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  1. Thankyou sooo much for your insight. It is very helpful and I agree whole heartily. Others should see this and know that it is fiction and not take it literally. You helped me in remembering that. This is a great place to get info and I enjoy this site as a source of information so keep it coming! Thanks again.
  2. Your right and I agree America isn't Israel but it is fiction and I should have finished the book before commenting on it. Thanks for your comments.
  3. Just started this book. Its on the best seller list and I would like to encourage Everyone to read. You will not look at this ol world the same! Its an amazing reality of whats going on right now!
  4. You must weigh the pros and cons in making this decision, for there are trademarks that you cannot copy. for instance professional photos cannot be copied without permission and this tends to be a hassle also, there are trademarks on most anything you try to copy such as, greeting cards, drawings, etc. The fines can be pretty stiff and I trust you want to be legal, even though the cake will be eaten, it is still wrong to copy someones work and you will find that most of your customers will want professional photos copied. Also, edible copy paper and ink will dry out if not used quite frequently, can also be costly. Although some of the same goes for air brush as well. The initial cost for (several) edible air brush colors, compressor, hose, air brush + parts should be considered. You will need to know how to break down an air brush to clean because after several uses this will have to be done and it is tedious. However, you can be more creative with an airbrush, mix colors, rainbows, sky , water and grass to start, it is fun, but messy. I work in a bakery and have access to both, so I hope I have helped in your decision. For me, I'd go for the air brush. Blessings
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