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  1. Thanks Swath. I understand what you are saying. I have always had much discernment, obviously, I would not have left the RCC in my mind in the 2nd grade. Then, I begged my parents to leave in the 8th grade for good, saying I did my duty. Lol Considering the majority of people in my area are RC's, I wouldn't suggest the movie for them to watch but I would give them a synopsis and let them know the un-Biblical things in the movie. I do that with so many of these Hollywood movies anyway. Sure I get flack from people, but I back that up with scripture. Even though their carnal minds are unable to grasp the word of God, the word doesn't return void. It is amazing when I throw scripture out there how people become silent. Great article Linda and so very true! Dr. James Beller, pastor and Baptist Biblical historian, wrote in his last book "The Coming Destruction of the Baptist People" (I believe that is the name) that there would be a huge divide between fundamentalists and evangelicals. We can't stop what God is going to do. However, pointing out Biblical flaws to people should be a priority to all Christians. I know many baby Christians who will argue with me on movies such as these. I just give them the scriptures, as you did above and leave it at that. There is no sense arguing. A baby believer, as you know, is still drinking the milk and the meat might turn them away. After scripture is given to back up what I am saying, they usually back down anyway. As for the unsaved? I always suggest other movies that hold to Biblical truth.
  2. Thanks Linda. Obviously, we haven't watched the movie yet. With what was said above, it sounds very charismatic. Something I am certainly not into. The only thing I can use from the movie is to point out the flaws to those who have blinders on. Where I live, that is a lot of people. Maybe by pointing out the deficiencies in the movie, people's eye might open and hearts may grow soft to the word of God. Anyway, it is worth a shot.
  3. I put two copies on hold at the Christian bookstore in town back when it had just come out of the theater. Therefore, I got a huge discount. Has anyone seen the movie? Is it just another one of Hollywood's drivel or does it has some real Biblical content?
  4. Hi Lily! Welcome to OB. I hope we can be a help to you as you are a blessing to us from God. I have church planter friends who are in Scotland now, starting a new church. They are in Glasgow. I plan on visiting soon. I was planning on moving near their home in southeastern, OH, where they planted a church in WV. We (husband and I) were going to move in a year, but due to my medical problems (grand mall seizures) we have to wait to save more money to buy property and a house as we are paying off medical bills from my hospital visits. My grand mall seizures are quite traumatic, so if you ever want to talk about health related issues feel free to send me a private message. I don't hear voices; however, I could help you just by chatting. Brother Mike has a good point. Sometimes our illnesses are related to food. In another post, I mentioned that I was seeing a group of drugless doctors. They are teaching me how to start a new lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising more frequently. Just a suggestion. How sweet of your unsaved husband to take you to church. Keep close to the Lord Jesus and He will see you through. Again, welcome and God bless you!
  5. Thanks so much LuAnne. It is also wonderful that the "Drugless Doctors" are born again Christians. My in-laws discovered their show on cable. After two trips to the hospital in 6 months of each other, my husband, son, in-laws, pastor and his wife, were so concerned. Joe wanted answers! He was so tired of the doctors saying they couldn't find what was wrong with me. They thought I had some rare psychological illness and planned to use me as an experiment in their studies. By the 3rd time I had to have an ambulance called. I can barely remember a thing, except I put natural herbs, that should be swallowed, in an glass of mineral water. Joe noticed it and knew there was something wrong. He also says that I have a glare in my eyes