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  1. From what I understand to repent means to turn away from....right? I want to use an example to ask my question. Suppose a person falls down on their knees and crys out to God to forgive them of there sins, Lets say this person is a smoker, or gambler, or drinker, whatever, and they too ask specific forgiveness of that particular sin...When the person is done praying they get up, dry off their face and go do that same exact sin immediately.....Is this genuine repentance??? Did this person repent?
  2. [flash=]As I already stated when I introduced myself in the other forum. I come from a long line of radical pentecostal/ holiness/ full gospel believers. Last year I begin having questions re: many topics, I searched and searched for answers, went to my husband, then to our bible study teacher, and then to the pastor. I never could get a good straight biblical answer. With that being said here goes my first question, I hope that I am not out of line by coming here to ask instead of my husband, but I did go to him first but he did not give me a biblical answer, just what he had been taught and heard all these years..... This is actually a two part question I suppose....The above denomination believes in baptism of the holy spirt with the evidence of speaking in tongues. They say that if you do not speak in tongues that you have not the Holy Spirit. What is this "baptism of the holy spirit" and are these "tongues" for today? I have read and read and read and everything seems to point to that you recieve the holy spirit when you are saved, and this Holy Spirit leads you, guides you, strengthens you....But the way it's been explained to me is that it's kinda like a 2 phase thing...you get saved and later after fasting, prayer, etc...then you get the holy spirit, but to me that would be as if one is only "half saved"....Re: "speaking in tongues", I've yet to find anything that points to where these tongues weren't understood when they took place in the bible. Once instance given to me when I asked was when Paul said he spoke with tongues of angels and men...But is there any instance in the bible that the angels weren't understood? Is it a different language, is there such thing as a prayer language? I am so eager to find the answers to these. If you respond please feel free to go in depth listing all scriptures or link to a website that has good biblical answers, not just tradition or what good old grand ma says...My eternity is hanging in the balance as well as my children. I have raised them with the pentecostal denominations beliefs and I am so worried now that everything, everything has been just all lies......Thanks so much!!!
  3. Hi, my name is Kim, I'm new to the forum. I came across it while surfing the net. I've been searching for answers for sometime now. I am not baptist. I was raised pentecostal/holiness/aka full gosepl. Im sure most already know what that denomination believes without me going into detail. Several months ago,questions arose in my mind, to simple innocent questions I had re: the bible and the denomination itself. I was not trying to disprove anything, only in search of answers to questions I had and could not seem to find solid biblical answers to. I brought these questions to several people. My husband first, our bible study teacher, our pastor, etc...I never recieved a biblical answer though. I was given the following answers most of the time: 1. just because 2. that's a gray area, no one knows 3. don't question God, just be happy live by faith 4. you are letting the devil corrupt your mind and your possesed 5. it's in the bible, my response would be could you please tell me where, but no one ever would, I was just told it's in there Some questions I must admit were probably minute, but some to me seem far more important than that and deal with my soul and eternally where it will abide. To make a long story short, I am in search of answers. I feel as if everything I have been taught over the years has been wrong. Lies, and deciet for whatever reason. I am not sure where I stand now with the Lord and even worse I have raised my children in these beliefs and now not sure if what I have taught them and let others teach them was actually biblical. Im just in need of answers.....Please pray for me and my family.
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