bible's word) people are "highly intelligent" people who have no common sense nor any compassion. We are all products of our environment, TGL. English is your second language. I wouldn't say that you need to go back to school. This is the Internet. Body language is 90% of how we interact with one another. We are only using 10% of our communication on OB. We are all individuals, unique in our own way. You are no different than any of us. No one finge
  7. Loss of salvation is the prOBlem I have explaining things to charismatics, Covenanter. The Book of Hebrews is written to the Jew and Gentile believers, alike. You hit the nail with Hebrews 7:25 on eternal security; however, charismatics still argue that scripture with me. Hebrews 11:8-10 are among my most favorite verses in the Bible. Hebrews 11 talks about the just living by faith. The "Hall of Faith" is also found in Hebrews 11. 'My Life Verse' - "Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith: who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame
  8. One of the biggest reasons that Christians are "getting dumber and dumber" besides the OBvious - technology - is the Bible has been and is being dumbed down. When one looks at all the modern versions of the Bible, it is no wonder Christians are ignorant. "For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add him the plagues that are written in this book: 19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part of the book of life, and out of the holy city, an
  9. I ran out of "likes" again Jeffrey. Otherwise, I would have liked your post. I have no prOBlem with it, either. If that is the way Christians praise and worship the Lord, who am I to tell them it is wrong? Many Baptist churches down south raise their hands in service.
  10. I have studied Judaism for a few years. I had been drawn to it as a young child. I have never heard of that one, NN. Although, I am no expert on the subject. Linda or Dr. Ach would prOBably know the answer to this question, though.
  11. Oh, I did in my 20's Arbo. I used to dance under the disco ball in the bar. By the grace of God, I am alive from my 20's.
  12. Little do these RC's know that this pope is not a "good pope." I have posted about the atrocities of the Jesuits on my FB Timeline. My sister and one of my first cousins always rocket in from Pluto when I speak out on anything about the Vatican. My first cousin has debated me via private message, too. Very true about people joining the RCC, John. Many RCC's have baptismals set up to bring in the Protestants. They get the Protestants in, dunk them for membership, and these former Protestants believe they are saved. They are coming into the RCC in droves because of this pope. Attend
  13. Yes, it was awesome! How true that is. Since this pope has been in the Vatican, many RC's believe they are saved. I run across them in town. I ask them, "Was there ever a time in your life, that you called out the Name of Jesus Christ, asked Him to become your Saviour, take away your sins, and you truly trusted in Him?" I get the usual response, "I am a good person, I go to church, I have competed the Sacraments, etc." This opens up the door for me to witness to them. However, since Pope Francis believes that an Atheist can go to heaven, they usually ignore when I am witnessing to them
  14. Oh, I forgot about Loretta Lynn's gospel singing. My family listened to those, as well.
  15. It certainly is. Our pastor friend, in southeastern, OH, and his wife don't like the music of Johnny Cash. I grew up on Cash, as my dad loved his music and his distinctive voice. I have the gospel songs of Johnny and June Carter Cash. I also believe Johnny was saved as a young boy. And, June Carter was also born again. His prOBlem with drugs and alcohol give testimony that the Lord can take away any sin out of a person's life. I asked my friends if they ever watched the movie, "Walk the Line." They haven't. Anyway, on Cash's gravestone is one of my favorite scriptures. "Let the words
  16. That's a good question, John. He might actually be unsaved. Although, he does seem to agree with friends on my wall who love modern versions of the Bible. He also speaks of Jesus in a positive light, so I know he does love God. Several years ago, he got married to an unsaved woman and has two handsome sons. He constantly posts about sports on his Timeline. The only time he gets into spiritual things is when he posts on my wall and also on the walls of other people from his church. There are a group of us that are trying to encourage him. He is close friends with a Christian woman who
  17. I don't know how people can listen to the T.V. all the time. I boggles my mind, and reminds me of noise pollution. I love the Hallmark station and AMC. My hubby and I also watch, "This Old House" and the carpenter/contractor Ron Hazelton. These two shows are informative and give us ideas with projects on how to build our house when we move to south eastern, OH. That is if we decide to build instead of going with a pre-fab/modular home. I enjoyed the 70's music before I got saved. However, I have no interest in listening to it anymore. The 80's music seemed shallow to me. I grew up on
  18. Exactly, John. Sadly, his dad is a wonderful evangelist. This man also had the privilege of going to Christian school all his life. He loves to come on my Facebook wall and stir up trouble. When he does this, I give him verses from the KJV. He will argue for a bit, but he eventually stops, because I continue to stay the course. One of the reasons I keep him as a friend on FB is because I told his parents I would. They appreciate my help.
  19. I went to First Baptist of Hammond, Indiana, several years ago, for a ladies conference at my old IFB church. Dr. Schaap preached the message at the end of the conference. Come to think of it, it was centered around abused and neglected teenage girls. The theme was training princes and princesses to be kings and queens. He didn't focus much on the young men, though. When this was posted in "Sword of the Lord" I wasn't really shocked as it seemed like this man was too good to be true. I learned a long time ago, that when something or someone is too good to be true, they or it usually ar
  20. Yeah, I have noticed that John. As much as I try to ignore the T.V., with my brother living with us, I can't avoid hearing the T.V. when he comes home from work and parks himself in his Lazy Boy for the afternoon and evening. They are also advertising 1970's and 1980's music on T.V. You know, those huge collections of big hits during those years? I think I'll pass...
  21. While it sounds great to fry catfish is a hot skillet, I am not sure that the catfish (people) I am talking about would appreciate that, John. BTW, these catfish are Christians I know in person, from another IFB church. One is backsliden, and knows it, even brags about it, but still manages to try my patience.
  22. I asked a Pentacostal woman to speak in tongues for me. I listened to her two times on different occasions. The language she spoke was kinda like Pig Latin. I told her that she is saying the same thing every time she prays. I told her that she is talking to the air and not to God. She ignored what I said. One of the most annoying things about Pentacostals is when they talk about "My spirit." How selfish! I have corrected them and told them it is the Holy Spirit but they ignore that, as well. Between witnessing to Roman Catholics and hardcore Pentacostals, it gets old. OY! I need to
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