like a trance when I have a seizure and I can't speak. Everything is so confusing. My neurologist hooked me to monitors and did more extensive testing. He told me two years ago, when I told him where I had been hospitalized before that he would gather all the information and solve the problem. I had an appointment with him that week. He also carried through with his promises. He couldn't believe how simple the problem was and how it was sitting under the doctors noses the whole time. He asked me how I had been surviving since 1997. This was my chance to witness a little to him about Jesus. I thanked him and told him that God sent him into my life, and that Jesus is my "Great Physician." I don't think it penetrated as he repeated that they should have done the proper testing and put me on the correct medication. Praise the Lord this doctor is one of the best in his field. He is the top neurologist at the CC anyway. Also, I was so happy to wake up each time to time to the KJV in the hospital room. The nurses also prayed with me. What a blessing!
  6. Oh well, it was worth a shot. Pictures and all in the slideshow. Lol
  7. Just a little slideshow on the "catching away" in the "twinkling of an eye"... A.K.A. "Rapture" https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=E4A3F033CAFA05CF!8228&ithint=file%2Cpptx&app=PowerPoint&authkey=!ADjRVPU1qjCFp4k
  8. Thank you Alan, John81 and Rosie:) I give all glory and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ for the good doctors he has put in my midst. In 1998 I was diagnosed by University Hospitals, but the medication they put me on was not strong enough and later they found out that it doesn't work well for seizures. It was a brand new drug at that time and hadn't really been tested on seizure patients. This drug is much older, and has had much success in the area for those suffering from any kind of seizure, not just "Generalized Seizures." Anyway, later I went to a private hospital then Kaiser, currently Health Span in OH and KY, as my insurance changed. I did gain some weight though. Lol For anyone who is curious, the website for the drugless doctors I am seeing is below. Maybe there is one in your area? They do wonders! "The Drugless Doctors" Chiropractic, Family Health and Wellness - They are a "different" kind of chiropractic doctor. The do not do any cracking, but do stretching techniques and use high tech equipment on all areas of one's back, including spine, hips, and head. They also work on stomach ailments. They follow a computer screen with one's X-rays on it to see where the problem areas are. www.druglessdrs.com Twitter: @ druglessdrs FB: The Drugless Doctors
  9. For the past 1 1/2 years I have been hospitalized 3 times for grand mall seizures. Hopefully the last visit will be my last one. I spent a week at the Cleveland Clinic where an in depth brain scan was done. My neurologist said that I haven't been on the right seizure medication since the seizures came back in 1997. I am finally on the right anti-seizure medication. He also told me that I was born with seizures. As a child I had febrile or fever related seizures which went away when I was 12. These particular seizures are called "Generalized Seizures." Also, I have been getting horrible headaches since 2001. I am seeing a group of doctors called "The Drugless Doctors" who have done X-rays on my brain, neck and spine. I go to them 2 times a week. They are a different kind of chiropractor who work on the body in all kinds of ways, including the brain, the heart, the spine, the digestive system, including upper, lower intestines and more. Praise God that my insurance covers 80% the cost. I also get massage as well as it is recommended in my treatment. Unfortunately it is not covered by insurance. The massage helps with my violent headaches which come on without notice. They thought they were migraine related for awhile but they are related to stress. The Drugless Doctors and massage help wonderfully. Thank you Lord Jesus!
  10. Happy Belated Thanksgiving to my fellow American citizens.  Hope everyone had a wonderful day with family and friends.  If you spent it alone, you surely weren't "alone" as Christ Jesus was with you.  God bless!


