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  1. How did you get your pictures to print so big, NN? Mine are so small.
  2. Okay, when you go to post a picture - instead of hitting "post" - hit "More Reply Options." Then, hit "Choose File" under "Attach Files" then hit "Add Reply." Hope this helps, Brother Garry. Let me try and post a bigger picture.
  3. http://www.onlinebaptist.com/home/uploads/monthly_06_2014/post-23427-0-58796100-1402619091.jpgI haven't had a prOBlem with posting YouTube videos. I just click on the video, copy and paste it and post. I can also post pictures. At least I have done that before. Let me see if I still can.
  4. Many times people leave churches b/c of personal reasons. It doesn't mean they have a prOBlem with the church per se, they are having personal issues at home, and don't want to take those issues into church. Many churches believe it is b/c of them, when in fact, sometimes it isn't.
  5. I got OBject not found! when I opened the link, Invicta. However, I remember the science teachers explaining this to the students.
  6. I agree with that; however the SBC has a hierarchy whereas the IFB doesn't. Many IFB churches were once SBC churches and pulled away because of that.
  7. Oh, yes they are. One could get lost in them. That's more like it. Throwing out a number is a better way of putting it.
  8. I think that is what RP means when talking about involvement in Israel. Although, there are people who thought otherwise. Did I say Appalachian Mountains? I meant to say Rocky Mountains. Yeah, I understand what you mean about a public forum, HC. Although the government knows all about us anyway. Another 500 years before the Rapture? Oh, I hope that isn't the case. Yeah, Reagan got us in trouble with amnesty and also a bit with gun control. Liberty is what it is all about. I hope conservatives come together and agree on that.
  9. Below is a skeptic's article on the moon. Note, it says it is rooted in mythology. An interesting read, although, I don't know how factual it is. It kinda goes along with what Miss Daisy was saying with regards to her jOB as a nurse for 20 years. http://skepdic.com/fullmoon.html
  10. It actually brought to light the exact same thing that you were discussing above. It was an interesting movie on the Mormons.
  11. I just wish the Republicans and Tea Party would come together. There is too much fighting about it on Facebook, from what I can see. I know that Ron Paul has a few strange views. However, I truly believe he had the American people's best interest at heart. Your husband and I agree about Israel. However, Dr. James Beller knew Ron Paul and told me that he wasn't anti-Israel at all. I didn't know what to believe. My hubby isn't concerned about this upcoming election, at all. He believes we aren't any closer to the Rapture than we were before. Back during the Great Depression, Born Again Christians thought the Rapture was going to occur. I don't know why they thought that, as Israel hadn't become a nation yet. Joe saw the same thing in the Clinton years. People didn't conserve, not did they save a thing. Anyway, my hubby believes we should prepare for the worst in this country, as Islam is a huge threat, along with the Vatican and our government. This pope is also backing Islam and has told RC's that they believe in the same God as "Christians." The Vatican and Islam are so far from the truth, it is pathetic. Anyway, Joe not only believes in getting prepared, but also believes in buying up land, as land prices are down at this time. Having a plot of land in the hills of the Appalachian Mountains will be safer, and stocking our house with supplies, including guns will help those family members who are left behind. That is the plan, and we are thinking ahead. I didn't mean to derail the topic, but Christians need to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. Somehow, I believe the best is behind us.
  12. I saw a movie on the Hallmark station, years ago, called "In God's Country" about this very thing. Has anyone seen it?
  13. It WOULD last you about a year. Joe would polish them off in a month, so I would be making Chow Chow all the time. LOL
  14. Yes, it is quite tasty LuAnne. It actually has a sweet taste to it. And, no relish. BTW, you might want to make the whole recipe in the future, b/c you can store the jars, and they will last quite awhile.
  15. I was Tea Party at the beginning of the last election, when I supported Herman Cain. Sadly, the attack on his grandchildren was enough for him to stay in the race. As far as the Tea Party and Republicans go, there is much arguing on Facebook between the two. Don't we have enough prOBlems with the Democrats to be fighting among ourselves? Both the Republicans (who are anti-RINO) and the Tea Party essentially have the same goal. As for Ross Perot? I voted for him one time. However, people said they didn't think the USA was ready for someone like Perot. I didn't know that Ron Paul ran as a Republican before. Thanks for the information, HC. His thoughts may seem "far out" but his is onto something big. I believe he knows the corruption in DC like the back of his hand. And, many young conservatives love him. My son, included. Sadly, my son didn't vote in what would have been his first election b/c he didn't want to throw his vote away. That is quite sad. I love your "dream team" LuAnne. Now, if only others would take your advice and vote this ticket if it should come to pass. I am tired of IFB's voting for no names, simple b/c they are KJV. People in my church voted for the guy who was KJV, and had no idea what he stood for, other than he stood on the word of God. As ideal as that would be? That is not going to happen. The USA is past that point. In Fact, we were never at that point. Whatever way the voting goes, I am at peace knowing that God is in control and He is on the throne.
  16. Thanks so much, John. We all need to pray for their salvation and pray that the Lord puts someone in their path, that will show them the gospel. Hopefully, their hearts will be soft to listen to the Holy Spirit, and get saved. It is so hard to witness to blood family. That is for sure. Jesus talks about it in his word.
