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  1. Actually, my MIL sent a homemade jar over last night, HC. Joe loves it, too. I haven't ventured down that route, yet. If you need the recipe, I can get it for you, though.
  2. I wanted to clarify something. This man, raised in the IFB, had some learning difficulties as a child. His parents sent him to this parochial school b/c they offered more help for him than the public school did, at that time. School tuition was also cheaper in the RCC than in Christian school. Besides, the only Christian school in my area is Heritage Baptist School, out of Cleveland Baptist Church. It is a bit of a drive for many Christians to take their child daily to school. Homeschooling was not big in the 1970's, either. I do know several Born Again Christians who send their children to get educated in parochial school. Some go to parochial high schools. I don't know how it is now, but the RCC didn't force anyone who is not an RC to take daily religion classes, and go to weekly Mass. In fact, during my first two years of teaching, I taught at a parochial school. The other 4th grade teacher was a Lutheran. It was my jOB to plan class Masses for my children, when the 4th grade took their turn.
  3. No, I don't believe she was born again, Miss Daisy. She merely taught religion from one of the MV Bible's "The Way." It was kind of like the hippy Bible of the 1970's. LOL While I was being spiritually drawn, I picked up "The Way" at a garage sale. I opened it and found a pot leaf inside the pages. Anyway, this nun still adhered to the false teaching of the RCC, however, I truly believe my 8th grade Social Studies teacher was a Born Again Christian. I found this out years later, at my old IFB church, from a man who was raised IFB. He told me that this teacher, was saved. Thinking back, I really believe she was. She was also the best teacher in that school. She taught the class the US Constitution, we had to memorize the presidents in order, the states and state capitals, etc. I wish I would have been in her 8th grade religion class.
  4. Tonight's Supper: Pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans, squash and chow chow.
  5. I can't believe her place of employment wouldn't allow her to accept the tip. If the customer didn't want her to have the large sum of money, he wouldn't have given her it. Period. I feel for waitresses. While I have never had a jOB as a waitress, I understand what it is like to work with the public. I did sales, before college, and while attending college. It is not an easy jOB, especially when dealing with a disgruntled customer. Anyone dealing with the public knows how difficult a jOB it is to work for people who are not happy with something, especially when that something has nothing to do with service. Complaints are usually against the company, not the employee. Yet the employee has to listen to and resolve such issues. It is a "Shoot the messenger, kind of business." I hope this can get resolved and this waitress can keep the generous tip. It isn't likely that she is going to put a down payment on a brand new Mercedes. She is using it to get caught up on bills, for goodness sake.
  6. Thanks, Miss Daisy and SFIC. I will let her know. LOL Pilgrim. I can always count on you for a good laugh.
  7. That's interesting to hear, HC. If one needs help in the RCC, you get a can of soup. Although, there are RC "churches" set up with food kitchens. Take, take and take is the RCC way. Priests get their hands on a few wealthy members of the congregation, and use them to live their lavish lifestyle and build onto the church. Years ago, before my mom started working outside of the home, she worked on the Ladies Guild in our RCC church. During Lent, when RC's aren't supposed to eat meat on Ash Wednesday, and all Fridays during that period, my mom saw the priest's refrigerator stocked with a whole lot of meat. And, booze was everywhere. Not just communion wine, but beer and hard liquor. That was the beginning of the end for her with the RCC. The end for her and the RCC occurred when her brother died of Colon Cancer in 1983. She went to the parish priest for counselling. She received no help. My dad was already finished with the RCC, when he went to a confession booth to talk with a priest. He hadn't gone for years and had not taking communion, either. He told the priest he needed some help rearing my second oldest brother, who was a handful. The priest told my dad he was a bad, father, and also needed to work on his marriage, as well. Well, my dad went off! He preceded to tell the priest that he would never consider telling the pilot of a 747 airplane how to fly the jet, b/c he had no experience and training. He told the priest, that he had no right to talk to him about marriage, since he wasn't a married man. Before that, my parents attended another RC church when I was a young girl. The priest in that church, was telling everyone that they were going to hell (on their works, of course ) and that he "the priest" was the only one going to heaven. My dad almost took his family of six out of the Mass, right then and there. However, my mom managed to convince him to stay and they would leave quietly after the Mass. My dad's cousin, a Monsignor in a church in CA, and head of the Diocese of Education in San Diego, at that time, directed my parents into the other local RC church. We stayed until I was at the end of 6th grade. We went back to the other RC "church" because it was under different leadership. Since they extended the lunch hour in the public grade school my sister and I were attending, my parents put us in Parochial School, b/c tuition was free at that time. My parents were both working and their were a series of kidnappings in my hometown. Anyway, it was in this RCC that I was introduced to the Bible. I found out years later, that my favorite teacher, in that school, was a Born Again Christian. My religion teacher, was a nun. She used the Bible "The Way" to teach religion in 7th grade. Anyway, years later, the school fired the Born Again teacher, when they changed "church" leadership again.