    1. Ronda


      Amen... Hebrews 13:5 "Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee." 

    2. Rosie


      thank you hope you had a good day too

  11. Jen-Jen, your dear dad is in my prayers as are you and your family.  Praying for your "papa's" diabetes to be under control.  God bless you in the Name of Jesus Christ, sister.


  12. Hudson schools on the east side of town and Rocky River schools on the west side of town have been rated as the best school districts in the State of OH, many years running.
  13. I am not being combative. I am sorry that my post to AVBB came across that way. I am just being blunt. Funny thing is that many born again Christians who attend public school and are grounded in there local IFB church are not feminist, nor do they lack understanding of God's word. Their parents teach them at home. Remember, not all Christians can afford Christian school and not all can home school their children. These children I am speaking of, become adults and go on for higher learning in the local Independent Baptist Church. Their days in public school has not affected them at all. As with my family, we did not know any Baptists and weren't privy to anything but public or parochial school. My parents chose public school as they were forced to attend parochial school by their parents. I only attended parochial school b/c of the rash of kidnappings in my neighborhood, and the public school extended the lunch hour. My mom was working outside of the home, and both of my parents thought it was much safer to attend parochial school, as they had a school lunch program. Praise God those years taught me nothing, except the Trinity (godhead). Some of the strongest Christians I know attended public schools. I meet them all the time. Many IFB pastors have attested to this as well. It would be nice if IFB's wouldn't slight Christians who have attended public school. That is all..
  14. Not at all, HC. I am very calm. I am merely stating that my mom who was raised in the RCC and got saved later in life, taught both her daughters how to be submissive. It seems that the IFB has a grasp on submission, while other religions do not. That is my point. My parents taught me morals and values at home. What I learned in the public school has made me very aware on reaching souls that are lost. If AVBB has statistical proof that those women reared in public school are feminists, then I would love to see it. My pastor's wife, my MIL and another older woman who conducted the submission classes we very surprised that I knew how to be a submissive wife. It was the "home grown" Baptist women that needed the course. My mom, a woman from the era of the Great Depression, along with various aunts showed me and my sister how to be a submissive wife. For example, they always voted for the same candidate that their husbands voted for. I learned it from them. I didn't need the Bible to show me that what they taught me was correct. When I began reading and studying the word of God, it reiterated what I had already known. Comments such as AVBB shared on this forum have no business on a Bible believing site. It is just his opinion. This is my experience and I believe it is an over generalization to paint public school children with a broad brush. Learning begins at home.
  15. Your post sounds like you made it up yourself, AVBB. I was raised primarily in public school, aside from two years in parochial school while in junior high. When the church women had a class on submission, I was completely taken back, as my mother was the most submissive woman that I knew. I grew up in an RCC home, where the man was certainly the head of the household. My mom trained her daughters to be like her. She worked outside the home to send us to college, b/c she wanted us to fall back on something if our husband's should pass on. Little did she know that my first marriage was to an abusive man who would have murdered me, if I stayed with him. I am not a feminist and will never be one. My second husband is the head of my household. I don't know where you get off with your post about women going to public school being feminist. Do you have proof to back this up? Statistics? Anything? I resent you calling me a feminist b/c I was reared primarily in a public school system, of which was and still is the best public school system in the State of OH.
  16. I am 3/4 Irish Diarmiad. My ancestors immigrated to the USA in the 1800's. According to a cousin who follows genealogy records, I have relatives in Ireland. Primarily in Dublin and County Mayo. Welcome aboard! In about a year, my husband and I will be traveling to Scotland, to help church planter friends of ours with their ministry there.
  17. You have no clue as to the gratitude I have expressed to LuAnne in our private messages. End of story!
  18. Two members on this site, including you, belittle people with sarcastic comments. Yes, I am talking about your personally sarcastic posts to TGL. You don't see the relevance of being being a Jew by blood? Did you read what the OP said? It cuts me to the core of my soul to see people, on this site, talk about what the OP stated. You seriously can't get that? Not being a Jew, I suppose you wouldn't though. I will repeat Spurgeon's quote, as you conveniently looked it over. "A vigorous temper is not altogether an evil. Men who are easy as an old shoe are generally of little worth." ~ Charles Spurgeon
  19. Spurgeon's quote has to do with anger. The Bible specifically says, "be angry and sin not." My anger is in hopes to get this site back to where it once was, years ago, when I used to learn a lot. Other's use sarcasm, like yourself, which belittles people. I ask, what's the difference? "A vigorous temper is not altogether an evil. Men who are easy as an old shoe are generally of little worth." ~ Charles Spurgeon
  20. Well, if they are gracious to keep me on OB, then they are keeping others on OB who whine as well. And, those who are sarcastic to the point of belittling people, daily. Dr. Ach is a Jew like myself. My ancestral roots have been proven. I am also Black Irish (which is Hispanic Irish). I may not use sarcasm like you do, Al. I just get to the point. I have never been know to beat around the bush. Having a temper, from now and then is not a bad thing at all. It is better than people who sit like bumps on a log, and do nothing. I believe Charles Spurgeon said something to this effect. Let me see if I can find his quote.
  21. Wrong, Jeffrey! It is in the KJV. "From which some having swerved have turned aside unto vain jangling;" ~ I Timothy 1:6
  22. Several months ago, BroMatt private messaged me about my complaints on OB. I explained what they were, but he never responded back to me. I private messaged HC, this week about how disgruntled I am with what was said in the OP, and my input was disliked immediately. We ended up taking about other things in that private message, once she made herself perfectly clear that my complaint wasn't valid in her eyes. The only reason I am still on OB, is that I hope this prOBlem stated by the OP will change how OB is run. The good thing I can say is that OB holds to the KJV, except for a certain member who uses another Bible; however, he doesn't post from it. Recently, there is a thread about the validity of the KJV, however, I believe the moderator in charge is handling that appropriately. Those are the reasons, I am staying. Also, my point is not to so discord. It is my hope to build up OB, to the site, that it was years ago. "Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints." ~ Jude 3
  23. Pilgrim did give the correct definition of "bedfellow." I am 50, and I have always associated it with that definition. Once again, because of political correctness, we have to watch a word like that too. Soon, we will be silenced into saying nothing, for fear that we will offend someone in this world. How pathetic our world is.
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