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  1. Yes that definitely would be the very worst to have someone share your stuff that is discussed in these relationships. I am sorry to hear that this has happened to you
  2. Our Children attend a Christian School, but we are seriously considering pulling our daughter out to home school. My son seems to be fine (he is in grade 9 now), but my daughter (grade 5) has constant struggles; daily. The homework is overload, the teachers, while kind, are particularly unreasonable in many ways. Especially, we feel, towards our daughter. She also has started to struggle a bit socially. Her best friend seems to have turned into a very nasty, mean; almost a bully this year. There are good days, but there are many bad days as well. Why have we not pulled her out yet for sure? She is extremely social and even when she feels sick she wants to go to school to be with her friends. We have been praying for a long time, and we just can't seem to make a decision.
  3. My wife and I have discussed this many times. Gay marriage is lawful in Canada (most provinces now, anyway). We are just waiting for the Polygamists to show up and demand their rights next. If only our respective governments would go back to listening to God, rather than listening to the squeaky wheel, vocal MINORITY!!
  4. I wonder when God will truly start to judge North America?
  5. I have posted here a few times, but have yet to introduce myself. I am a Bible Believing Christian. I live in Ontario, Canada. Born again about 13 years ago. I struggle with consistency in my prayer and reading the Word, so please pray for me for that. Thankfully, the Lord forgives and gives me strength to do what I can. I have a wonderful, Godly, prayerful wife and 2 lovely children who have both made professions. My son is entering the teenager stage, so he is a topic for our prayer. My daughter, 10, love the Lord deeply. We pray that things stay that way. I came here looking for people to share thoughts and discussions. People that, in time, will get to know me, and I them. People that will encourage me to walk more closely with the Lord, and I them. Since it seems to be important on these boards, I will say that I prefer my King James Bible to any other, however, I am not opposed to other versions. When I feel that things don't quite sound right or when I truly want to understand what the Lord is saying, I always revert to my King James. The New King James, NASB and NIV are the only other ones I have used. Nice to meet you all. PS: I run the Wednesday Night Youth at our local Church, and the verses in my signature are the verses we have chosen for the year for that activity. I think those verses are especially fitting to teens, however, as all things in the Lord's Word, fitting for all of us.
  6. Nice article. Can you post a link to the first installment please? I am new and missed it, but would like to read it Thanks in advance
  7. How does one manage to pray for the vast number of people that need prayer each day? I know we should all pray more, but often times when I try and go through lists of people that need prayer, I find that even praying 24/7 isn't close to enough time. Are there any posts/websites/places that we could point each other to help people with the actual "doing" of prayer? How do we make sure our prayer time is the most effective possible?
  8. Being Canadian, this has no direct affect on me, however, indirectly, we are still very closely tied with the US. This is very sad indeed.
  9. I am with the last poster. Good grief certainly wouldn't cause me to bat an eyelash. Oh my Gosh, while it is close to Oh my God; honestly, I am on the fence on that one. It's tough to know where to draw the line. We allow our children to say "Oh my gosh". Personally, this is one of the smaller issues in life, and I want to save my words for the bigger ones like drugs, premarital sex, etc. Those are things that I want to step out and make sure our kids know that there is a definite stand. Part of this theory, for me, is due to my upbringing. I was brought up in a very conservative church that was a lot of "don't do's". Honestly, as a teenager, it was that staunch dogmatic rule based attitude that caused me to turn away from the Church for the better part of 15 years of my life (especially when I noted that a lot of the "don't do" crowd was doing these same things themselves!! ). Thankfully, the Lord had a plan and brought me back to the Church just before I turned 30, and I am very thankful He did. I guess I just don't one to be responsible for putting stumbling blocks in front of my children for the little issues.
  10. Yeah. I agree Futurehope. Being a parent certainly causes one to think more clearly about accountability! John81, much like yourself, I long to find that person that would both hold me accountable, but also understand me and where I am at. I have lots of friends that understand me pretty well, but many are not saved. I have lots of saved friends as well, but many that I share a belief in our Lord in common, but little else. Not that sharing our belief isn't the most important aspect to share; just that there are a lot of other things in one's life that impact the ability to be consistent. Does that make sense?
  11. My wife actually longs for the kind of mentor/accountability partner. We are both new Christians in our families (from unsaved families). We have found that many Christians from Christian families naturally have that mentor in their parents, but for those of us that do not have that, we truly find something is missing. Thanks for your comment because it really rang home.
  12. Is it just me, or is the lack of accountability amongst Christians becoming a very large issue. I know, for myself, I am not in God's Word as often as I should be. I do not pray as often or as earnestly as I should. Having good friends that will come along side and hold you accountable, I believe, is sorely needed. This requires people that are willing to invest time, and it also requires a willing commitment from yourself. This is just something that the Lord is impressing upon me lately and I wanted to post it here to see what you all think. Thanks for listening.
  13. I don't mind not winning. Oh wait, I am winning again :smile
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