  8. Well said, brother. In RC, I see this especially during Lent. RC's are taught that they have to suffer like Christ did. Sadly, Lent is celebrated in some Protestant churches, as well. Years ago, an attorney in the city of Cleveland, OH wrote a huge article that appeared on the front page of the town's only newspaper. He talked about all the money the Vatican has stolen via the RCC. It got lots of results. You are right about people not branding both the RC and Mormon "churches" as false religions or cults. I have read material from IFB's that shy away from calling the RCC a cult. Any religion that teaches anything contrary to "salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ" is a cult. Sadly, even bold Christians do not say this aloud.
  9. about full moons, without talking about "Blood Moons?" The reason I am asking is that I scheduled a Dr.'s appointment for Friday, June 13th. While talking with the secretary, she mentioned that she was a bit leery of coming into work on Friday because it is Friday the 13th, and is also a full moon. I told her that "Friday the 13th" is silly superstition, but would ask my Christian friends online about full moons. She is very interested in getting a possible Biblical answer to her question. I told her that I am a Bible Believing Christian. She told me that she is studying the NIV, and asked what church I attend. I told her, and I also said that the KJV is a better translation and told her why. Anyway, I did not have a Biblical answer to give her regarding full moons, if there is one; however, I did tell her that when I was a teacher, the science teachers talked about the moon and the tides. She is also a former RC like myself. Also, I don't know if she is saved. Please pray for her. Her name is Monica. Also, pray the the Lord would use me on Friday to be a witness and testimony to her. Thanks in advance.
  10. I prayed for your grandma and all involved, including you Miss Daisy. I will continue to keep all of you in prayer.
  11. Last Night's Supper: Chicken Quesadilla
  12. Thanks so much, HC and Ukelelemike. This is a very interesting study on the similarities on the RCC and the Mormon "churches." In many island countries, an RC is known to lay down his life by being crucified to a cross for salvation. I have seen accounts by US missionaries serving in island countries, where this is the case. These accounts show a person laying on the ground, and being nailed to it. Also, without sounding condescending, as a former RC, I can see many similarities of other religions such as Judaism, Islam and many Protestant religions. Things taught in the RCC scream loud and clear to me, of things taught in these other religions.
  13. "His theology included a kind of reincarnation of the soul." ________________________ This is interesting, Dr. Ach. I have talked with a couple of Jews on Facebook that believe in reincarnation. They give credit to the Jewish sage, Moses Ben Maimon (Rambam) of Egypt. Could it be that Rambam got his information from Origen, as he lived before him? Also, it is interesting to note that Origen invented the imaginary place called, Purgatory, that the Roman Catholic Church promotes. Even Pope John Paul II had to go to Purgatory to be cleaned up of his sins before becoming a "saint."
  14. Thanks so much, GP. Thank you for your prayers, EK. They mean so much to me and will mean a lot to my friends. I will let them know. Yes, it is sad. Amen! The US needs missionaries.
  15. Thank you, Paid4. I was actually thinking about the thief on the cross when thinking about how to witness to CoC people.
  16. My missionary friend's dad (a missionary) is a Dr. in Theology. Everyone calls him pastor or brother. I will keep this in mind, OFP. I didn't know that.
  17. That's quite a long time, GP. Thank you for the scriptures. I will memorize them for future use. I will also get the autOBiography of Alexander Campbell.
  18. No, not quite Ukelelemike. LOL Although, I wouldn't be surprised in the future if this were true. Our missionary friends are from the USA. They met at Bible college. Her parents are missionaries, so she grew up that way. Her husband is my first pastor's second oldest son. He grew up in Cleveland, OH and is a missionary out of Cleveland Baptist Church. His older brother is my pastor. He was saved as a boy, and God called him to be a missionary to Scotland when he was a teenager. They planted four churches there. They have been in the states for four years and planted this church in WV. Also, since IFB churches support foreign missionaries, they lost the support of 12 IFB churches while here. Now, they are traveling through the USA raising support to start another IFB church in Scotland. He will do things differently, though. He is coming back to the states every few months from Scotland. And, my hubby and I will go to help in Scotland for a month, two times a year.
  19. Okay. I was just wondering if it was in the city.
  20. Thanks, HC:) Also, the RCC on FB despised Mormanism, not the RCC like I had posted.
  21. I have no clue what is going on in this thread, GP.
  22. I agree with this, Dr. Ach. Although, I believe that Russia will also be a power to be reckoned with. I have mentioned this before, but Russia is filled with Muslims, and Muslims love their horses. They will come against Israel during the Great Tribulation via horseback, as the Euphrates River is drying up. God will send them back to Siberia, though. Then, China will come in.
  23. Ah, back on topic. Now, where were we? Two is it?
  24. Where bout's in New York HC? I am taking my son to NYC in September as a graduation gift from college. We are also visiting friends there. Tonight's Supper: Lamb chops, mashed potatoes and corn.
  25. Very true, Brother Garry. God's word speaks for itself. The most difficult people to witness to are people that are highly educated. Book smart, that is. What is OBvious to the average person is so difficult to those who have lots of education. I worked with so many teachers who had PH.D's. They were so difficult to share the gospel with. I would bring up the Lord at lunch in the faculty room. PTL, one teacher was interested in knowing more about Christ. I don't know if she is saved, but she was asking me questions about the gospel. She grew up in the RCC, as well, and for some reason I could talk with her about the Lord. She told me she had a miscarriage and was in the process of divorcing her husband. He had been running around on her. Maybe, God brought her to the bottom of self? I dunno.

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