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  1. Yeah, you'll always find something that will be off. But you can't argue with the fact that it's free.
  2. I spent the first 14 years of my life (plus one later) in New Jersey. Believe it or not it once was a nice place to live as long as you weren't stuck in the Northeast part of the state near NYC. The liberals and bureaucrats have totally destroyed the state.
  3. Did the Muslims ever come to America back then? It must have been the Turks. I've looked around and haven't been able to find anything. If they did they didn't build any mosques. The know the first Jewish synagogue in America was built not far away from the oldest Baptist church in America. In any case, if they did come to America in those days they would have been Muslims of the latter end of the Islamic Golden Age. That type of Muslim is long gone.
  4. I think that they were off the mindset that we would have to work it out when the time came. This was the position they took on slavery.
  5. You need to go back and read Daniel 9 objectively without the goggles of the CoE on.
  6. Probably a little bit of all. God starts the movement. Man turns it into a machine. Eventually Satan turns it into a monument where the birds of the air like to perch.
  7. The culture of America was once primarily built upon biblical principles and grew out of the Great Awakening. The government was intended to be neutral and secular but I would imagine they never foresaw the mess that we're in now. They probably would have resisted Islam themselves. Islam would have been seen as a savage, backwards religion that would only undermine the nation's security. Remember, the goal of Islam is to spread Sharia law over the globe. There are different methods to accomplish this other than military or terrorism. They will never integrate or submit to the laws of the host nation unless they are convenient for accomplishing their long term objectives of spreading Sharia.
  8. This is true but Jefferson himself said that the entrance of heathen religions into the USA would eventually lead to her downfall.
  9. This is good but being the pessimist (i.e. realist) that I am this will be only temporary. Just the fact that such a bill was introduced is troubling. Some day homos will be allowed to marry and adopt. They will be accepted as normal, even somewhat superior. Even Christians will be on board with this. Lesbians will be able to have children by combining the nucleus of each one's eggs. Their mommies will be more than glad to loan their wombs to them also as a surrogate. Of course, this will only produce female children. The only things to prevent this from eventually happening in America is the return of Jesus Christ or Sharia law. The church is too spineless, worldly and concerned with civil rights to stop it now.
  10. Bible believers have always existed, not Baptists. The mistake is made that Baptists have been around since Pentecost (or some say since John the Baptist) because Baptists generally make up the largest block of bible believing Christians. There may come a day where the Baptist label will not be used any more by bible believing Christians because of apostasy among Baptist churches.
  11. They'll eventually cave like everyone else. They'll start feeling bad after enough Christians start quoting bible verses to them about how mean and unloving they are or that they need to sit and have a dialogue with the queers. Their conscience will falsely accuse them then it will be "Celebration Homo Day". (See, even some of you twitched when I used the words "queer" and "homo".)
  12. The ark is in heaven. Rev. 11:19- And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail. My guess is that the Jews will go ahead and build another ark or that the Antichrist will "find" it someplace and give it to them.
  13. So you believe that the Jews aren't entitled to the land because they are to be continued to be trodden down by us until the completion of the church? You believe that the covenant confirm in Daniel 9 is the NT? See, this is what I'm saying. Mangled scripture. MANGLED! And not one peep from John in defense of the truth.
  14. Go to edit and click on the "use full editor" button. I believe this will do it.
  15. No, persecution would be like they do in Muslim nations. Make you pay a tax if you want to continue to follow your religion. Prevent you from reading your bible or other religious books. Banning any religious services or putting an armed guard at your door if you are having one. Forcing your children to go to an Islamic school. Forcing your children to fight in their Islamic jihad against non-Muslims. (Preferable getting your child to kill other Christians and Jews). No equal representation or rights within the court system or government. No right to own a business. Chopping off your head if you convert someone to Christ. Chopping off your head if you convert to Christ. Chopping off your head if you curse the name of Mohammed. Chopping off your head if you teach or preach against Islam. Chopping off your head if you burn a Koran. Chopping off your head if you leave the religion of Islam. Chopping off your head if you are gay. Chopping off your head if you commit adultery. Sodomizing and beating you to death then burning your place down if you make a movie they don't like.
  16. I was going to provide a "rebuttal" after he got done mangling the scripture. By the way John, I never see you providing too many rebuttals. You seem to always run to his defense.
  17. Do you believe that God still has a special place in his heart for the NATION of Israel (I'm not talking about "spiritural Jews" or "Jewish Christians" here)? Do you believe that Israel will be restored to God as his chosen nation sometime in the future? Do you believe that the promises and covenants still belong to them? Do you believe they have a right to the land of Palestine? Do you believe that they should hand their land over to the Arabs? Do you believe that the OT promises made to Abraham and David still apply to them? Do you believe that Christ's literal and physical 1000 year reign will be upon this earth located in Israel with his capital in Jerusalem? If not then, like most churches that came out of the Reformation and which persecuted the Jews, you do believe in Replacement Theology. And please don't try telling me that what I listed above is what the Jesuits believe.
  18. John, I haven't mocked anyone. I may have mocked their ridiculous beliefs which, by the way, have led to the slaughter of millions of Jews. You are just too sensitive.
  19. No, not Noah's ark. The Arc of the Covenant which had the mercy seat upon it where the blood of a lamb was poured once a year for the atonement of Israel's sins. Instead the arc was the two tables of stone containing the ten commandments, Aaron's rod that budded and a golden pot of manna. For the sacrifices to be reinstituted (i.e. when the covenant is confirmed) the arc must first be found.
  20. Wow. Richard Foster is a name I haven't heard in a long time. I remember a friend of mine owned his book Celebration of Discipline. Jesus People hippy vibe all the way with that book. Just stick a lotus flower in my hair and play me some Keith Green.
  21. Are you serious? Then they were raptured up into heaven along with the two witnesses, right? Or did they flee to England and become the royal family?
  22. No, the quote SFIC mentions is definitely brider doctrine. We are automatically baptized in the church at salvation. The author just thinks that water baptism is spiritual baptism. That being said this doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't join the institute. Just don't swallow everything they teach without examining the scripture for yourself.
  23. Yes, just more gnostic rubbish that was meant to remain buried in a cave somewhere. The feminists love this stuff.
  24. "Even if cosmologists manage to explain how the universe began, and why it seems so fine-tuned for life, the question might remain why there is something as opposed to nothing. To many people, the answer to the question is God. According to Carroll, this answer pales under scrutiny. There can be no answer to such a question, he says." So at the end of the day they still don't have an answer. "A complete scientific theory that accounts for everything in the universe doesn't need an external explanation in the same way that specific things within the universe need external explanations. In fact, Carroll argues, wrapping another layer of explanation (i.e., God) around a self-contained theory of everything would just be an unnecessary complication. (The theory already works without God.)" So simple faith in God is complicated but quantum physics isn't.

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