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  1. Did you know I at hit a "home"run at a "church" picnic softball game?
  2. Two twenties and a ten. Paper or plastic?
  3. "...a NAIL in a sure place..." Isaiah 22:23
  4. Well, sort of. This is my second go around on OB. The persone next to me likes to play with Legos.
  5. Ban Cototheburn for not explaining his username.
  6. In five minutes I will log off of OB.
  7. I've decided there's no need for any more posts on this thread. :B
  8. :spam: I have a headache right now.
  9. Did you know that this thread is almost five years old?
  10. I knew that! Bill Sunday stole 84 bases in 119 games for the 1890 Pittsburg Alleghenys.
  11. Ok, I admit it that I can run backwards faster than I can't run forwards. (No, really I can!)
  12. It's well known that Kinsey (the man who got the ball rolling with all the open perversion in America) justified pedophilia and was also a homosexual. It's also common knowledge that NAMBLA marches during the "Gay Pride" parade in New York City and works along with the sodomites to infiltrate schools. http://www.renewamerica.us/columns/duke/041202 http://www.drjudithreisman.com/archives ... ost_3.html http://americansfortruth.com/issues/the ... ups/nambla
  13. The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales. Nothing like I imagined and definitely not for young children.
  14. My prediction is that they will eventually justify pedophilia as they have with homosexuality. It use to be that sodomy was considered a mental illness. Now they call you a homophobe (a phobia is considered a mental illness) if you think sodomy is disgusting or a sin. Even Christians have jumped on this bandwagon. I had a good Baptist lady call me a homophobe because I didn't want to watch the movie Brokeback Mountain. The goal is to break down all barriers and distinctions between race, sex, age, authority within the home, man and animal kingdom so that we all can be brought under the rulership of the Antichrist. The Antichrist's kingdom will be a DEMOCRACY with the people crying about "equal rights" or "human rights" all the time as opposed to "God's rights." Congress has already sought to drop the "age of consent" to 12. Children decide about abortions without parents approval. Some politicians want to drop the voting age to 14. It's all being set up.
  15. Yes, they do. That is if they believe in it to begin with. I don't think the United Methodist think much of these things anymore. John Wesley said it APPEARED that a Christian could lose his/her salvation.

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