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  1. Good post, Dave. I have to deal with Roman Catholics and Protestants on a daily basis in the real world. Why is it that "Online Baptist - An Independent Baptist Community since 2002! (Note the explanation mark at the end of the name of the site, shows excitement) allows Protestants with their false views, run rampant on this forum. However, IFB's are silenced as we contend for the faith? I just don't understand. What pains me is the number of IFB's who have left the site, for this very reason, and don't intend to come back. This site has slowly gone downhill, since I was on it years ago,
  2. I am amazed at some IFB's who don't know this, Linda (or at least claim they don't know it). If someone who was raised in the RCC for most of my life, knows what it is, then an IFB should know it. Maybe a Protestant doesn't know, but I hope they would come to realize what it is. You gave a very good explanation. Thank you for re-posting it from the other thread that Happy Christian locked. Shalom, sister:)
  3. Reformed is reformed, GP. It is as simple as that. If I wanted to be reformed, I would walk myself to the little reformed church down the road from me. They are all over my area. No thanks. No comment. You have an answer for everything, HC. GP already told me what I have heard about Ruckman. There is no need for me to start a thread on him. Bravo, sister!
  4. GP, my in-laws have his cassette tapes from the 1950's. I used to listen to them before I got saved. Those tapes planted many seeds in my heart. Also, b/c of his book on "Marriage, Divorce, and Re-Marriage" I would have never married my husband. My husband read that book. That is why we are married, b/c he questioned whether or not to marry a divorced woman ( with a young child), even though I wasn't saved in my first marriage. And, had I stayed in that marriage, my ex husband would have murdered me. My hubby and I have been married for 13 1/2 years. OBviously, Ruckman has a special pl
  5. Well, the whole thread should have followed Jeffrey's first post. It was about the KJV preceding Ruckman. Your second post sounded like you wanted to stifle anything about Ruckman re: the KJV. Should I start a post on why so many IFB despise Ruckman? I really want answers. Reformed Theology is downright un-Biblical, HC. Anything reformed is Protestant. If any IFB is subscribing to Reformed Theology, they are in big trouble, with doctrine. Dr. James Beller's Book, "The Coming Destruction of the Baptist People" talks about the difference between evangelicals and fundamentalists. It is
  6. Okay, now you have made it clear. Thank you. Regarding the KJV and Ruckman? You put in one small post about Ruckman. You said, he doesn't belong in the pulpit. I asked if it was because of his many wives and you said that is part of it, but you didn't want to derail the thread. I am being serious. I would like to know why many IFB's despise Ruckman. Please lay it all out for me. That is all I am asking. Of course Baptists aren't Protestants. That was the first thing I learned in my IFB church. I am talking about the Calvinists, who frequent an IFB site, with an agenda.
  7. Many sarcastic comments on OB ARE belittling LuAnne. So, those are the rules? If someone reports a person three times, they are automatically banned? That was never specified in the rules on the forum, when I signed up years ago? Then, how come others are banned immediately? I am talking about the SDA people? I don't mind that they are banned, but rules are rules. Also, you didn't say anything about Peter Ruckman. This thread was about him and the KJV. Of course the KJV preceded Ruckman. You posted, after Jeffrey's first post, that you didn't want to derail the thread, when in fact
  8. Yet sarcastic comments are allowed on OB? What's the difference? IFB's are dropping like flies on a once IFB site. This site has been turned over to Protestants. How is anyone that is an IFB supposed to learn more from strong people in the faith like Dr. Ach? I believe this thread never talked about Peter Ruckman and the KJV, except the first post made by Jeffrey, because so many IFB's have a prOBlem with Ruckman.
  9. Thanks, HC. I want to pass this information on to my BIL and SIL. I wish I would have known families that were home schooling while my son was growing up. Although, that would have been another battle with my ex husband.
  10. I love trout and I really love Cracker Barrel.
  11. While I didn't find it funny, my hubby might. He also loves the 3 Stooges and Abbott and Costello, too.
  12. That is so horrible to hear, HC. Praise the Lord the boys were saved! I can't imagine what the parents are going through. This is a parents' worse nightmare. I will keep the family in prayer. Yes, God is good as in the boys got saved before they passed away. Just prayed for the family of the boys and the situation.
  13. Can someone other than the parent, home school a child? There are so many parents out there who work full-time jOBs, and can't be home to school their child. What about those parents?
  14. While I agree with this, there is a Jewish sect that lives in Arab countries. They hold only to Torah. They believe the Talmud is man-made and they are correct. I laugh when I hear what they say, b/c even though they are unsaved, and only have half the Bible, they sound like IFB's. They say, "G-d (God) says it in His word, and I believe it."
  15. Yes, that is what I have been taught through the Bible. This whole "one from the land and one from the sea" is traveling around Facebook. However, it is charismatics saying that, so I do consider the source. That is what I have come to believe, HC. Many people believe he will be a political man. It makes me wonder if he be ruling from the USA, because of how corrupt our political system is. I agree that he will not be well known. Agreed about the Jews. The majority of Jews are well aware of the Vatican and the bloody history that goes along with the RCC, in regards to Judaism. Well, n
  16. I really think he is for peace, too, HC. I always believed that John Paul II was for peace, as well. Many people are calling Francis the False Prophet, but I don't believe that is the case. They are going along with the prophecies of Malachi Martin. Martin talked about visions and dreams, and that is totally un-biblical in this age. I believe he talked about the 112 pope being the Anti-christ. It sounds much like Nostradamus to me. I believe the Anti-christ will have knowledge of all world religions. The unsaved world will fall for his talks of peace, for the first 3 1/2 years of the
  17. I haven't figured out what we are having yet. Joe didn't give me the menu before he left for work this morning. I have to call him to find out what he wants.
  18. If I was saved at a younger age, I would have chosen homeschooling for my son. He even begged me to home school him at one point. It broke my heart. I had to work or we wouldn't have been able to survive. I was a single mom, from the time my son was 2 until he was in the forth grade. He attended Montessori School, from Pre-K to 2nd grade. His dad paid the tuition, and I paid for day care costs. Thankfully, mom my was able to watch him once a week, then my MIL, when my mom became feeble. Even in a good public school system, like the one my son attended and the one that his dad, me and m
  19. When my dad's Irish ancestors were coming from Ireland to the USA, some of them decided not to make the trip and settle in Australia instead. They owned lots of land. However, my family never recovered it, b/c they had to claim it within 7 years. They found out years later about the crowd that decided to stay in Australia. Anyway, the crown took it.
  20. In all seriousness SFIC, I thought the same thing when I saw this. This woman made things worse by putting out this video about the Vatican. Many people, except the Roman Catholics (and even some of them are coming to know that the Vatican lies) understand how the RCC operates. This woman with her phony video, did the case for "true" Christianity a disservice.
  21. "Wifey?"... LOL, Larry. Sometimes my hubby calls me that. He means it with affection, as I am sure you do.
  22. Yeah, this is a hoax. A Facebook friend had it posted on her wall, while ago. She swears by this woman who did the the video. It is not accurate, at all. HC gave a great explanation as to why.
  23. My hubby and I play Scrabble too, HC. Tonight's Supper: Stir fry
  24. At one time my brother's son was going to train for the Australian Navy. He is in the US Air Force now. He has chosen a career in the military.
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