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  1. That's alright if you have a prOBlem with Ruckman and Gipp, Jeffrey. Lots of people in the JKVO camp do, as well. Augustine came out of the RCC and is a heretic. If you would like to no more about his teachings, please let me know as you are aware that I was a former RC. I see no prOBlem with owning various Bibles, if you want to compare them to one another, however, if you believe in the "Rapture" then I wouldn't have them around the house, for others to use after the "catching away" of born again believers occur. While the Great Tribulation will be a time for the Jews, there will still be Tribulation saints, as well. I wouldn't leave MV's in my house, but that is just me.
  2. Oh, that's what it is? WOW! I am not as computer illiterate as I thought I was.
  3. I remember the old way too, Al. Well, you are way ahead of me, brother. I have no idea how to do a multi-quote. I have experimented, but haven't figured it out. Can you explain a little better, TGL? I know you post pictures on here that aren't as small as mine.
  4. 1. Highlight what you want to copy 2. Right click and choose "Copy" 3. Go to where you want to place it. 4. Put the cursor in the right place 5. Right click and choose "Paste" I just did that, BroK. I don't think it works the same with google chrome. Thank you for your help. Yes, Jordan... can you help us?
  5. No prOBlem. I just wanted to make sure that I was spelling it correctly.
  6. Yes, I know HC. I meet them on Facebook all the time. That is the main reason why I am not posting on there, as much. I forgot to say that the KJV is for the English speaking people. Thanks for saying that. Yes, he does have a point. I do see some of the strange teachings, when people "read between the lines" from IFB's, as well. Please correct me if I ever do that. I am still learning, and I do appreciate your knowledge... as you have been IFB longer than me. Jeffrey and I are on good terms. He is my brother in Christ. I just wish he would go back to the IFB. He is very strong, and I believe the IFB needs more people like Jeffrey. Believe me when I say, if I can go from the RCC straight to the IFB (with a bit charismatic teaching along the way, that assured me of my salvation) then anyone can. I must not have read what he said in John 14:14. Ooops. Yes, we all need to beware of Chrislam or is it spelled "Crislam?"
  7. Thanks, everyone. Well, I smuggled in a KJV for her and also my concordance. I put a bookmark in place of all the spots that talk about the moon and moons, since that is what she is interested in. The KJV is also a study Bible. I bought it years ago, and never used it b/c the print is too small for me to read. She said it wouldn't be a prOBlem for her to read b/c she wears contacts. She was very excited. She also told me that she can't find her NIV. She recently moved, and she said it must have got lost in a box she had some other things stored in. Anyway, she left the room and said she would go to her desk and copy the material in the concordance on moons. She also took the church bulletin with my pastor's phone # on it. She seemed a bit leery about the word, "Baptist." Not that I haven't heard that before. LOL I preceded to tell her that my pastor preaches that you don't need to be a Baptist to get saved. She said she had been attending a church called, "Grace (I forget the full name of it) but it is a non-denominational church just south of me. She liked the idea of a small church, as she said the other church was getting too big. It is actually one of the biggest mega churches in my area. I just pray that Satan doesn't get in the way. We all know how that goes. I am keeping positive about this situation and will continue to keep Monica in prayer. Thanks, again for your prayers. If you should think of me (hopefully in a positive way, not when I am in my flesh), please keep this situation in prayer. I give all the praise, honor and glory to Jesus Christ, that I was able to be a witness to someone this way. Boy, how we need believers in our doctor's offices.
  8. Jeffrey, what "originals" are you talking about? There are no originals with the KJV. The Old Testament of the KJV comes from the Hebrew Masoretic Text (which in Hebrew, is flawless). The New Testament of the KJV comes from the Textus Receptus (TR), not the corrupted Alexandrian Texts. All Modern Versions come from the Alexandrian Texts. So, now we are back to talking about the validity of the KJV on a KJVO forum? I thought those days were gone. I will say it again. This reminds me of the days of Kevin Miller, and "His Purpose Driven Life" book by Rick Warren. And, we can all see how that one turned out. Chrislam? Seriously, Jeffrey?
  9. That's what I thought. I think I know what other things you are talking about, as well. However, I won't get into them.
  10. as I am going to the doctor's office today. As I said in another post, the doctor's secretary is reading the NIV and asked me what church I belong to. I am giving her a KJV and I am going to encourage her to visit my church. I am also giving her a church bulletin along with my pastor's phone number on it, since we meet in various places. Please pray that the Lord Jesus Christ gives me the right words to say to her. I don't know if she is saved. Her name is Monica. She asked me several questions on the phone. I need prayer to say the words that God would have me say to this woman to encourage her in the faith. I will be going back in several weeks for my yearly blood test. Please continue to keep this situation in prayer. I welcome and appreciate all of your prayers and words of advice. Thanks in advance.
  11. HC, is this because of Ruckman's many marriages. Some of them after he was saved?
  12. I love what your a pastor says, John. How true. I especially like the comment he makes about biblically sound churches. I heard a pastor address comments about hypocrites almost the same way, except he says, "Well, the church always needs one more."
  13. I noticed the African countries are high, with children living with one parent. That is not b/c of divorce, as with the USA, it is b/c one of the parents has died from malaria, aids, or some other disease.
  14. Praise the Lord, 2T! It would be so nice if you saw her in church on Sunday.
  15. Thanks, Bro K. I use google chrome. I can't seem to figure out how to copy part of the post. LOL Jordan.
  16. Thanks, NN and Dave. I will try those things first thing in the morning. It is getting late here, so my mind will be fresher in the A.M. Thanks, brothers:)
  17. I can't figure that out, either. Hey, at least I can post a small picture. LOL
  18. I can post a smaller picture, but I got this message when I did it the other way. You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community.
  19. Thanks, NN. I think I can figure that out. I don't know how to do that, either. I also don't know how to quote part of someone's post. LOL
  20. What Polaroid icon do you mean, NN? Can you explain what it looks like?

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