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  1. Aaaw, Ian. I will keep you son and this whole situation in prayer, as well.
  2. Yes, that is so right Ukelelemike. However, the majority of people hear the name Judas and automatically associate it with the Judas who betrayed Christ not Jesus' brother. So true about the Hebrew version of Jesus, being Joshua. I know an Orthodox Jewish man who's Hebrew name is Joshua. I told him years ago that it is Hebrew for Jesus. It feel on deaf ears, though.
  3. No way, Dave! I couldn't tell. Anyway, I love the Aussies. I have said since OBama has been in office, that the "Land Down Under" is not going to be Down Under very much longer. Aussies are tough people. My SIL doesn't take any garbage, and she has always kept her Aussie roots.
  4. That is why you are a mod on OB, HC. It is to encourage the IFB churches in the rest of the country and world that are in dire straights. H-E-L-P.
  5. When I worked in the inner city, I heard every name imaginable. Jesus and Judas were among them. I can't understand why any couple (or parent) would name their child, "Jesus" the Name above all Names. Also, Judas is questionable, as many people would associate it with the Judas who betrayed Christ. Also, I have heard the name, Jezebel as well.
  6. Dave, could what you wrote have something to do with Australia being a penal colony, at one time? My former sister in law, was raised in Geelong, Australia until she was twelve. Her mother moved her two children to the USA, per the request of her mother. My SIL's dad threw her mom out a glass door. He was an abusive drunk, who ended up having five marriages. After my SIL divorced my brother, she married another drunk. After the divorce, I asked her if she could see the pattern of marrying drunks, as my brother is also a drunk. She answered, "yes." Anyway, she is getting married again
  7. Amen, Paid4. After all, marriage was the first institution that God created. Satan despises that most of all.
  8. I am patiently waiting for you to start that thread, Jeffrey. I have no idea what kind of IFB church you went to for all those years. I doesn't sound like my church, though. It doesn't sound like the IFB church I went to for four years, and it doesn't sound like the one God will be placing us in a year or so. I hear so much teaching on Jesus in my IFB church on His compassion, mercy and grace it is unreal. I wouldn't go to church if I didn't hear about Him. God is, once again, building up my church. People are coming to services. My pastor is a very merciful man of God. When we l
  9. Sounds even better, NN. I have heard the same thing about the Qur'an. The RCC created Islam, so it is possible.
  10. I wouldn't say that, Jeffrey. You are very intelligent. If you could get over your beef with the IFB church you attended for years, you would be quite valuable to IFB's everywhere. Do you think I like everything that my pastor preaches on Sunday? No, I don't. However, I know it comes from the KJV. It's called conviction. When he preaches, he also gives his opinion, at times. Do I always agree with him? No, I don't. However, there is no perfect church. You won't find one anywhere on God's earth. People are not perfect, so how can a church be perfect? Why not look for another IFB ch
  11. You were so busy with school, Brother Garry. You couldn't cook the way you should have all the time, because of the demands of school. Quick meals, were all you could do. I know what you mean about being angry with one self, though. I get angry when I overload on junk, at times, and not stay focused on nutritious foods. It is a never ending battle to to keep our bodies in shape. Coming from the RCC, we didn't have fellowship like IFB's. We have a fellowship luncheon at the end of every month, when a missionary preaches. Also, my husband eats like a horse. It is hard to balance out a
  12. Below is the article from Wescott and Hort's own words, Jeffrey. TELLING QUOTATIONS FROM WESTCOTT AND HORT Concerning the Deity of Christ: "He never speaks of Himself directly as God, but the aim of His revelation was to lead men to see God in Him." (Westcott, The Gospel According to St. John, p. 297). "(John) does not expressly affirm the identification of the Word with Jesus Christ." (Westcott, Ibid., p. 16). Concerning the Scriptures: "I reject the infallibility of Holy Scriptures overwhelmingly." (Westcott, The Life and Letters of Brook Foss Westcott, Vol. I, p.207). "Our Bib
  13. Yes, this is true Paid4; however, I agree with Brother Garry. Satan is the prOBlem and he is destroying families day in and day out. Why should a pastor's family be any different?
  14. I agree, Ukelelemike. My first pastor never allowed clapping after a specials, but his son does. My husband and I don't clap, but say "Amen." I suppose it is up to each individual person. We recognize our Veterans and had flowers for Mother's Day. Yesterday, my pastor didn't give anything out for Father's Day b/c he said, he didn't think the men would mind. I don't care if I get flower's on Mother's Day; however, my hubby built me a nice planter to put them in. There were leftovers, so my pastor's wife told me to take them, otherwise they would go to waste. My hubby also made h
  15. Okay. I agree with EK. I think this should be reserved to "pastor's only" and yes, SFIC - you are still a pastor. My first pastor is an evangelist now, but I still call him Pastor ________. After the discussion is finished, will BroMatt and the mods open it up for others to view?
  16. I figured that out, Jeffrey. When I witness to someone, I will give them the verse from the KJV. Yes, of course! "God's word, never returns void."
  17. No. I had already stated that we don't have the "originals" Jeffrey. Hey, knock your self out using the MV's that take out the deity of Jesus Christ, with missing scriptures. Just leave people in a state of confusion, brother. I don't know how you can't possibly think that our Bibles haven't been dumbed down. Just as English goes downhill, so do the MV's, as they are a product of the dumbing down of our English language. The newest Bible out there is one that appeases sodomites; however, it will leave them in their sin and a lost state, sending them to an eternity of hell. Still not
  18. It boils down to making people feel special, Ukelelemike. LOL
  19. I read the chapter in context, Jeffrey. Yes, HC it is about "being reconciled to God"... however, it does go on to talk about Biblical separation. I used the KJV to determine the meaning, Jeffrey. God's word, alone. I read it with my mind, and it spoke to my heart. Also, what you could have done was given me the scripture verse, so that I didn't have to look it up in my concordance. You just left a scripture w/o putting down where the verse was in the Bible. I should have asked you what it meant, as you haven't even looked at or responded to the article on Wescott and Hort. Maybe you d
  20. Absolutely, I will keep this man in prayer, John. A couple of years ago, a wonderful IFB pastor's wife, cheated on him (and no, TGL it wasn't with a woman ). He stepped down from the pulpit b/c of this. It is so disheartening to hear situations like this. *sigh*
  21. Thanks, HC. The Muslims I have left on my Facebook Timeline are atheist or agnostic. Many young Muslims are, in middle eastern countries. I had to un-friend a Shi'ite from Iran, awhile ago, b/c he wouldn't co-operate with a secular Jew who runs Haaretz News in Israel. All that he needed to do, was give his opinion on Iran and the conflict with the "Palestianians" so it could be printed in Haaretz. He refused to co-operate. This sounds like an excellent book to read, while I am still living in north eastern, OH. Muslims are everywhere here and need the gospel. The charismatics are witn
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