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  1. That does not mean its right!

    But the fact is, way more than 50% of professing Christians lose their children to the world because they send them to public schools.

    With God, obedience is everything, you either obey, or disobey, come out from among them.

    We've been down this road before, Jerry. There is no place in the bible where it says you are disobeying God if you send you kids to a public school. You are adding to the bible and adding a burden on Christians that God hasn't added. I tell you what, since you are so concerned about these things how bout sponsoring some Christians who can't afford to send kids to a Christian school or hire some tutors for them to educate their kids if they are homeschooling. You can buy all their material for them too. I didn't think you would. You also do realize you have countries, like Germany, where all children have to attend public school .

    I continued to attend public school after I was saved. I did not have parents who were saved. Yet, I survived.

  2. You, know what folks, this is probably why polls have to estimate (guestimate) the nation's preference. I can't get a straight answer for the questions I've asked. I'm really not interested in your thoughts of who will win or why or why not. I'm interested in evidence you're seeing now from yard signs, bill boards, and bumper stickers in your locale. I thought that I could get a non-deceptive straight forward answer to the questions I've asked above.

    HappyChristian and swathdiver are examples of answers that provide useful information.

    Those who are concerned about exact location...I'm not interested in your address/town/state although state would be nice if it is a swing state. Your region, i.e., New England, S.E. United States, Midwest, West Coast, etc. is fine.

    You should have asked for these things in your OP. You never really asked a question or for information to be provided.

  3. I've heard folks talk about Catholic schools in NYC but never Christian ones, yet one would think in a place that size there would be Christians schools, even if they are not sound; even so, as big as NYC is there should be at least one sound Christian school somewhere shouldn't there?

    This church has a Christian school. They don't call themselves Baptist but if you read their doctrinal statement you'll see that they basically are. This church was a big supporter of a Christian camp for troubled youth that I spent six years at.


    One of the men in this church used to hold services with the businessmen in one of the World Trade Centers for years. I always wondered what happened to him on 9/11.

  4. I was banned from a site that worshipped John Piper. Everything was John Piper. They were nuts about the guy. Nothing that guy said could ever be questioned. I can't even remember what it was that got me banned. I think it was something to do with Bob Jones U. and race but I'm not sure. Anyway, the website doesn't exist anymore. At least I can't find it.

  5. There aren't any, I've looked. Besides, Christians aren't supposed to be living there anyway. Even during the times of our Founders, the citizens knew that NYC was an evil and crooked place; books were even printed on what parts to avoid if you had to pass through or stay for a short time.

    I'm sure there is some somewhere. I know of one good church on Staten Island with a preacher that would preach the devil out of you. But getting there every Sunday may be a problem for someone who lives, say, in Brooklyn.

  6. There aren't any, I've looked. Besides, Christians aren't supposed to be living there anyway. Even during the times of our Founders, the citizens knew that NYC was an evil and crooked place; books were even printed on what parts to avoid if you had to pass through or stay for a short time.

    Christians aren't suppose to be living in NYC? Where do you get this? The whole world is crooked including the South. I guess we shouldn't be living in the world but we are.

  7. I would homeschool or move rather than allow my children to attend a public school in a city. Of course, I wouldn't live in a city anyway.

    This is easy for you to say but not everyone can just up and move nor do they have the ability to educate. There is such a thing as poor and ignorant Christians. And some people are in the city because they are born there. Not every born again believer is a middle class Baptist from the rural South.

  8. What does "Fwiw" mean?

    I recently began a study in eschatology and this was my first stab in many years at it. It seemed very straight forward to me. I just finished up 1 Thessalonians chapters 4&5 and they seem straight forward as well. The next place I'll be reading is Luke chapter 21 to compare with Matthew 24/25.

    I'm thinking it means, "for what it's worth".

  9. I live in Lynchburg, VA and I say the city is split even though Romney gave the commencement speech at Liberty U. last May. The city is 30% black so the majority of them will vote for Obama no matter what. Plus, I'd say 20 percent of the whites will vote for Obama. Once you get outside of the city I see as many Obama signs as I do Romney. Maybe even more. A lot of this may be chalked up to the fact that nobody is excited about Romney. If anyone votes for the guy it'll be because they hate Obama.