  17. Sounds like a beautiful mix of a dog, HC. Well, my MIL called me back. This is quite an extensive recipe. I have seen her make it, labor over it before, so that is why I have passed in making it. Buying it in the store is a lot less work. Anyway, here goes: How to Make Chow Chow: It is best made in the Fall b/c of the green tomatoes. You need: 1 large onion A bunch of celery A peck or a basket of green tomatoes 1 head of cauliflower 1 red pepper 1 head of cabbage It will make 12 jars. Since it is just you and your hubby, she said you might want to cut the recipe into a 1/4. How to Make the Brine: It will make 12 quarts. You need: 4 cups of sugar. 2 quarts of vinegar. Of course you know that vinegar is great for keeping gall stones away b/c it cancels out the calcium in one's body. Rarely will you find a Hungarian with gall stones. Believe me, my husband's family loves vinegar. LOL You will need 1 1/2 quarts of vinegar if you are using less vegetables. That will give you 14-15 quarts. Kosher salt. 4 Tablespoons of pickling spice. It will take you all day to cut up the vegetables. She said a food processor will be just as good and much faster. Take the vegetables and put into a big pan, put a handful of kosher salt and mix by hand or with a wooden spoon. Cover it, and leave in a place in your house where no one can smell it, b/c before it is cooked, b/c it doesn't smell that great. The next day, squeeze the water out of the vegetables. Put in a pot. Boil the Brine, and stir so the sugar dissolves. Pickle and spice will make it smell good. Stir and boil. Cook for 20 minutes. Put into canning jars. Put the Brine to the lip of the jar. Take a silver knife, and go around the jar to get the air out. She boils the rubber lids in a pot of water. Take them out with tonges, one buy one. Leave a bit of space in the canning jar, and put your finger on the warm lid and twist it. Put warm jars on a clean towel. Leave them out for 24 hours. You will hear or see them pop. Store jars in basement for future use.
  18. Really? Once again the USA has botched another name. Thanks for the correction, Dave.
  19. That would be Chow, Dave. I know my bread of dogs. HC, I forgot to get her recipe. I have a phone call into her this morning. She will call me back later.
  20. You must be talking to those in the Vatican, NN.
  21. Unless, the Republican running on the ticket is a Constitutionalist. To my knowledge, as it stands, Ted Cruz would be that man. Possibly Rand Paul. Ron Paul made a huge mistake by running as a Libertarian. Maybe more votes would have been cast for him, if he ran as a Republican? Regardless as to how we look at it, there are two parties in the USA. They are Democrat and Republican. I will not vote for a Democrat and will not vote for a RINO. While I like what the Tea Party stands for, they took many votes away from the Republicans. Conservatives need to bond together and vote for someone who will uphold the Constitution. Otherwise, the Democrats will take us further into moral depravity. If that happens, we are done as a nation. IMO, we are finished already.
  22. I am glad you started this thread again, John. I have so much lost family. Please pray for: Mark, Sarah, Allen, Mark Sr. and that whole family. Larry, Julie, Sean, and Shannon. BOB, Heidi, Eric, Emily and Carly. Paul, Betsy, John, and Megan. Also, my husband's unsaved family members in PA. The Bandzuh and Semyan families. Please pray for salvation of my husband's Uncle Tom (unsure) and my husband's brother's wife, Michelle. All my relatives across the USA. Devout RC's, fall away RC's and the New Age relatives in Texas.
  23. I could be wrong, Arbo, but I believe IFB's look at the Southern Baptist Convention as a hierarchy much like the RCC. Not to that extent, of course; however the SBC has a chain of command, where the IFB answers to the Lord Jesus Christ.
  24. My FIL's mother taught her how to make it. She was originally from PA. It seems like PA and WV have a lot in common. I will ask her for her recipe tonight after church. She usually just rattles things off the top of her head. However, I will ask her to write it down. I should learn how to make it, as well.
  25. Before my medical retirement from the Cleveland Municipal School District in 2003, through State Teacher's Retirement System of Ohio, I had three jOBs. I worked as a full-time school teacher, worked nights as a tutor, and worked Summers at a day care camp that only accepted accredited school teachers. And, then of course, the best jOB ever... being a full time mother. As my seizures persisted, my boss encouraged me to apply for early retirement through S.T.R.S., as things were drastically going downhill in the school system. More so than usual. She applied for a jOB downtown, that year, to get out of the jOB of being principal. Anyway, I spent two weeks in July of 2002, writing my work history along with medical prOBlems. I received my retirement right before Christmas in 2002. 7 months before that my husband was fired from his jOB of 16 years b/c his boss couldn't afford him, anymore. The owner of the company passed away, and his boss couldn't deal with anything work related anymore. My first retirement check came in January of 2003. What a huge blessing! My hubby worked on cars, outside in our garage until starting his own business on September 30th of 2003. That was also his birthday. It was also in May of 2003, that I was saved. The Lord took me out of my working girl jOB, and told me when I was saved, that He wanted me to work for Him. Before my salvation, I had been witnessing to my students, when the opportunity arose. It was through their creative writing that we were able to talk about the Lord. They had many questions, so when the Lord opened that door, we talked about God. Anyway, my family is so blessed. More blessed than I could possibly imagine. Sure, things get tough, but with Jesus' help, knowing He is watching over us, protecting and guiding us. I am able to spend more time in prayer, reading my Bible, witnessing to the lost, and spending time in fellowship with like-minded Christians. Yes, . Praise the Lord, NN! "We have not because we ask not."

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