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  1. My pastor just did a sermon on this passage a couple of weeks ago. He basically agreed with what JJJ is referring to, that this passage is about loss of inheritence. The premise is a warning to backsliding believers that, while all their sins have been forgiven though salvation, they will be held accountable for all sins they commit after being saved. Christ can't be crucified again to blot out your sins a second time. My pastor said that it's basically cautioning against the "I can do whatever I want because I will be forgiven" attitude. I'm sorry I don't have my notes with me to suppl
  2. Aside from the Bible, I'm reading 'From a Distance' by Tamera Alexander, and David Cloud's 'Purpose Driven or Scripture Driven?'
  3. Celiac disease runs in my family. My mom, brother, two aunts and a cousin all have it. My aunt now owns a cafe specialising in gluten free cooking as she and her pastor's wife, who works there part time, are both celiac. When my mom was diagnosed about 12 years ago, she didn't know anyone else with it (except her grandmother). She started taking her own food to church potlucks, and it was discovered that several other people were also gluten free and had simply not been coming, so they were able to do their own mini GF potluck. My brother was 7 when he was diagnosed. It was so hard for
  4. Here are a couple of suggestions that the chef at my work demo'd just last week. Cut a well in the centre of the brie and fill it with craisins. Top with pecans and almonds. Bake in the oven until it gets gooey. Great with chips or crackers! She used the remainder of the cheese on top of stuffed mushrooms (just stuffed with breadcrumbs butter and garlic) Both are really easy appetisers.
  5. Mmm this thread is making me hungry! Chicken Fajitas here tonight.
  6. Thank you all for the wonderful welcome :smile This forum is a slightly different layout than I'm used to, but I did a little exploring this afternoon, and I think I have the hang of it :tum
  7. Hello forumers! My name is Natalie and I live in Alberta Canada. I am 24 years old and newly married. I grew up Lutheran, was saved at 13, and the Lord led me a good IFB church which I was only able to attend occasionally until I was 19 (due to distance and having to rely on my parents for transportation). I am looking forward to fellowhip with other like minded believers. I was on another Christian message board until recently being conviceted that there were too many untruths being shared due to the multi-denominational nature of the board. I look forward to meeting you all!
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