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  1. That is what my husband's "help ministry" will be focused on, Brother Garry. My husband is a contractor, who builds things out of nothing. He has always been a laborer and has re-built our old IFB church two times. God has called him into this ministry in the church in WV. They are currently meeting at a retirement center. The vision for the church is to buy a building, and restore it to a church. I will be his helpmeet.
  2. Thanks for the recommendation, HC. It sounds like a wonderful book. Yes, the Qur'an does show a Muslim who Jesus Christ is. As with many who get saved, when God brings you to the bottom of self, your religion of your birth will reveal to you who Jesus Christ actually is. The RCC also revealed to me who Jesus is.
  3. LOL, wretched. Oh, I am well aware of that Salyan. It is a very secular nation. I am very aware of the fact, that Jews deny Jesus Christ. It will be a wonderful thing, when 1/3 of them shall see Jesus Christ face to face. Also, I am thinking of this in a future tense. The New Jerusalem will be an eternal home for us. It is the everlasting nation that God has chosen, not the USA or any other nation on the planet. That's all I am sayin'...
  4. After much prayer, I had to let go of a Muslim that I was witnessing to on Facebook, John. He is a year older than my son. He was engaged to a young girl, worldly like himself, but his mother didn't approve of her (many Muslims are atheist and agnostic. He was agnostic). Anyway, he had to break off his engagement to her awhile back. He is now engaged to a woman, his mother has arranged for him to marry. She is a very devout Muslim. I watched his Timeline and his conversations with her. I believe he is now following Islam. I am bathing the issue in prayer.
  5. Sorry for the delay, Jeffrey. I got a phone call, as you asked me this question. Actually, I didn't know if you wanted me to answer it. "Ye are not straitened in us, but ye are straitened in your own bowels." ~ II Corinthians 6:12 That verse is talking about Biblical separation. Christians are to be holy, not conformed to this world. In this chapter, the Apostle Paul is talking to the church at Corinth.
  6. The IFB church in WV, where God has directed my husband to serve in the "helps ministry" has very few people. However, when we visit, one can surely feel the Holy Spirit moving in that church. Our friend's oldest son, is also going to plant another church down the road. He is just praying where the Lord will lead Him. These little IFB churches, where pastor's remain faithful, are not overlooked by the Lord Jesus Christ. My church was established in 1982, in my hometown. The original pastor went home to be with the Lord, shortly after establishing the church. He passed on of cancer. My
  7. Sorry, LuAnne. I didn't catch that. I am just so tired of hearing about Calvinism on an IFB site. Once again, I came to OB under the assumption that it was an IFB site. I will say again, that I enjoy when people come to OB to learn more about IFB's, but those who are pushing Calvinism on this site, day in and day out, makes me grow weary. Jeffrey, below is an article that will show you what Wescott and Hort believed. Included in the article are their actual words, not words made up by IFB's. Note what was said about Darwinism. http://www.1611kingjamesbible.com/westcott_hort.html/
  8. I agree with this article, Iac, except for this: "Your country is the greatest in the world,"... The greatest nation in the world is not the USA, it is Israel. Israel is the everlasting nation that God created, where believers in Jesus Christ will spend an eternity in. A.K.A. "The New Jerusalem, or New Kingdom."
  9. I would suggest that you read the works of these men regarding the Modern Versions, Jeffrey. And, Muslims are God's creation. They need the gospel just like anyone else. MV's are the main reason that they vehemently have a prOBlem with Christianity. When I witness to them, I always use the KJV. However, b/c they are blind, like all lost people, they can't see the truth b/c they are being witnessed to be Christians who use MV's. Do you see the confusion? You know who the author of confusion is. I know I don't have to tell you that. It seems like Calvinism is always used as a
  10. You didn't answer my question, Jeffrey. You turned this conversation into Calvinism. Once again, "Have you ever read about Wescott and Hort."
  11. I would certainly agree with you that the English language evolves, Jeffrey. That is the point I am trying to make. You are correct. English isn't God's chosen language. However, if proper English (which the KJV includes) continues to be dumbed down, then we are in big trouble. We are already. It isn't just Muslims that have a prOBlem with Christianity and Modern Versions of the Bible, it is many people who are unsaved. Do you know the history of Wescott and Hort, with the MV's?
  12. Right. Hmmm. I have never heard a Muslim say that before. Your comment about our language being transformed through the years reminds me of Darwin. You see our Bible as evolving, which I don't. You have heard it said that God's word is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I don't accept MV's, b/c they are very watered down. You even said so with the word, gay. The world has transformed that word from sodomite to gay. Our language is very dumbed down, and keeps heading that way. Our Bible has been dumbed down to fit the world. God isn't supposed to fit the world.
  13. There is a movement called Chrislam that is creeping into our churches, Jeffrey. Imams are invited to attend churches to try and bring Christianity and Islam together. How can that be done? Muslims don't worship Jesus Christ. They worship Allah, a false god. Anyway, Rick Warren is promoting this. He is a false prophet who is promoting Chrislam. Rick Warren believes in Modern Versions of the Bible. When I witness to Muslims, the one thing they always say is that they can't believe in Christianity b/c we have so many Bibles. That is the point I am trying to make.
  14. Amen, EK. I will join you in prayer. He was really a breath of fresh air on OB. I hope he comes back to this site.
  15. Thank you so much, EK. God gave me the strength, b/c without Him I wouldn't have able to do anything. Amen. God's will be done, is right. God bless you too, brother.
  16. Yes, they are quite calming to listen to. Perhaps. We get them in July - August when the humidity is high. Years ago, when I lived on Lake Erie, we had so many of them. I love listening to them, at night, with the windows open and the fan running. It is so soothing to me.
  17. I had two BIL's serve in Desert Storm. Neither of them regrets their service. My older BIL is a retired Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy. He flew the A-7 Corsair over Baghdad, which dropped the bombs on Iraq. It was the first plane to go in. He also stayed in the Middle East, in Kuwait, for several years working for Bowing. My other BIL, was made Sergeant, at the age of 18, in the Marines. He was a sharpshooter. He was the very first ground troops in Iraq. When he came back to the USA, he was one of GHWB's personal guards in DC. A SIL of mine, had a brother who served in the Arm
  18. I agree, I am chief. This is exactly the kind of thing the military is trained for. However, I do agree that the whole thing in the middle east has been going on for ages, and there is nothing that the USA can do to help things. We can only make things worse.
  19. This kind of thing is ridiculous! I see these types of things on my local news all the time. I really feel for this family. It is total insanity with this government.
  20. Rugby is a tough sport. We have a local team in my area. Back in my 20's I used to follow them. "All Blacks" would be considered not politically correct in the USA.
  21. They are a type of locust, John. We get them in OH in the summer months. Some years, we have a huge swarm of them. Below is a wiki article on them with a picture. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cicada
  22. Thanks, GP. Yes, He certainly does. Amen. Well said, brother:)
  23. Thanks, Invicta. This is a very good article. I remember some of it from the science teachers who taught by learning disabled students when I taught school. I am saving this.
  24. LuAnne said: "I don't get your reference to Crislam, though..." ___________________ Sorry, I misread this HC. My reference to Chrislam is that Rick Warren put together the book, "A Purpose Driven Life." That book included all Bibles in it. It was a whole variety of MV's rolled into one book. In regards to Chrislam? Muslims are always telling Christians that one of the reasons they don't believe in Christianity is b/c of the variety of Bibles we have. Rick Warren's promotion of his book added to this. He is encouraging Christians to make peace with Muslims. Somehow, I think his b
  25. I will stick with my smaller pictures. You just have to click on them to make them bigger.
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