    Like I said before, IMO it will be a landslide by Obama. Many people who don't want Obama to win will not go and vote because Romney does nothing for them. Also, the majority of people are nothing but drones when it comes to politics and they will vote for Obama because of what the major media and their favorite entertainers say. I hope they prove me wrong but I doubt it. And to be honest, I really won't be that excited if Romney does win. Maybe just a tad bit of relief.

  10. Is Adultery a matter of a Marriage document or the heart?
    Just interested in everyones views on the topic.

    Not sure what you mean here to be honest.

    I do know that my good friend's mother divorced her husband on the basis of abandonment even though he never abandon her. She used I Corinthians 7:15 to justify this. The catch was she said that he abandoned her in his heart. The man was always faithful and hard working even though there may not have been the romance there once was. I lived with the family for a short time when I was 17 and I would say that he loved her also. The bad thing about all this was she was saved and he was still an unsaved Roman Catholic. I don't believe he ever got saved before he died. The reality of this all was my friends mother wanted out so she could start her own career in real estate.

    So when you talk about the heart I hope you don't mean something along this line.

  11. I retired from the Navy and hearing someone say, "He or she, swears like a sailor," always invokes a reply from me. Most of the time the military demographics mirror the civilian community. What I'm saying is there are sailors who curse and swear with every other word just like folks you may know who live in your community. In my Navy career, as a leader of men and some women, I never had to curse or swear to get the attention of subordinates. I may have had to BARK at them to get an immediate required response but never had to swear. Many of the men who I worked with and who worked for me didn't have to curse and swear to make a point either.

    If the protectors of freedom don't have to curse and swear neither does your husband.

    The former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Tony Dungy, would never swear or lose his cool. I remember the big controversy (only a big deal because the media made it that way) when he said he would never hire the Jets coach Rex Ryan because of all his swearing. Dungy was a great coach who won the Super Bowl and he did it all without cussing.

  12. My "gut" feeling is that it is pretty much a coin toss about who will win the presidential election right now. Obama isn't very popular, but the republicans ended up with a rather weak candidate that pretty much nobody is very excited about. It isn't very easy to win elections in that sort of situation. The only question in my mind is the "anybody but Obama" vote big enough for Romney to win? My "guess" is no, it will not be, but a lot can happen between now and then.

    IMO it will be a blowout by Obama. Most people don't pay attention to politics and when it comes time to vote they'll take a look at the candidates and vote Obama because he is "cool" while Romney is "square". Also, the programs these people watch: David Letterman, SNL, Jay Leno, Bill Maher, Comedy Central, MTV, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, the View, etc. are all pro Obama. So they'll get their marching orders from these programs at the last moment in who to vote for.

    I also don't know of anyone who is voting for Romney because they like the man or believe he has the answers to turn things around. I do know of a lot of people who love Obama almost to the point of worship. So the whole election will come down to who loves Obama, who hates Obama and the rest of the drones who don't want to be accused of being racist if they don't vote for Obama.

  13. All the talk about Obama being ahead in polls in Ohio must be polls from the cities. Here in rural South East Ohio I'm seeing very little evidence of any support for Obama. However we are negatively impacted by his war on coal, the resulting close of power plants, and loss of jobs. I would guess that is why no visits here from the Obama-Biden camp.

    This is how it is in most states. This is why getting rid of the electoral college and going strictly by a majority vote like many people wanted after Gore lost to Bush is not a good idea. You would end up with a handful of the largest cities in America running the whole nation. I know New York State is more conservative than liberal yet because of New York City it always goes liberal. The same goes for Pennsylvania. Pittsburg and Philadelphia run the whole state politically.

  14. Why does it have to be Baptist?

    I would recommend Lewis Sperry Chafer to anyone. He was a Congregationalist minister which is very similar to Baptist. I'm not suggesting everything is spot on but what makes his set of Systematic Theology the best IMO is the practical applications he makes along with the doctrine he teaches. It's not a dry read.

