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  1. Happy Belated Thanksgiving to my fellow American citizens.  Hope everyone had a wonderful day with family and friends.  If you spent it alone, you surely weren't "alone" as Christ Jesus was with you.  God bless!


    1. Ronda


      Amen... Hebrews 13:5 "Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee." 

    2. Rosie


      thank you hope you had a good day too

  2. Jen-Jen, your dear dad is in my prayers as are you and your family.  Praying for your "papa's" diabetes to be under control.  God bless you in the Name of Jesus Christ, sister.


  3. I love trout and I really love Cracker Barrel.
  4. I haven't figured out what we are having yet. Joe didn't give me the menu before he left for work this morning. I have to call him to find out what he wants.
  5. "Wifey?"... LOL, Larry. Sometimes my hubby calls me that. He means it with affection, as I am sure you do.
  6. My hubby and I play Scrabble too, HC. Tonight's Supper: Stir fry
  7. Yes, they are quite calming to listen to. Perhaps. We get them in July - August when the humidity is high. Years ago, when I lived on Lake Erie, we had so many of them. I love listening to them, at night, with the windows open and the fan running. It is so soothing to me.
  8. They are a type of locust, John. We get them in OH in the summer months. Some years, we have a huge swarm of them. Below is a wiki article on them with a picture. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cicada
  9. I will stick with my smaller pictures. You just have to click on them to make them bigger.
  10. Oh, that's what it is? WOW! I am not as computer illiterate as I thought I was.
  11. I remember the old way too, Al. Well, you are way ahead of me, brother. I have no idea how to do a multi-quote. I have experimented, but haven't figured it out. Can you explain a little better, TGL? I know you post pictures on here that aren't as small as mine.
  12. 1. Highlight what you want to copy 2. Right click and choose "Copy" 3. Go to where you want to place it. 4. Put the cursor in the right place 5. Right click and choose "Paste" I just did that, BroK. I don't think it works the same with google chrome. Thank you for your help. Yes, Jordan... can you help us?
  13. Thanks, Bro K. I use google chrome. I can't seem to figure out how to copy part of the post. LOL Jordan.
  14. Thanks, NN and Dave. I will try those things first thing in the morning. It is getting late here, so my mind will be fresher in the A.M. Thanks, brothers:)
  15. I can't figure that out, either. Hey, at least I can post a small picture. LOL
  16. I can post a smaller picture, but I got this message when I did it the other way. You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community.
  17. Thanks, NN. I think I can figure that out. I don't know how to do that, either. I also don't know how to quote part of someone's post. LOL
  18. What Polaroid icon do you mean, NN? Can you explain what it looks like?
  19. How did you get your pictures to print so big, NN? Mine are so small.
  20. Okay, when you go to post a picture - instead of hitting "post" - hit "More Reply Options." Then, hit "Choose File" under "Attach Files" then hit "Add Reply." Hope this helps, Brother Garry. Let me try and post a bigger picture.
  21. http://www.onlinebaptist.com/home/uploads/monthly_06_2014/post-23427-0-58796100-1402619091.jpgI haven't had a prOBlem with posting YouTube videos. I just click on the video, copy and paste it and post. I can also post pictures. At least I have done that before. Let me see if I still can.
  22. It actually brought to light the exact same thing that you were discussing above. It was an interesting movie on the Mormons.
  23. I saw a movie on the Hallmark station, years ago, called "In God's Country" about this very thing. Has anyone seen it?
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