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  1. In our area there is a growing faction that wrongfully believe that God has called them out of the Church,and they are part of the universal Church. It is alarming, the 'universal church' is not an assembly of believers they do not meet (assemble themselves together) this is against scripture. God calls us to assemble together to worship. I do believe in a universal Church but that will be in Heaven. And it will be a great time of worship to God.

  2. Now I know this is a Independant fundamental Baptist web site, My Pastor has said numerous times where there is Baptists there is food. I had Chicken tonight . This Wednesday is our Fellowship supper, and I'm trying to eat healthy. pray for me.

  3. I am a young man and I am finding it hard to Find A Godly Christian Lady, I am determined to wait on the Lord. He will direct the Lady of His choosing into my life, I just need to wait on the Lord and do his will. Gods timeing isn't always our timeing. But I know the center of Gods will is certainly better than mine.

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