    Here's it is if you want to check it out in pdf format:


    Here you can by it:


    Here is his book Major Bible Themes, which is an abridged version of his Systematic Theology, pdf format:


  15. Curious to know what are the view of Baptist regarding spirits. Since my early teens I’ve always had experiences with Spirits. I consider myself very well versed in the area of Spirits and the human experience. After writing/sharing many of my experiences and giving advice to people over the years I’ve come to this point to ask… what do Baptist believe when it comes to human experience with spirits.

    No it’s not something I’ve dabbled in asking spirits to come to me (they come to me by themselves). No I did not “summons” any spirits in my lifetime. No I don’t have lengthy conversations nor am I am medium. No I haven’t (& never have) been playing around with that “board game” that summons spirits. No spirits don’t haunt anyone unless you are spooked by it which majority are. I have never dealt with a demonic spirit personally.

    I know what other Christian denominations believe but curious what do the Baptist believe.

    Not sure what you are getting at here. Are you talking literally or figuratively? Do you mean real spirits like the spirit of man, the Spirit of God, familiar or unclean spirits or are you talking in the figurative sense like when someone says "the spirit of Christmas", the "spirit of the age" or the spirits of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.

    Isaiah 11:2

    And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD;

    Hebrews 1:13,14

    [13] But to which of the angels said he at any time, Sit on my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool?
    [14] Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?

  16. More Americans now commit suicide than die in car crashes as miserable economy takes its toll

    Suicide is a bigger killer than car crashes, according to an alarming new study.
    The number of people dying from suicide has drastically increased, while car accident deaths haven lessened, making suicide the leading cause of injury death.
    Suicides via falls or poisoning have risen significantly and experts fear there could be en more going unrecognised, specifically in cases of overdose.

    'Suicides are terribly under-counted,' said Ian Rockett, author of the study, published on Thursday in the American Journal of Public Health.
    'I think the problem is much worse than official data would lead us to believe. We have a situation that has gotten out of hand.'

    He added that his goal is to see the same attention paid to other injuries as has been paid to traffic injuries.
    The results were compiled using National Centre for Health Statistics data gathered from 2000 to 2009.

    Researchers noted a 25 per cent decrease in car accident deaths, medicalxpress.com reported, while deaths from falls rose 71 per cent, from poisoning 128 per cent and from suicide 15 per cent.

    Higher automobile standards were credited for the traffic deaths drop, with harsher penalties for underage drinking and failing to wear seat belts named as contributing factors.
    Previous research has suggested that suicide rates go up during recessions and times of economic crisis.
    'Economic problems can impact how people feel about themselves and their futures as well as their relationships with family and friends,' Feijun Luo of CDC’s Division of Violence Prevention told Bloomberg.
    'Prevention strategies can focus on individuals, families, neighborhoods or entire communities to reduce risk factors.'
    The shift makes suicide the most frequent cause of injury deaths, followed by car crashes, poisoning, falls and murder.
    The study also looked at gender and race, concluding that fewer women die from the top four causes than men, while Hispanics have fewer car crashes and suicides than whites but a higher murder rate.
    In 2009, more than 37,000 Americans took their own lives, a number that the government and private groups such as Facebook are fighting to lower.
    A suicide prevention programme is being launched under the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act, backed by $56 million of federal money.
    The Act was signed by George Bush in 2004, in memory of suicide-victim Garrett, son offormer U.S. Senator Gordon Smith.
    Speaking at a September 10 news conference Smith said: 'Our goal is, in the next five years, we will save 20,000 human lives.
    'This issue touches nearly every family. It is something we can do something about. It's the work of angels.'
    Lanny Berman, executive director of the American Association of Suicidology, said while much is known about how to prevent suicides there are 'centuries of stigmatic attitudes' that need to be overcome.
    'Both global and national increases in the number and rate of suicides should concern all of us,' he added, pushing for a 'collaborative effort to turn these many lives from despair and hopelessness to ones of meaning and brighter futures'.


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