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  1. Thank you all for your prayer! Jonas and Susanne were able to go home yesterday. The infection is gone but both are weak, but that couldn't keep them a way from church last night. I saw him and he is perfect. It is so amazing how God creates a person!!!
  2. Susanne wasn't feeling well on Wednesday so she went to the hospital. Her kidneys got infected and the baby also got that infection. So on Friday the doctors decided to get him. He is in an extra room and is controlled all the time. Susanne first was upset, because she couldn't see him, she wasn't allowed to get up after the surgery. But now she is with him. Her infection went a way really fast. But Jonas is still very sick. Please pray for Jonas, the infection is really troubling him and please pray for Susi to trust in God! Thank you all!
  3. I want to thank and praise the Lord for his protection! Yesterday my brother preached in Munich, because the pastor their was hindered. I drove him their, it is a 2
  4. Thank you for your prayer! The specialist said that the other doctor was too cautious. As far as he could see everything is fine.
  5. Susanne's health situation is the same. But their could be a problem with Jonas. On Friday she had a doctor appointment and during some test the heart beat from the baby went down. The doctor wants to sent her to a specialist on Monday. Susanne is worried. Please pray that the specialist will find out what the problem is and that Susanne stays calm and trusts God! As soon as I know something new I'll let you know. Thank you!
  6. Thank you for your prayer! It rained in the morning so we had our pick-nick in church and not outside. My uncle took this as a excuse not to come. But the pick-nick still was good. A few unsaved people came, as far as I know no one got saved, but some want to come again to church. The church members had good fellowship and the day was a blessing!
  7. On Thursday we will have a church pick-nick. It is a good chance to invite unsaved friends and family. Last year 5 souls got saved. My uncle told me he will come. Please pray that this will be the day of his second birth.
  8. I'll pray that the seminar will be a blessing!
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