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  1. It was the Anglicans who were the main reason the Pilgrims left England. Also, a study of early Baptist history here in America will tell you how bad the Baptists were treated by the Anglicans and Puritans (non-conformists within the Church of England) here in America. This is what led to the separation of church and state here in America. That being said you can still find good stuff from Anglicans also. They were Anglicans who translated the KJV. There's George Whitefield. The bible says that every man will receive praise from the Lord at the judgement seat of Christ (I Cor. 4:5). If our Lord Jesus Christ himself can find some good then I'm sure we can also. We need to show more grace and balance in these matters.
  2. What exactly are the false applications and views, John? What does he actually say verbatim? Other than his comment about Catholics and Orthodox? Any man who stands against trials and tribulation even if he is off on his doctrine can be used to build up the faith of a believer. It has for me. I don't understand how you can't see this. Even Jesus would give him credit here. You seem to be only focused on the man's alleged false teachings yet when it comes to his suffering for the kingdom you glance over it as historical information about communism. That's pretty harsh in my estimate. Again, at the end of the journey what determines our place within the kingdom of God as co-heirs is our suffering with Christ. Not how straight we were in our doctrine. Some of the churches that John wrote to were screwed up in doctrine and allowed wickedness within their churches yet the Lord still found a place to give them praise. You need to be a little more balance in this matter. Heck, even I find a place to give credit to John Calvin who heresies have done far worse damage than Richard Wurmbrand. Plus, Richard never had anyone burnt at the stake.
  3. This brings back the old argument. Weren't the governments of Paul's time evil when Paul wrote those verses in Romans 13?
  4. God's love for the world goes only as far as the cross. He gave his Son. That was his act of love. Nothing suggest that his love extends any further than that. Any love God may show towards his enemies is so they will repent (Romans 2:4). This should be the same for us. So I don't totally agree with the general statement that God "loves the sinner but hate the sin." I think it's limited. Also, the "eye for and eye" teaching was a commandment against personal vengeance. The civil authorities still have a right to take an eye for an eye. If not there would have a complete breakdown of justice (just as important to God as love) and the victory of the criminal over the law abider in every area of society. A lot of this modern teaching of God's love and forgiveness is not biblical and comes out of the liberal theologies of the early 20th century.
  5. They believe that the true church is the Baptist church and especially if it is in reference to their local church. If you aren't a baptist you may be in heaven but you won't be part of the bride. I guess you'll be a servant at the marriage supper. So men like Martin Luther and John Wesley will be serving dinner to the fat lady in the choir who loves to gossip. They reject the teaching of a "universal invisible church" i.e. that the true church is made up of all believers no matter what denomination. This teaching stems from an overzealousness to get Christians to join their particular local church. Also, if you haven't been baptized in their particular church but maybe in another denomination then you need to be rebaptized since to be a member of the true church (i.e. their local church) you need to be baptized within that church. Honestly, this doctrine always makes me chuckle cause it's one of the silliest ever.
  6. And many of them may have been saved. You don't have to be a IFBer from the southern US of A in order to be saved. You are equating having you doctrine down perfectly with being saved and I'm telling you that beside one's testimony of who they are trusting in for the salvation of their souls suffering in the name of Christ and in his service is one of the surest signs a man is saved. The Galatians that Paul wrote to were a saved people but had their gospel message messed up.
  7. On the flip side you can have your doctrine perfectly and still be as useless to God as a two dollar bill. Sometimes I think that a testimony of suffering in the name of Christ trumps having doctrine down perfectly. It's through suffering with Christ that we are made joint heirs with him in the Father's kingdom. Not through having our doctrine down correctly. To think Wurmbrand is an unsaved man is absolutely ludicrous. Calvin saved, Wurmbrand unsaved. You can have people burned at the stake but if you have your doctrine down correctly (which he didn't) then you are definitely a believer. Forget how you live.
  8. John, the man lived behind the "iron curtain" within an atheistic communist nation that was previously Russian Orthodox. There were no IFB churches (IFB churches are mostly located in the security of the southern USA) and probably very few bibles. You think you can cut him a break? Nobody is going to get their doctrine from the man but they may be embolden to face persecution because of his testimony.
  9. I'd be careful what you say about a man who has taken stripes in the name of the Lord no matter how screwed up he may be in his doctrine.
  10. How many stripes in the name of the Lord does a man need to take to prove he's a Christian? I don't see to many obese IFB pastors taking stripes for the Lord these days.
  11. Here seems to be a more easily readable copy of Acts and Monuments. http://www.exclassics.com/foxe/foxecont.htm
  12. You can also find the unabridged version of Foxe's Book of Martyrs online. It's called Acts and Monuments. This has actual letters from the Pope authorizing persecution of Christians and also other interesting things like the Statement of Faith of the Waldensians. This is a massive collection of 12 books. Not an easy read though. http://www.johnfoxe....e=foxe&x=15&y=9
  13. Dude, why do you have to make this into a Plymouth Brethren thing? You are always start an argument over dispensationalism so then some folks in here can blame us for stirring up the trouble.
  14. No. "Protestant "is a term invented by the Roman Catholic Church to make you think that we are wayward members of the true church (i.e. the Roman Catholic Church) who became upset over some minor shortcomings within the RCC and decided to revolt and protest. Hopefully some day will return to the fold of the "one true holy apostolic church" whether by force or deception. Many Baptists like to say that the Baptists were around since John the Baptist. This is ridiculous. John the Baptist was an OT prophet and was not part of the bride of Christ. This is just another attempt by man to make his particular denomination or church the "one true church of Christ". Independent Fundamental Baptists, though do come the closest to the early believers in doctrine IMO and have the strongest biblical foundation of all the denominations. But the denomination as it is today began around the time the KJV was translated. So the denominatiion didn't come directly out of the Protestant Reformation.
  15. They went to hell or paradise (aka Abraham's Bosom). The Jews had to keep the law and sacrifices. The sacrifices were a temporary covering until Christ came and made the atonement. The Gentiles had to follow the law written on their hearts (i.e. conscience) and probably any other dreams or visions given. Of course, these things were imperfect since most Gentiles seared their conscience and the Jews broke the covenant at every chance. That's why Christ had to come and make the perfect final atonement for the sins of the world. Romans chapters 1 through 5 will shed some light on all this.
  16. 84 degrees and a nice steady rain for a while.
  17. Right at this second it is 84 degrees outside but by time you read this it will be less.
  18. Anyone who posts after me loves Hitler and denies the holocaust. Ha ha, I win.
  19. I like to think that all this drought and heat means the Lord's coming is just around the corner but I expect to be disappointed again.
  20. Ban myself for ruining all the fun in here.
  21. Yeah, it is usually free shipping on amazon.com. Whatever you do you better do it soon. The feds are gonna start taxes internet purchases here in America.
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